Bar patrons enjoying their beer

5 Creative Ways To Make Your Bar More Comfortable For Patrons

Bar patrons enjoying their beer

How do you make your bar appealing to the masses? The restaurant or bar industry goes much further than the food or drinks you serve – it’s about the experience.

Design, atmosphere, and staff create a perception. This perception will draw customers in and keep them coming back if you know what you’re doing. Here are some creative ways to make your bar more comfortable for patrons.

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1. Welcoming Atmosphere

A bar with a welcoming atmosphere

You want people to feel welcome when they enter your establishment in subtle yet hospitable ways. The atmosphere of your bar is what will make or break your business.

Patrons should feel included, welcomed and greeted, and waited on by friendly staff. Ensure you hire people who want to be there and have what it takes to work in the restaurant industry — it isn’t for the faint of heart!

Slightly angle your bar chairs towards the door, so customers feel comfortable sliding into them. Learn your customer’s name and favorite twist on a drink and remember it the next time they come in — write it down if you must. This increases engagement because it makes them feel like they’re a part of something.

2. Comfortable Seating

Comfortable leather bar stools

Imagine going into a bar and sitting down only to find your back hurting five minutes into your first drink. Your patrons will likely want to get up and move around, decreasing their desire to return to your establishment.

Invest in good seating so your customers can feel comfortable while they enjoy conversation and delightful food and drinks. You can scoot bar stools closer if patrons want to have intimate conversations.

Additionally, you can increase the functionality of your seating by spacing out the chairs to allow personal space. You should also have a few backup chairs readily available for people to add if desired. This will give your patrons control of their surroundings and make them feel at home in your bar.

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3. Friendly Flooring

Various flooring materials for your bar

If your bar floor is concrete, your customers and staff will likely feel discomfort from walking around. You’ll need to invest in expensive anti-fatigue mats that cost a pretty penny to provide comfort. Or, you could invest in joint-friendly flooring for your patrons and workers.

Vinyl, laminate, and carpet are the most comfortable flooring for your bar. Bar mats are expensive, need replacements, and can be tripping hazards. You’ll also need to clean them, but they are at risk of being stolen when left out to dry overnight.

4. Ambient Lighting

A bar with excellent ambient lighting

Subtle ambient lighting is crucial to your bar setting. If you have huge windows, ensure you have blinds that block the sun from blaring into your customers' eyes as they try to order a beverage. Furthermore, night lighting shouldn’t be bright and in your patron’s face.

Harsh bar lighting will kill your vibe and scare away customers, so try to cater to your patrons’ needs. Create an ambiance with neon lights for parties and intimate decorative lighting for a low-key vibe. Consider dimmable lights for a more cost-effective option since you can adjust them as needed.

No matter which atmosphere you’re going for, always provide adequate lighting for customers to know where they need to be when ordering and choosing their seating arrangements.

5. Set the Mood

Music can set the mood in any business. If you want a chill vibe in your bar, play relaxing or subtle music like alternative or jazz. Meanwhile, you can tune in to loud and trendy songs to encourage customers to move their bodies. Consider booking a band or hiring a DJ with a following that can bring people in and keep them coming back.

If you want a more intimate atmosphere, hire a pianist or acoustic guitarist to set the tone for a calm night and a more distinguished crowd. Find your target audience and cater to their wants and needs to build a clientele.

Elevate the Experience for Your Patrons

Whether you’re looking for a few finishing touches or a total overhaul, we hope these ideas have given you some inspiration for making your bar more comfortable and inviting for your customers. Remember that comfort can be subjective, so don’t be afraid to experiment until you find what works best for your patrons.

What kind of tweaks will you make to improve the comfort level at your bar?

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