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25 Creative & Clever Bar Sign Ideas To Help Your Bar Stand Out

Bar sign

If you own a bar or plan on opening one in the future, you might be wondering what creative signage ideas to implement. 

Well, here’s a list of 25 unexpected and creative bar signs that will surely attract customers! Check them out below!

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1. Beer Barrel Bar Sign

Barrel sign

Beat them with some old-school style! A tapped keg beer sign shouts "bar" like nothing else! This antique bar sign sends forth a large, bold, and better-be-true message.

You had better have cool beer on tap 24/7 for you and all your pals when you put this sign up to mark your bar. Add your name, a statement, and the date of your choice to personalize this sign. The rustic pub sign is ideal for any beer enthusiast!

2. Rules Bar Sign

Shot limit rule sign

You're all about the rules, and you just can't seem to let go of law and order, even when the day is done. For example, beer must be consumed with the left hand, you must finish your drink immediately, and you will be tossed out if you mention "literally."

This bar sign allows you to set the rules, but keep in mind that you must also enforce them! So, while law and order are necessary, drinking rules may be entertaining and always provide a great laugh!

3. Life Advice

 Life advice bar sign

Show your customers that you care about them by giving them helpful advice! Again, be clever while putting these signs together.

Place them everywhere across your bar, including above your self-pour wall. They'll make your customers laugh, and they might even want to take photographs with them!

4. Decorative Neon Lights

Neon sign

Give your bar the look of an iconic nightclub that everyone knows! For your bar, you can make your own neon sign. You'll be able to tell everyone the bar is open without saying anything.

Just hang this sign near a window and plug it in, and everyone will know that the good times are about to happen!

5. Smoking Sign

No smoking sign

 A good cigar and a nice smoking area are something to be proud of. As you may be aware, most bars no longer allow smoking inside, so use this bar sign to convince your customers that you are the means of escape they seek!

Enjoy the smoothness of high-end tobacco while sipping whiskey or scotch from your bar, all while admiring your own bar sign, which displays your enthusiasm for your favorite relaxing activity!

You may also use non-smoking signs, especially in areas that contain a lot of people. This is to protect and make your non-smoking customers more comfortable.

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6. Salty Tales Sign

Welcome aboard sign

This sign is ideal for anyone who enjoys all things boating or fishing! "Salty Tales – Strong Ales" is a terrific slogan for water enthusiasts who are sitting around over a delicious beer sharing their finest water stories. 

Customers will gather beneath your bar sign to share some of their most harrowing experiences with one another. Make your bar their favorite spot to spend time together by becoming the anchor in your universe!

7. Classic Quotes

Several classic quote signs

These may be used practically anywhere in the pub. Some classic quote signs would look excellent on the outside of your establishment, pointing to the entryway. It's a simple and entertaining technique to potentially increase visitors.

8. Truth Bombs

False advertisement sign

Drop some beer and life truth bombs on your devoted consumers. These may be both funny and motivating. It might also function as a topic of conversation for your visitors. They'll look best beside the bar or on the wall above your taps.

9. Billiard Sign

Rustic billiard sign

Billiard signs are a fantastic addition to any pub's decor. On the bar or game area wall, the traditional pool stick and billiard ball design always look beautiful! Install this sign at your pub to show off your billiards, "Cold Beer," or "Good Times" enthusiasm.

Any visitor will be pleased to see this traditionally designed pool hall sign. With this great sign, make the night about delicious beer and games!

10. Movie / TV Series Reference

Harry Potter reference sign

Customers have a lot of selections when it comes to choosing which bar or restaurant to visit, so it's critical to find a method to stand out from the crowd. Being inventive and innovative with your sign placement is one of the simplest ways to do this. 

Use movie or TV series references to attract fans and make your establishment memorable. These signs make excellent conversation starters and may even promote your business.

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11. Map or State 

State map with pins

In any pub, a little state pride never goes out of style. Find your state and plot the locations where you have already drunk, and try to find those of your pals, too! 

If you are the kind of beer drinker that tries every type of beer available, these signs are the greatest way to flaunt your diverse palate! Make a note of where you purchased your favorite microbrew or craft beer in the state!

12. Traditional Pub Sign

Traditional pub sign

A classic customized pub display is an ideal approach to give your home bar a distinct look and feel. You'll be able to have your bar declare exactly what kind of business you're in with each line of the sign accessible for personalization!

The classic wood and vintage sign is a simple way to get customers’ attention! It also already gives a hint of what vibe your pub has to offer.

13. No Credit Bar Sign

No credit bar sign

A no-credit bar sign is a very humorous way to welcome guests to your bar. You can leave the order all night and leave your tab open, but obviously, you have to settle your payment at the end of the night. Although, this kind of sign will surely amuse customers. 

14. Whiskey Bar Sign

Whiskey sign

There are signs for tequila and various types of beer all over various bars, but whiskey signage is less common. On the other hand, this sign is a must-have for every bar owner who is a whiskey connoisseur.

A customized whiskey board with the rugged impression of an aging whiskey barrel as a new bar sign will clearly show the ambiance of your place.

15. Tequila Bee Bar Sign

Tequila bee bar sign Image by Home Wet Bar

Due to the bees' strong attraction to the plant of blue agave, the tequila bee has been adopted as an emblem to identify high-quality tequila. You should do the same for your home bar, where you drink with all of your buddies.

Does your bar serve the best tequila in town? If yes, then you've earned the honor to hang your own tequila bee sign. This is also to indicate that you're confident you're serving the greatest drinks in town!

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16. Versatile Bar Sign

Bottle opener sign

What could be better than a well-designed bar sign? A bar sign that has different functionality apart from being a decor. It is not only appealing but also practical.

There could be various kinds of versatile bar signs. One example is a sign which has a mounted bottle opener. Another example could be a bar sign which has an attached tissue dispenser.

17. Firefighter-Inspired Bar Sign

Fire prevention sign

Firefighters usually hang out in a bar after a long tiring shift. Your hardworking customers deserve a bar sign dedicated to their daily effort to save lives. Fire prevention signs are also a good bar sign idea to promote protection and help firefighters advocate fire safety. 

This sign would make a wonderful present for your hero. Let them fight the heat and cool off with a cold drink beneath their own personalized sign.

18. Police Bar Sign

Sheriff badge bar sign

Nothing beats witnessing a reminder of why the fellas do what they do when they end a long shift and need to unwind. Cops see a lot of signs on patrol, but they'll only notice the one that matters at your bar. 

The finishing touch to your nationalistic bar will be a bar sign with the depiction of polices’ title, profession, or state flag. A police-inspired sign may highlight their work and show American patriotism!

19. Marquee Bar Sign

Marquee arrow sign

Display a traditional bar marquee sign in your home or commercial bar. This battery-powered double-sided lighted sign may be placed anywhere around your place! 

This sign is an excellent choice for vintage bars as it will highlight your retro personality. It is also an excellent gift idea for a vintage enthusiast! Allow them to become the neighborhood hangout they've always wanted to be!

20. Liquor Themed Bar Sign

Liquor bar sign

When you are in a bar, of course, you expect to see a lot of displayed beverages and liquor bottles. But how cool is it to sight bar signs that are inspired by your favorite alcohol?

One example is whiskey-themed signage. Tennessee connoisseur would absolutely adore a Jack Daniels designed bar sign. This traditional American-style whiskey sign will make people feel like they are in the perfect spot to enjoy some good quality liquor.

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21. Cowboy-Inspired Bar Sign

Cowboy-inspired bar sign

This sign is usually designed in a birchwood material which gives it a countryside vibe. It is perfect for anyone who enjoys the rustic style. 

Bars with cowboy-inspired signs will create an impression that cowboys and outlaws may walk in at any time because of the place’s worn look and style. Get your bar this kind of sign if you want to feel like a rogue protagonist in a movie.

22. Drinking Game Bar Sign

Retro gaming bar sign

Apart from the food, drinks, music, and company, how do you make a party even cooler? By playing drinking games! 

A sign that displays a drinking game that can be played in your home or commercial bar is a great way to tell your guests that their night is about to get more fun. One example is a beer pong bar sign. Another clever sign is the one showing the rules to a drinking game. 

23. Outdoor Bar Sign

Outdoor bar sign

If you are one of the few unique people who want an alfresco bar, then an outdoor bar sign is the perfect addition to improve your place. Mounting an outdoor bar sign will imply that you have a chill and cozy place. It will also surely attract customers that are ready to relax and drink their stress away. 

24. Sailor-Inspired Bar Sign

Sailor-inspired bar sign 

In port pubs, vivid nautical signs used to be displayed to inform rural sailors where they were drinking. This signage must be huge and fascinating to create a memorable impact on the sailors and encourage them to return.

If you and your pals like to pretend to be pirates or sailors while drinking, then nautical bar signs will enhance your drinking experience. Install a bar sign that will represent your fondness of the sea. 

25. Painting Bar Sign

Painting of cocktails bar sign

Bar owners can integrate their artistic sensibilities into their establishment. Customers' attention will be drawn to a creative canvas bar sign right away. Guests know precisely what they're getting, thanks to the vivid and expressive painting signs.


After reviewing these 25 clever and creative bar signs, are you ready to revamp your signage? If so, it’s time to get creative. You can use the ideas we mentioned or whatever works best for your bar! 

What do you prefer on this list? Let us know what you think!

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