Advent box of whiskey bottles surrounded by Christmas ornaments

16 Best Whiskey Advent Calendars You Can Buy Online

Advent box of whiskey bottles surrounded by Christmas ornaments

Advent calendars have become a popular way to count down the days until Christmas or New Year's. For those who love to drink whiskey, there is no better way to track the season than with a whiskey advent calendar.

These packages come in different types of whiskey. Whether you're a beginner, a connoisseur, or simply looking for a present for a whiskey enthusiast, we've got something for you. 

Here is the list of the 16 best whiskey advent calendars without further ado. Happy holidays!

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Our Top Picks

Drinks by the Dram Bourbon & American whiskey advent calendar
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Best American Whiskey Selection - Drinks by the Dram Bourbon Whiskey Advent Calendar

World-renowned brands
An excellent accompaniment for food
Rich, creamy, and complex flavor profiles

The Really Good Whisky Company whisky selection box
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Best Variety - The Really Good Whisky Company Whisky Selection Box

Rare and collectible whiskeys
Simple and elegant box
Informative drams with taste notes

That Boutique-y Whisky Company Advent Calendar
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Most Unique Packaging - That Boutique-y Whisky Company Advent Calendar

Rare and award-winning Scotch whiskies
Various cask wood
Flavorful and unique expressions

1. Drinks by the Dram Bourbon Whiskey Advent Calendar - Best American Whiskey Selection

Drinks by the Dram Bourbon & American whiskey advent calendar

For the Bourbon and American whiskey fans, this is a treat for you! Drinks by the Dram has created an advent calendar filled with the best bourbon and other whiskey varieties that are sure to please anyone from the beginning drinker to the aficionado.

It would be difficult to find a more eye-catching calendar than this massive box with its black background with white patterns/letterings. With its interesting design, you can place it effortlessly by the Christmas tree as additional decoration.

Furthermore, this American whiskey advent calendar reveals 24 windows with wax-sealed 30-ml sample drams, including Four Roses Single Barrel 100 Proof, Sonoma Distilling Co. Cherrywood Rye, James Cree's Cattle Ranch Whiskey, and Blinking Owl Rye.

2. World Whisky Advent Calendar

World Whisky Advent Calendar

Open a new window on the whisky world every day of December with this globe-trotting advent calendar! From single malts to blended whiskies, you'll enjoy a different taste from another corner of the world each time.

Behind each of the package’s 24 little windows is a different, delicious dram of whisky from various countries that comes in a wax-sealed 30-ml bottle. Plus, its constellation-patterned box also gives a wow factor.

We don't want to spoil you and ruin the fun, but we'll offer a little sneak peek of some of the award-winning whiskies you'll get from this advent calendar: Bain's Cape Mountain Whisky, Mackmyra Svensk Rök (Swedish Smoke), Roe & Co Irish Whiskey, and more!

3. 12 Drams of Christmas Premium Whisky Selection Box

12 Drams of Christmas Premium Whisky Selection Box

The 12 Drams of Christmas Premium Whisky Selection Box is among the best whisky advent calendars because of its luxurious range of delicious liquors. With an elegant black package with gold accents, this would look great in any background or setting.

This boozy advent calendar features whiskies from some of Scotland's most respected whisky distilleries, including Laphroaig, Dalmore, and Jura. Best of all, each bottle comes in a neat 30-ml bottle, making them perfect for hanging on the Christmas tree if you want!

The Dalmore 12 Year Old Sherry Cask Select, Speyburn 10-Year-Old, and Fettercairn 12 Year Old are just some of the spirits you'll get from this box. And there are still 9 bottles inside, which are spectacularly delicious.

4. Jack Daniel's Holiday Countdown Advent Calendar

Jack Daniel's Holiday Countdown Advent Calendar

Step aside, gingerbread houses, and candy canes—Jack Daniel's has your new favorite Christmas tradition nailed down. The distillery's Holiday Countdown Advent Calendar comes packed with different pours of Tennessee sipping whiskeys in a black and white-themed premium box.

Jack Daniel's advent calendar contains 20 50-ml bottles that include some of the following Jack Daniel's Whiskey: Tennessee Rye, Tennessee Honey, and Tennessee Fire. And there's also Gentleman Jack and Jack Daniel’s Single Barrel Select.

Furthermore, you can find 4 premium gifts inside, so all the more reasons to get this advent calendar! Packed inside with the mini whiskey bottles are four shot glasses printed with logos from Jack Daniel’s family of brands.

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5. Single Cask Whisky Advent Calendar

Single Cask Whisky Advent Calendar

If you love single cask whiskey, then this advent calendar by Drinks by the Dram is sure to thrill. It includes 24 30-ml wax-sealed whiskey bottles from 22 famous distilleries, so your countdown is guaranteed to be a unique treat each day.

There's a lot to love about this whisky advent calendar. The design is simple but elegant, with the innovative use of rustic wood print gives it just enough uniqueness and charm. The selection of single malt whiskeys inside is a welcome surprise for anyone who wants to the diverse world of single cask whiskey.

Nestled inside the box are exciting liquors such as Cherry Bakewell Tart 22 Year Old 1996, Glenallachie 12 Year Old 2009, Blair Athol 25 Year Old 1995, and Balvenie 12-Year-Old Single Barrel.

6. The Premium Whisky Advent Calendar

The Premium Whisky Advent Calendar

The Premium Whisky Advent Calendar is like a treasure hunt wherein each window hides a unique sample from some world-famous and immensely talented producers. Another thing that's as impressive as the delicious drams themselves is its teal box with golden geometric patterns.

This luxurious calendar opens to 24 30-ml drams of rare malts and iconic blends sourced from different areas in the world. Each bottle is also wax-sealed to perfection! And if you're curious enough, here's a sample of what's inside: Caol Ila 18-Year-Old and Ledaig 18 Year Old.

7. Drinks by the Dram Whisky Advent Calendar

Drinks by the Dram Whisky Advent Calendar

This holiday season, treat yourself to some of the world's best whiskeys from 24 different bottles! Drinks By The Dram whisky advent calendar offers an impressive primary selection of Scottish whisky and those from Switzerland, Finland, and Sweden.

Open one window every day to reveal a cute little bottle of delicious whiskeys, such as Laphroaig 10-Year-Old, Tobermory 12-Year-Old, and Balvenie DoubleWood 12-Year-Old. Each boasts a different body and flavor profile, which is one of the reasons why opening this advent calendar is fun and thrilling; you never know what's coming next!

8. Drinks by the Dram Old & Rare Whisky Advent Calendar

Drinks by the Dram Old & Rare Whisky Advent Calendar

The Old & Rare whisky advent calendar is a one-of-a-kind that offers a delightful Christmas countdown experience like no other. With 24 exclusive and high-quality whiskeys included, it’s perfect for whiskey lovers of all levels of expertise.

This may be the most expensive one on this list at over $1,000, but the whiskeys you'll get to taste make up for the costly price tag. It contains 24 drams of delicious, unique liquors from top producers such as Talisker 41-Year-Old 1978 Bodega Series 2 and Port Dundas 43 Year Old 1978.

Whether you're a whiskey novice or a seasoned pro, this calendar is sure to get you excited for Christmas day.

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9. Drinks by the Dram The Japanese Whisky Advent Calendar

Drinks by the Dram The Japanese Whisky Advent Calendar

The Japanese have a reputation for making some of the best liquors worldwide. If you’re looking to get your hands on some of the best Japanese whiskies this Christmas, then look no further than Drinks by The Dram's magnificent range!

You'll find 24 delicious whiskies bottled in 30-ml vessels, sealed with wax. Hidden behind each door are single malts, single grains, blends, etc. Its deep mauve-colored box with stylish white patterns sure is eyecatching as well.

This set includes some of the most sought-after Japanese whisky expressions globally, such as Yamazaki 18 Year Old, Hatozaki Blende, White Oak Tokinoka Black, and Suntory Toki—definitely something to please every palate.

10. The Really Good Whisky Company Selection Box - Best Variety

The Really Good Whisky Company whisky selection box

If you're looking to stock up on your favorite drinks until Christmas, The Really Good Whisky Company Selection Box can help you. It contains 25 drams of various whiskeys, making this the advent calendar with most bottles on this list.

The packaging isn't as dramatic or flashy as the other calendars featured—a straightforward design with numerically ordered windows. There's no hint of what treasures lie inside with its simple blue snow scene, but rest assured, you will not be disappointed!

Whether you're looking for cask strengths, peats, single malt whiskeys, or something smooth and sherry-like, you're sure to find it here.

11. Johnnie Walker 12 Days of Discovery Advent Calendar

Johnnie Walker 12 Days of Discovery Advent Calendar

Johnnie Walker has six different varieties locked away in its advent calendar. With flavors from award-winning Scotch whiskies, you'll be able to experience everything that makes them special during your very own yuletide celebration.

This limited edition calendar gives you 12 50-ml bottles from some of their top Scotch whiskies like Green Label, Double Black Label, Black Label, Blue Label, Aged 18 Years, and Gold Label Reserve. And you get to have two of each of these delicious liquors!

Even better, the whiskies are packaged in a bright, dazzling yellow box. The Johnnie Walker Advent Calendar is here to make your wildest dreams come true! It truly makes a fantastic gift for any Scotch whiskey lover.

12. Drinks by the Dram Scotch Whisky Advent Calendar

Drinks by the Dram Scotch Whisky Advent Calendar

This whisky advent calendar will delight Scotch lovers with various flavors, from old favorites to new discoveries. You have 24 options individually placed inside the windows.

The bottles storing the drams are wax-sealed for safety and can hold 30 ml, just enough for one whiskey glass! Take a few sips, wait for Christmas and explore peaty treats, tasty blends, rare spirits, and complex single malts.

Out of 24 bottles, we'll reveal four Scotch whiskies to fuel your excitement: Balvenie DoubleWood 12 Year Old, Bowmore 15-Year-Old, Glenfiddich 15-Year-Old Solera, and Johnnie Walker Green Label 15-Year-Old. Purchase this advent calendar to know 20 more!

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13. Irish Whiskey Collection 12 Day Advent Calendar

Irish Whiskey Collection 12 Day Advent Calendar

This 12-day advent calendar is the perfect gift for any fan of Ireland's finest distilled spirits. It offers a range that will surprise even diehard whiskey connoisseurs with individually wax-sealed bottles from top brands like Roe & Co, Connemara, Writer's Tears, and more.

The Irish Whiskey Collection Advent Calendar provides a great way to share some excellent Irish whiskeys with friends and family! You can find 12 30-ml wax-sealed drams hidden behind each window, making for an intriguing discovery at every turn.

Some of the liquors featured in this set are Roe & Co Irish Whiskey, Writers Tears Copper Pot Irish Whiskey, and J.J. Corry The Gael - Batch 2.

14. That Boutique-y Whisky Company Advent Calendar - Most Unique Packaging

That Boutique-y Whisky Company Advent Calendar

That Boutique-y Whisky Company and Drinks By The Dram offers the ultimate way to celebrate Christmas with their special advent calendar. This annual tradition is crammed full of some of the world's finest and rarest drams from Scottish distilleries, both old and new. 

They're offering 24 varieties that come in 30-ml bottles this time around. Moreover, the flavor profiles featured in this calendar become delightfully exotic, including smoked rosemary, chocolate orange, and squeezed yuzu. Irish Single Malt #1 13 Year Old and Säntis 10-Year-Old are just two of what comes inside; imagine 22 more!

And as if the contents inside this calendar aren't enough to excite you, Boutique-y Whisky Company also comes in adorable packaging, really capturing the spirit of winter. You can see people moving about preparing for all that's ahead!

DIY Whiskey Advent Calendars

15. ShopKPP Custom Engraved Adult Advent Calendar

ShopKPP Custom Engraved Adult Advent Calendar

Luxurious whiskeys in cute mini bottles are too awesome to be hidden inside their boxes. So, if you prefer them to be displayed for everyone to see, here's a custom engraved advent calendar to help you out with that!

This wooden Christmas tree-shaped decor has slots or holes where you can place and display your spirits. There are also numbers from 1 to 24 engraved on the wood representing 24 days.

You can fit 24 mini liquor bottles into the slots, and you're ready to go. Plus, it comes in your choice of unfinished, green, dark wood, or red stain. It is worth noting that this item does not include alcohol so that you can buy your favorite whiskey sampler kits like the one below.

16. Really Good Whisky 21 Drams Whisky Tasting Gift Box 

Really Good Whisky 21 Drams Whisky Tasting Gift Box

Gift-giving is one of the highlights of Christmas. So if you know someone who expresses deep love for whiskey, it's time to give them the Really Good Whisky 21 Drams Whisky Tasting Gift Box.

It includes 21 various Scotch whiskies, each with its unique flavor and character, as well as a handy guide to help you identify tasting notes and appreciate them. The box is presented in a premium faux leather casing, which you can customize to make it look like an advent calendar.

But if you don't have time, you can buy a ready-made calendar like the one above. The whiskies in this collection are all high quality, with varying ages and cask finishes to give you an exciting tasting experience.


If you want to try an old but fun holiday season tradition, get your hands on an advent calendar! Luckily for whiskey lovers, they have many options on which collection to enjoy or give as a gift in the spirit of Christmas. 

On the other hand, if you know someone fond of wine instead of whiskey, we also have a list of the best wine advent calendars!

So, which whiskey advent calendar did you like the most? We would love to hear your holiday drinking stories in the comments below.

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