Bottles of beer being processed in the brewery

The Best Breweries In America: A State-By-State Guide

Bottles of beer being processed in the brewery

Craft beer's popularity continues to grow. In return, craft brewers and breweries have been increasingly popular in recent decades. Due to this, many of these breweries rethought and changed their strategies to step up against their competitors in the craft beer industry.

Many groups or brewmasters offer tastings and tours to help widen the knowledge and beer selection of the people and give them a whole new level of the drinking experience.

There are many great breweries to visit in America. Honestly, there are so many that it can be hard to decide which ones to visit on your next trip. To make things easier, we made a state-by-state guide of the best breweries in the country for the beer lovers out there!

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1. Alabama: Avondale Brewing Company

Avondale Brewing Company 

Avondale Brewing Co. is the place to go if you want to hear live music, drink delicious beer, and have a good time. Whether it's raining or shining, they'll make sure you have a fantastic time. 

Avondale has something for everyone, from their well-known Miss Fancy Tripel to their delicious Peach Saison. Try their Vanillaphant Porter if you're looking for something a little more indulgent.

2. Alaska: Midnight Sun Brewery Company

Midnight Sun Brewery Company

In 1995, Midnight Sun Brewing Co. began commercially manufacturing ales and lagers for Alaskans. Midnight Sun is the municipality of Anchorage's oldest brewery and Alaska's second-oldest overall. This brewery now produces more than 40 distinct ales and lagers every year. 

It's known across the world for its stouts and barley wines, which are ideal for the chilly climate of the state. 

For more than 20 years, Midnight Sun has been innovating techniques and brewing procedures that have contributed to the distinctive tastes that the hardy people of Alaska have grown to know and enjoy. 

The Chugach Mountains’ glacier-fed river water is the not-so-secret component that makes their ales unique.

3. Arizona: Lochiel Brewing

Lochiel Brewing website

Lochiel Brewing is the best-known American-Scottish brewery in Arizona and the country. It follows the same production process as traditional Scottish local distilleries but with modern brewing equipment made from stainless steel. 

They make 12 distinct beers that are all malt-forward and have a good amount of hops. They use natural water from the Rio Verde and Rio Salado water sources and seven different grains to brew their beers.

4. Arkansas: Fossil Cove Brewing Company

Fossil Cove Brewing Company website

The objective of this brewery is to deliver exceptional craft beer to the people of Arkansas and the Ozarks. They first opened in 2012 and can be found in Fayetteville.

The different Jurassic animals inspire the design of their beer cans. They offer both limited release and year-round beers perfect for any season. One of their best is the La Brea Brown, a tasty Belgian brown ale that emits a powerful aroma of the coffee, chocolate, and roasted grains.

5. California: Moonraker Brewing Company

Moonraker Brewing Company website

This brewery offers the best hazy beers. Located in Auburn, the place has indoor and outdoor seating, which gives the guests the option to enjoy both atmospheres. 

Moonraker Brewing Co. is one of the few brewing companies that exert efforts in making their production processes eco-friendly and sustainable. They demonstrate their commitment to the environment by ensuring water and energy conservation. Their brewers aim for the creativity and quality of their products and are not intimidated by the flavors that hop can offer.

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6. Colorado: Wynkoop Brewing Company

Wynkoop Brewing Company website

Wynkoop is the first brewpub in Colorado, making it the state’s oldest craft brewery. The state's oldest craft brewery is across the historic Union Station. This brewing company situated just near the landmark of Union Station makes around 40 distinct kinds of beer. 

The Colorojo Imperial Red is their must-try beer. It has an ABV of 8% and 65 IBUs, but the flavors are not overpowering because it also features American hops as well as malts for depth in taste! 

Wynkoop makes sure you can enjoy this delicious brew without feeling too stuffed after one glass, thanks to its lingering sugars that coat your mouth with velvety smoothness while fading away quickly against gentle hop stings.

7. Connecticut: Willimantic Brewing Company

Willimantic Brewing Company website

This brewery, which opened in 1991, serves delicious meals and has a huge range of beer choices. There is an excellent selection of brews perfect for groups to try beer flights. The place mimics an old post office giving you a relaxing ambiance. 

The Willibrew Bohemian Hopsidy, one of their beers, will make you look up to the skies and see! This drink inspired by the Queen’s classic is an American IPA with an alcohol content of 6.5%.

8. Delaware: Big Oyster Brewery

Big Oyster Brewery website

Apart from the protagonist of this brewery, the oyster, they also offer exceptional beers that are best to wash down the seafood. Big Oyster Brewery, which recently debuted in 2015, was voted the second-fastest-growing brewery in the United States by the Brewers Association in 2018.

Lil Dipper is one of their wide selections and is influenced by the younger twin character from the show, Gravity Falls. It's a hazy session IPA with a crisp combination of tangerine, citrus peach, mint, and tropical fruits exuding spectacular flavors and bouquets.

9. Florida: Cigar City Brewing - Spruce Street Brewery & Taproom

Cigar City Brewing - Spruce Street Brewery & Taproom website

Tours, a tasting room with beers and cigars, and more are available at this innovative local brewery. The Spruce Street Brewery & Taproom, which has been open since 2009, serves 24 Cigar City Brewing beers. 

A full-service kitchen serves Tampa-inspired food, with each dish created to pair with a selection of Cigar City Brewing brews. Many visitors praised the brewery's servers for their expertise and ability to guide guests depending on their preferences.

10. Georgia: SweetWater Brewing Company

SweetWater Brewing Company website

Two college friends established this brewpub. Based in Atlanta, Georgia, Sweetwater Brewing Company is one of the most well-known craft brewers. "Don't Float the Mainstream," the company's tagline, is a fitting metaphor to their alternative, easygoing style. 

Sweetwater's background and mission statement are interesting, but the beer is even better. Many people in the state began to drink 420 as their preferred beer. It's a beautiful 5.7% ABV extra pale ale with a lively hop flavor from the West Coast.

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11. Hawaii: Kona Brewing Company

Kona Brewing Company website

There are two taprooms you can visit in the state of Hawaii. The first brewpub, directly adjacent to their brewery in Kailua-Kona, and another one is located on the island of Oahu. They do not only offer refreshing beers, but they also share their aloha spirit with everyone who visits them. 

Kona Brewing Company is dedicated to producing natively brewed beers that are ecologically friendly. They discovered a means to expand without placing a strain on their island home's limited resources.

12. Idaho: Sockeye Brewing

Sockeye Brewing website

A huge lodge-style restaurant with plenty of room for large gatherings, outdoor seating, and a unique Idaho ambiance. Sockeye Brewing has grown into a major brewery in Idaho. They are serving 16 delightfully handmade Sockeye original beers, as well as nitro, cask-conditioned, and barrel-aged options to satisfy every palette.

Sockeye has progressed from a local beer alternative in 1996 to a brewpub in 2002. And it's now a growing powerhouse in Idaho beer manufacturing. “Drink like a fish” is their slogan modeled to the famous Sockeye salmon.

13. Illinois: Pig Minds Brewing Company

Pig Minds Brewing Company website

This brewpub in Machesney Park, Illinois, specializes in artisanal ales of various types. They are the first vegan brewery in the United States, so our vegan friends now have a safe haven to unwind.

The highest ABV percentage beer they serve is the Cherried Chough at 10%. It is an imperial stout with an outstanding flavor of cherries and chocolates. This is best to pair with the vegetarian burgers and tacos excellent to wash down the savoriness of the dishes.

14. Indiana: 3 Floyds Brewing

3 Floyds Brewing website

Established by a father and two sons, 3 Floyds Brewing is definitely a rockstar in the world of breweries. The team behind this brewpub is praised as they provide lovely accommodation and phenomenal beers.

Their beer list includes the Barrel-Aged Blot Out the Sun, which is a crazy combination of chocolate, bourbon, pine, and vanilla. This is a fantastic brew for fans of the classic barrel-aged style.

15. Iowa: Toppling Goliath Brewing Company

Toppling Goliath Brewing Company website

It seems like the Toppling Goliath has made their own Goliath with their huge-sized, very factory-like brewpub. Toppling Goliath is known worldwide for its Indian Pale Ales and barrel-aged stouts. 

They sell in 30 states and manufacture over 40 different beers that shift all year round. Numerous festivals and craft beer organizations have recognized the brewery for the overall performance of its beers.

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16. Kansas: Kansas City Bier Company

Kansas City Bier Company website

This is an incredible, friendly venue for German-style lagers, ales, and munchies at shared indoor and outdoor tables. This distillery is more than just following a recipe for brewing real German-style beer. It's about employing the conformed ingredients and processes to deliver the same quality of brew that you would find at a Munich Biergarten.

17. Kentucky: Monnik Beer Company

Monnik Beer Company website

Monnik can be found in the center of Louisville's Schnitzelburg district. Monnik, the Dutch term for “monk,” encapsulates their extreme attention and dedication to their work. They have a carefully chosen range of 20 beers on tap, including seasonals, flagships, and one-off brews.

The brewery’s strongest beer is the Giant Goat, with a 9.7% ABV. The beer has a nice solid body with a balanced mix of sweetness and chocolate and hay flavor bitterness.

18. Louisiana: Parleaux Beer Lab

Parleaux Beer Lab website

The goal of this beer lab from the home of jazz music is to inspire people to go out of their way, explore, and try new stuff! They make special efforts to brew new exciting beers different from the usual flavors we taste.

19. Maine: Allagash Brewing Company

Allagash Brewing Company website

Beer lovers are recommended to visit this famous brewing company in Maine. They aspire to make some of the most fantastic Belgian-inspired beers not only in the state but all over the world. They desire to accomplish this while also focusing on the long-term viability of their brewing business and processes. 

The company’s “Bring Your Own Adventure Variety Pack” is a set including four ale varieties, all essential to your next expeditions. This pack is just an example of what you might get from their wide selection of ales and lagers.

20. Maryland: Guinness Open Gate Brewery

Guinness Open Gate Brewery website

The brewery is a central hub of barrel-aging creativity and transformation. The Guinness Open Gate Brewery, originally opened in 2015, can be found in Baltimore County on the site of the old Calvert distillery. 

With a brewery, Biergarten, and restaurant, as well as guided tours and a brand store, this is a massive contemporary multiplex. The establishment is vibrant, spacious, and well-staffed, with friendly waiters and a tasty beer list.

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21. Massachusetts: Tree House Brewing Company - Charlton

Tree House Brewing Company - Charlton website

In Brimfield, Massachusetts, Tree House Brewing Company debuted in a tiny red barn, and it blossomed as time passed. This tiny, artisan brewery's rustic retail shop has a changing selection of unique beers. 

Moreover, it is an outstanding brewery with some of the greatest beers in the area. If you're passing through, it's definitely worth a brief stop. It is one of the most visited brewpubs in the state, so be sure to come early not to be held in line for a long time.

22. Michigan: Founders Brewing Company

Founders Brewing Company website

This high-ceilinged lounge overlooks the brewing facility and sells snacks and handcrafted beers. They have a nice assortment of robust and unusual character nitro drafts, ales, and stout beers that aren't made anywhere else in the country. 

Founders Brewing Co. has had the good fortune to become one of the most well-known brewers in the United States. Various beer rating sites highly rate it, and it is one of the fastest-growing. More impressively, they achieved these accomplishments despite being nearly bankrupt.

23. Minnesota: Surly Brewing Company

Surly Brewing Company website

A brewery that has contributed to the emergence of a fresh generation of pub culture in Minnesota. Surly Brewing may not be the state's oldest, most innovative, or most imaginative brewer, but they are the most politically influential. 

They pushed for the legalization of taprooms in Minnesota breweries resulting in the now passed law called  "The Surly Bill"  that allows brewers to become social centers in the Twin Cities and other areas. 

24. Mississippi: Lazy Magnolia Brewery

Lazy Magnolia Brewery website

This is Mississippi's oldest packaging brewery that provides a line of delightful drinks crafted in authentic Southern-style, incorporating Southern traditions. They have some of the greatest accessible beers, such as Good Bug Golden Ale and Grapefruit Radler, which are excellent for any occasion. Their beers are also available in pubs and other markets all over the United States.

25. Missouri: 4 Hands Brewing Company

4 Hands Brewing Company

Brewery with a tasting area that serves barrel-aged beers, inventive pub grub, and monthly brewery tours. 4 Hands Brewing Company is based in LaSalle Park and has a publicly available taproom and features 14 beers on tap. They provide complimentary skee ball and vintage arcade games during open hours to enjoy their tasting area.

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26. Montana: Map Brewing Company

Map Brewing Company

MAP Brewing Company is located in Bozeman, Montana, near the base of the Bridger Mountains. Since opening in 2015, they've been serving award-winning beers, great service, world-class vistas, and amazing made-from-scratch, locally produced cuisine. 

Midas Crush, a West Coast-style IPA with luscious overtones of tropical fruits and hops, is one of their year-round beers.

27. Nebraska: Boiler Brewing Company

Boiler Brewing Company

The brewmaster of this brewing company, Tim Thomssen, has earned a reputation for producing bold, delicious beers that leave nothing to the imagination. He can make a delicate, well-balanced taste profile when needed, despite his preference for large brews perfect for the newcomers in the beer world.

28. Nevada: Banger Brewing

Banger Brewing

Banger Brewing was founded by five persons who formed a friendship and a fraternity to brew a variety of unusual ales, including pepper and fruit infusions. The facilities tours at this brewhouse enable us to understand more about how they create our favorite craft beers.

29. New Hampshire: Schilling Beer Company

Schilling Beer Company

Schilling Beer Co. is the realization of a dream that began over 15 years ago. Three brothers, their father, and their closest friend came together in Northern New Hampshire to pursue greatness by creating world-class European-inspired beers.

When you visit it, you'll get a clean, crisp, real beer in the style of Czech and German-style lagers.

30. New Jersey: Kane Brewing Company

Kane Brewing Company

Kane Brewing Company is a microbrewery based in Ocean, New Jersey, that manufactures and bottles all of its beers. It sells beer samples, beer cans, and bottles at its in-house pub and distributes them to restaurants, liquor shops, and other bars across New Jersey. 

It features a fantastic atmosphere and a good assortment of beers. If you want to buy some apparel, they also offer a tiny merchandise shop.

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31. New Mexico: Santa Fe Brewing Company

Santa Fe Brewing Company 

Santa Fe Brewing Company is New Mexico's oldest and most popular brewery, having opened in 1988. The Bridge at Santa Fe Brewing is a large event venue that hosts amazing live music events.

They have various beers made all year round, such as Happy Camper IPA and 7K IPA. They also have seasonal beers, which are Adobe Igloo and Oktoberfest. You won’t regret trying them out!

32. New York: Brooklyn Brewery

Brooklyn Brewery

Excellent spot to drink with friends, after work, or anytime you want one. The place is incredibly comfortable and cozy, ideal for chilling. There are around 20 different varieties of beer so that you can try something new every time. The tour of the brewery is brief and fascinating.

33. North Carolina: Four Saints Brewing Company

Four Saints Brewing Company 

Four Saints Brewing Company introduces a comprehensive approach to brewing to central North Carolina. They took its name from the four beer patron saints: St. Wenceslaus, St. Nicholas, St. Luke, and St. Augustine of Hippo. 

Four Saints' brewmasters aren't sticking to just one type. They're experimenting with various flavors and styles to see what works best. 

They have year-round, seasonal, and a quartet of beers dedicated to each of the four saints are available only once a year.

34. North Dakota: Fargo Brewing

Fargo Brewing 

Fargo Brewing is the idea of a group of four local beer aficionados. It has been open since 2013. The Wood Chipper, their first brew, is a local favorite.  

The Iron Horse (a pale ale), Stone's Throw (a Scottish ale), and Sodbuster (a porter) are some of the brewery's other iconic brews. In addition to their own taproom, their trademark brews can be found throughout the F-M metro area.

35. Ohio: Great Lakes Brewing Company

Great Lakes Brewing Company

The Great Lakes Brewing Company was formed in 1986 by two Irish-American brothers with no prior brewing expertise. They built the company’s 7-barrel brewing equipment with the help of Thaine Johnson, the master brewer, and Engineer Charlie Price, who are both former workers of Schmidt's, Cleveland's last running brewery. 

This brewhouse is one of the country's greatest craft brewers. If you enjoy craft brews, this is a brewery you must see.

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36. Oklahoma: Stonecloud Brewing Company

Stonecloud Brewing Company

Prairie Artisan Ales is a tiny Oklahoma-based third-wave brewery. From huge, robust barrel-aged stouts to extremely crisp and quirky farmhouse beers, they've contributed a new viewpoint to brewing since its start in 2012. Every beer they make is wrapped in one-of-a-kind, expressive, and intriguing artwork that feeds not only our bellies but also our eyes.

37. Oregon: Deschutes Brewery Portland Public House

Deschutes Brewery Portland Public House

Excellent large tap list with rare beers, as well as a wonderful selection of unusual and reserve series beers both available in cans and bottles, are all included in the brewery’s beer list. If you've never had Deschutes beer before, the iconic flight board is highly recommended to explore the beer that you truly prefer. 

Deschutes now sells over 225,000 barrels of beer per year and can be found in 32 states as well as a few overseas. Deschutes Brewery has grown to include a distillery and tasting facility in addition to the original pub.

38. Pennsylvania: Tröegs Independent Brewing

Troegs Independent Brewing

This brewery was formed independently by a group of family, friends, and like-minded individuals who share a passion for outstanding beer. With independence, they can make their very own decisions to help improve the overall drinking experience of the customers as well as do what is best for their craft beers.

39. Rhode Island: Tilted Barn Brewery

Tilted Barn Brewery

Visit the Tilted Barn Brewery in Rhode Island if you want to feel the rustic vibe of an old barn and farm while sipping an ale. It is a lovely, calm, and inviting spot to buy and drink beer in their tasting area or on their lovely grounds. They feature a large selection of IPAs on tap as well as other beer styles.

40. South Carolina: Westbrook Brewing

Westbrook Brewing 

Westbrook is probably already on the itinerary for the beer lovers out there—with good reason, too. The Mt. Pleasant-based brewery effectively sparked the fruited sour craze when they canned its Westbrook Gose.

Keep a lookout for Mexican Cake (and all of its versions), Russian Imperial Stout, Siberian Black Magic Panther, It's Tiki Time sour, and Two Claw IPA, among many more.

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41. South Dakota: Covert Artisan Ales

Covert Artisan Ales 

Covert Artisan Ales is known for its complex, quirky, and flavorful beers. Saisons and wheat ales are mixed to create a unique drinking experience. The beer is frequently matured in spirit barrels to provide another layer of complexity. 

They also make non-sour beers, so keep an eye on their beer list for a changing selection of Stouts, IPAs, and European-style ales.

42. Tennessee: Tennessee Brew Works

Tennessee Brew Works

This brewpub lets you chill and enjoy a beer while listening to live music. In the front of the building, there is a lovely outdoor patio and two-story deck that looks quite contemporary and distinct. There is a lot of room to relax with friends and have a drink and some cuisine. 

The beer is fantastic, and there's a wide range of various brews to choose from, all of which are made on-site. The beers have a lot of taste, yet it's not overpowering.

43. Texas: Saint Arnold Brewing Company

Saint Arnold Brewing Company

Saint Arnold Brewing Company is a brewing company that’s based in Houston. It produces a variety of beers distributed all across Texas and Louisiana. Their inspiration comes mostly from German brewing traditions, one of which is the Lawnmower Refreshing Outdoor beer.

44. Utah: Red Rock Brewing Company

Red Rock Brewing Company 

Red Rock Brewing Company is one of the most well-known breweries in Salt Lake City, Utah. It has been around since 1994 and was constructed in 2005 on South Main Street. 

The company makes both draft beers and bottled brews that deliver unforgettable flavors thanks to their dedication to making each drinker feel like they're drinking something special for themselves!

45. Vermont: The Alchemist Brewery

The Alchemist Brewery

Beer drinker or not, the brewhouse tour that The Alchemist Brewery provides is undoubtedly fascinating. They host brewery tours where the cicerone is knowledgeable and passionate about the whole brewery; you’ll surely develop a love for the craft. 

Rapture, an IPA style, is a must-try from the brewing company. It has a clean and light finish, with tropical sweetness to keep everything well balanced.

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46. Virginia: Vanish Brewery

Vanish Brewery

Vanish is a family-owned farm and brewery in Lucketts noted for its superb beer and laid-back atmosphere. They focus on providing 20 different beers using local ingredients. They have plenty of outside seating and magnificent views, perfect for watching the sunset while sipping a drink.

47. Washington: Icicle Brewing Company

Icicle Brewing Company

The brewhouse’s rich roots in the ale business date back more than 140 years when Founder Oliver Brulotte's family began working in the hop industry in the Yakima Valley. In 2019, a new brewing facility was built in Leavenworth to accommodate the demand for their exceptional brew crew's award-winning craft brews.

The rustic brewpub features weekend brewery tours and locally produced sharing plates and snacks. It's a great spot to end a sunny day with a romantic evening. One of their best is the Dark Persuasion stout with 22 IBU and 6.5% ABV.

48. West Virginia: Mountain State Brewing Company

Mountain State Brewing Company 

Mountain State was founded in 2005 by owners Willie Lehmann and Brian Arnett. It was the only craft brewery in West Virginia—although the number of small brewers in the state has multiplied since then. In 2022, Mountain State remains to be the oldest and the largest brewing company in West Virginia.

Their excellent brews are offered in three quaint, inviting taprooms in West Virginia, Thomas and Morgantown, and Deep Creek Lake, Maryland.

49. Wisconsin: Lakefront Brewery

Lakefront Brewery

This brewery is worth the drive with its soothing scenery. The building is situated on the water, so you can sit outdoors and enjoy the river views, which are incredibly scenic and peaceful. The Beerline Barleywine, one of their limited-release beers, is aged for three years in rye whiskey barrels before being released as a deep and complex barrel-aged drink.

50. Wyoming: Melvin Brewing

Melvin Brewing

Breathtaking views, indoor and outdoor dining availability, helpful crew, and tasty food and drinks are everything you could wish for in a brewery. Their 2x4 Double IPA is an excellent beer with a clear taste that lets its characteristics show through. The alcohol concentration isn't overpowering, so sip it slowly!


If you want a joyful and educational experience or just want to try some great new beers, be sure to check out a local craft brewery.

With so many different breweries out there, you’re sure to find one or several that will offer the perfect outing for you and your friends. And who knows? You might even learn something about beer in the process! 

Have you been to a craft brewery lately? What was your favorite part of the experience?

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