Are Stemless Wine Glasses Acceptable?

Are Stemless Wine Glasses Acceptable?

, by Randy Woodward

Wine snobs (or purists) would insist that wine should only be served in wine glasses (read: stemmed wine glasses). No need to indicate whether it is stemmed or not because in their mind, a stemless wine glass is nothing but a glorified tumbler. That is simply unacceptable.

However, not everyone stands by that thought. Innovations in the lifestyle block are always welcome and that is what a stemless wine glass promises. 

Here are some of the reasons why a stemless wine glass is totally acceptable:

  • Wine tastes the same in a stemmed glass and in a stemless glass
  • Red wine can benefit from the warmth of the hand when holding the stemless wine glass
  • Stemless wine glasses bring a modern vibe to a table setting
  • Convenient to use in large gatherings and parties since these crowds can get rowdy and stemmed glasses are bound to be knocked over
  • Versatile and easy to use anywhere - in modern bars, casual use in home bars, even for outdoor picnics
  • Less expensive compared to stemmed glasses

That said, it cannot also suitable for every occasion

  • Formal setting parties need more traditional stemware that a stemless wine glass can have no role
  • Swirling can be difficult in a stemless wine glass, especially when serving red wine
  • The stemless bowl is bound to have finger smudges over the course of the meal which can be gross

The verdict? Stemless wine glasses are totally acceptable. It’s not just for every occasion.

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