6 Inventive Ways to Garnish With Tropical Fruit

6 Inventive Ways to Garnish With Tropical Fruit

Garnishing a cocktail can elevate your drink’s appearance and taste. A garnish can take your beverage to the next level, from beer to liquor. A Blue Moon without an orange, a shot of tequila without a lime, or an Old-Fashioned without a cherry or an orange peel just doesn’t have the same appeal.

Whether you want to enhance the flavor or make your drink aesthetically pleasing, here are some inventive ways to garnish cocktails with tropical fruit.

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1. Coconut Flakes

Coconut Flakes

There are many inventive ways to incorporate coconuts into your cocktail game. Your options are endless with this tropical fruit, from using the shells as a cocktail glass and sipping straight from a coconut.

Cracking open a coconut offers plenty of meat you can shred into flakes with a box grater. There’s so much more you can do with coconut flakes than make delicious desserts — although a coconut pie is the best after a long day on the lake. They make aesthetically attractive garnishes for drinks like pina coladas, margaritas or martinis. 

2. Pineapple Fronds

Pineapple Fronds

Pineapple is a delicious fruit that pairs well with practically any fruity cocktail. You can garnish almost every summer drink with a slice of fresh pineapple — like a blue Hawaiian, painkiller or pina colada. Any frozen drink during the warmer months isn’t the same without a piece of pineapple.

Although many believe that most pineapples come from Hawaii, over 47% are exported from Costa Rica, which then sends them to Hawaii. There are many ways to get creative with pineapple as a garnish. Pineapple fronds are an inventive way to elevate this tasty garnish. Simply pluck leaves from the pineapple and trim the white ends to fancy up your cocktails. 

3. Passion Fruit Shells

Passion Fruit Shells

Passion fruit is a tangy, sweet fruit with two varieties in Costa Rica — purplish green and orange. They contain black seeds and an edible gel pulp. Passion fruit shells are ideal for decorating alcoholic drinks. Use a passion fruit shell as a garnish by cutting it in half and scooping out the insides.

You’ll need a sharp knife to cut this tropical fruit. Use the shells to decorate a passion fruit martini or for a fun twist on a rum punch. You can drink the inside of your passion fruit or add it to a smoothie so it doesn’t go to waste. Add vodka for some extra flair.

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4. Orange Peel Twist

Orange Peel Twist

Oranges are a versatile fruit that go with everything from beer to alcoholic beverages. You can use them to decorate a rum punch, creamsicle or any frozen drink. Squeezing an orange into a fruity drink will elevate the taste by adding a little citrus.

A citrus spiral or an orange peel twist adds aroma and dresses up classic signature cocktails, like an Old-Fashioned or Manhattan. Make it by cutting a slice of orange and removing the fruit from the peel, or you can peel the zest of orange off the fruit and twist it with your fingers. 

5. Cucumber Ribbon

Cucumber Ribbon

A cucumber ribbon is the same concept as the orange peel twist. Peel the cucumber and use the peelings as a garnish for your cocktails. Cucumber isn’t a common garnish, making it the perfect creative idea for your next gathering. Consider making cucumber margaritas or martinis for a refreshing and memorable drink.

A mint cucumber vodka combination sounds delightful after a long summer day or as a refresher by the pool. Use a vegetable peeler to remove thin layers of cucumber and create a gorgeous cocktail garnish with a pick. Fold the peel back and forth and pierce it down the middle for the cutest cucumber ribbon. 

6. Frozen Melon Balls

Frozen Melon Balls

Frozen melon balls are an excellent way to keep your cocktails cold on a hot summer day. They also let you get creative and elevate your garnishing game. You can use an ice cream scoop or melon baller on your fruit of choice. You can use cantaloupe, honeydew or whatever you prefer. For example, if you’re making watermelon margaritas, you’ll scoop out watermelon to freeze into balls.

All you have to do is place your melon balls on a baking sheet or other flat surface covered in wax paper and freeze them. They’ll keep for two to four days if you freeze them for at least a few hours. You can use herbs or slices of orange to elevate your drink’s appearance since you might not see the melon balls clearly, or you can put them on a wooden skewer or cocktail pick as a garnish. 

Getting Creative With Tropical Fruit

Garnishing cocktails can be a fun and exciting way to spice up ordinary drinks. There are many ways to get creative with tropical fruit — creating garnishes is one of them. These inventive ideas can elevate your next gathering by giving your guests enhanced flavor or appeal. Use these ideas as inspiration to experiment with garnishing your cocktails.

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