Death & Co Welcome Home: [A Cocktail Recipe Book]
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Death & Co Welcome Home: [A Cocktail Recipe Book]

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Author: Day, Alex

Color: Black

Binding: Hardcover

Number Of Pages: 320

Release Date: 16-11-2021

Details: Product Description The ultimate guide to choosing ingredients, developing your palate, mixing drinks, and leveling up your home cocktail game—with more than 600 recipes—from the bestselling team behind Death & Co: Modern Classic Cocktails and James Beard Book of the Year Cocktail Codex: Fundamentals, Formulas, EvolutionsNAMED ONE OF THE BEST COCKTAIL BOOKS OF THE YEAR BY MINNEAPOLIS STAR TRIBUNE • “The mad geniuses behind Death & Co have elevated cocktail creation to punk-rock artistry. This dazzling book brings their brilliance home.”—Aisha Tyler Imagine you’re a rookie bartender and this is your handbook. Your training begins with a boot camp of sorts, where you follow the same path a Death & Co bartender would to discover your own palate and preferences, learn how to select ingredients, understand what makes a great cocktail work, and mix drinks like an old pro. Then it’s time to invite your friends over to show off the batched and ready-to-pour mixtures you stored in the freezer so you could enjoy your guests instead of making drinks all night. More than 600 recipes anchor the book, including classics, low-ABV and nonalcoholic cocktails, and hundreds of signature creations developed by the Death & Co teams in New York, Los Angeles, and Denver. With hundreds of evocative photographs and illustrations, this comprehensive, visually arresting manual is destined to break new ground in home bars across the world—and make your next get-together the invite of the year. Review “The mad geniuses behind Death & Co have elevated cocktail creation to punk-rock artistry. This dazzling book brings their brilliance home with easy-to-follow recipes you can execute yourself. And if you’re too pooped to get out the shaker, the gorgeous photography will prime you for your next visit to one of their jewel box watering holes. Salut!” —Aisha Tyler, actor, director, spirits enthusiast About the Author Alex Day, David Kaplan, and Devon Tarby are co-owners of Gin & Luck, the hospitality company behind the world-renowned cocktail bar Death & Co (with locations in New York, Los Angeles, and Denver) and the global hospitality consulting and management company Proprietors LLC.    Nick Fauchald is an author, editor, and publisher. He is the co-author, with Alex Day and David Kaplan, of Death & Co and Cocktail Codex.    Tyson Buhler is an award-winning bartender and the beverage director of Gin & Luck. Excerpt. © Reprinted by permission. All rights reserved. Introduction On New Year’s Eve 2006, I opened Death & Co on a quiet side street in Manhattan’s East Village. Within our first couple of years of business, our bar had secured its place among the world’s leading cocktail bars, and by the time Alex became a partner in 2008, we began planning to open more Death & Co bars around the country—and perhaps one day abroad. It wasn’t a matter of if we’d open more locations, but when and where. The when, it turns out, would be more than a decade later. Early negotiations with Death & Co’s two other founding partners, Ravi and Craig, went nowhere, so I put our unfinished agreement in a drawer and focused my attention elsewhere. Alex and I started a hospitality consulting company, Proprietors LLC, and we both moved to Los Angeles. As our new lives and business took off in California, we did our best to put our dreams of opening another Death & Co to rest. We took on numerous projects around L.A., built a proper office and development lab, and expanded our consulting work across the world. As Proprietors LLC grew, so did our ambitions. We formed a partnership with L.A. nightlife impresario Cedd Moses, which allowed us to develop three new bars from the ground up: the downtown cocktail bar and dance club Honeycut, and a pair of bars inside the Normandie Hotel in Koreatown: a lively lounge called the Normandie Club, and an ambitious, omakase-inspired cocktail den called the Walker Inn. While this partnership helpe

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