Bar Signs

Bar Signs can be made of metal, wood, neon light, or paper. They're great for silently communicating with customers on what the bar has, such as menu, theme, and warnings. It's also used for decoration and style.
The designs usually go well with the overall theme of the bar, and sometimes it can be comedic or chic, depending on how the bar is portrayed. Every bar does need a sign to indicate things like their name, reserved spots, and rules.

Metal Bar Signs

Wooden Bar Signs

Neon Signs

Restaurant Compliance Signs

Bar Posters

Bar Top / Table Top Signs

Types of Bar Signs

Metal Bar Signs. These are excellent for outdoor and indoor signs. The environment surrounding a bar can be rowdy and rough, and you'll need a durable sign that can last for long periods of exposure.

At least with metal signs, you don't have to worry about scratches or dents happening since they're sturdy enough. However, metal signs tend to fade over time if not appropriately maintained. 

Wooden Bar Signs. Classic wooden bar signs have been around the longest. Taverns, pubs, and bar owners have used handmade wooden signs to display on their buildings.

Now, wooden bars are modernized so they can last longer compared to their termite-ridden ancestors. But they still require some maintenance for long-term use. Factors such as moisture, heat, and sunlight can potentially damage wooden furniture.

Neon Signs. These are notoriously found in clubs and dive bars. Their bright, blinding, and colorful light can be seen from afar and in the darkest areas of a city. It can be designed and morphed into different shapes that will cater to your style.

These are amazing for anyone looking for an eye-catching sign that can reel customers in with just a glance. Unfortunately, neon signs can collect dust and fade over time, so be sure to properly maintain your sign if you want it around for a long time.

Restaurant Compliance Signs. It is normal to see signs like these anywhere you go. Compliance signs help keep things in the area in order.

These signs are essential for any bar as it can be annoying when customers ask where the bathroom is while you work. It disrupts your workflow and can cause other customers you're tending to be insulted.

Bar Posters. Decorating your bar can be a complicated process. Some people have an idea what they want their bar to look like, but some are just winging it.

Bar posters can help decorate your place if you don't have a solid theme yet. People are drawn to energetic atmospheres. Posters can fill up space and give an active aura that can attract customers.

Bar Top and Tabletop Signs. Some bar and restaurant owners look for subtle ways to advertise their products as big signs can look overwhelming and look more like a fast food place.

You can use bar top or tabletop signs to show your new specials that guaranteed customers can spot. It's also helpful in reserving tables for customers who may need it, such as VIPs or senior citizens.


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