• Sale -10% Acrylic Sign Holder 8.5x11 Inch 3 Pack Vertical T Shape Double-Sided Desktop Display Holder. (Optional 8.5x11 8.5x5.5 5x7 Horizontal and Vertical) Acrylic Sign Holder 8.5x11 Inch 3 Pack Vertical T Shape Double-Sided Desktop Display Holder. (Optional 8.5x11 8.5x5.5 5x7 Horizontal and Vertical)

    newnewshow Acrylic Sign Holder 8.5x11 Inch 3 Pack Vertical T Shape Double-Sided Desktop Display Holder. (Optional 8.5x11 8.5x5.5 5x7 Horizontal and Vertical)

    Brand: newnewshowFeatures: 💗BEST PREMIUM QUALITY ACRYLIC DESIGN: We’ve carefully sourced the best industrial strength shatter resistant acrylic material to ensure that your signs holders last many years comes with lifetime guarantee. At Prime Purpose quality matters! 💜 DOUBLE SIDED: Holder displays and protects on both sides with great clear visibility and is easy to clean & change content. Typically, people prefer these double-sided holders rather than slant-back ones. This is because these double-sided holders allow you to display on both sides, unlike slant back ones, which only allow you to display on one side. 💙THICKEDED MATERIAL STRONG & DURABLE: Each Dual-sided Sign Holder has a 10mm thick base that offers excellent support so your holder will stand FIRMLY on any flat surface. Has a triangular groove to increase stability.Rounded Corner Design, Diamond level polishing, cutting process creates rounded corners and polished edges, which will not cause injuries to your hands. 💚HIGH TRANSPARENT ACRYLIC MATERIAL: Our sign holders are made with nice and clear acrylic that offers a superb display effect. Ultra-clear and transparent, displays the contents on both sides with crystal clear visibility,Enjoy clear visibility. Binding: Office ProductPart Number: nn-signDetails: Acrylic Sign Holder Stand Features & Details:💗Protect: Each sign holder has a protective film to prevent scratches. Please peel off the film before use.💜Display with the best: We’ve source top class acrylic that not only oozes class and elegance but also boasts immense strength that will hold up well against scratches or even accidental falls and drops. A high-strength yet lightweight construction ensures this Card Holder will serve your display needs for years.💙Simple and Easy to use: Conveniently add sheets or signs to your Sign Holder from the bottom then carefully fit into a triangular groove on the base for display.Regularly wipe away any dust from the surface to keep it looking great always.💚Application: For retailers, restaurant or hotel, trade shows, hospitals , certificates, pictures ,Business, menus and special offers for your display images, this acrylic sign holder works just right.- No hardware to install.EAN: 0708111909990Package Dimensions: 12.6 x 10.3 x 1.3 inches

    $ 42.99$ 38.49

Bar Top or tabletop signs are designed to add character to your tables or counters. They’re a great way to add menus, holiday promos, or specials. It helps inform the customers without your servers having to explain and share it with them.

What Can You Display in a Tabletop Sign


If posters are too conspicuous, tabletop signs are a subtle way to show your dishes without having to hand your customers the menu book. The canvas is smaller, so you may be limited to just the drink or food menu.


Holiday promos are an excellent way to attract and make a profit in your bar or restaurant. Be sure that the poster pops to get the customer’s attention. Most of the time, customers tend to use the promo along with their regular orders.


Another way to get more profit is specials. Specials are unique menu items that are usually dessert or drink-based. Customers are typically unaware of the specials menu, but if present, there’s a high chance that they will order it.

Other Items to Decorate Your Tabletop


This is specifically for smoking areas. Ashtrays are a great way to keep your tabletops clean, and you can encourage more customers to come and have their drinks in your bar.

Peanut trays

Peanuts are popular snacks found in bars. Their saltiness matches well with the bitterness of most drinks.


Small flower arrangements can brighten up the table. The presence of flowers can help elevate mood and give a feeling of joy.


Napkin caddies help place paper towels available for customers. It removes the hassle of asking and ensures customers of cleanliness.


Table statues can represent your business well, but be careful since they can be susceptible to theft. Some have it built-in or carved on the table for safety.


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