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  • Sale -16% KITESSENSU Black Boston Shaker Tins 18oz & 28oz, 18/8 Grade Stainless Steel Bartender Cocktail Shaker with Recipes Booklet KITESSENSU Black Boston Shaker Tins 18oz & 28oz, 18/8 Grade Stainless Steel Bartender Cocktail Shaker with Recipes Booklet

    KITESSENSU KITESSENSU Black Boston Shaker Tins 18oz & 28oz, 18/8 Grade Stainless Steel Bartender Cocktail Shaker with Recipes Booklet

    Brand: KITESSENSU Color: Black Features: 3-Piece Boston Cocktail Shaker - Curated by Kitessensu with the cocktail enthusiast in mind, includes 18oz/540ml and 28oz/840ml martini shakers, a recipes booklet for shakers bartending beginners. Commercial Grade Material - Stainless boston shaker set enhanced 18/8 stainless steel is specially thickened (0.8 mm) to protect itself from rust for lifetime. it is designed with a black brushed finish, leak-proof and non-scratchable. Raise The Atmosphere - With this professional quality cocktail shaker boston. Anchored by our stunning alcoholic bartender shaker tins bartending and other cocktail shaker kit, this is the perfect set for properly shaking, serving, and enjoying your Martinis, Manhattans any many more classic and craft cocktails. Upscale Gift - This is the gift everyone at the party will be talking about. Comes in a stylish, package for that special gift opening experience. A thoughtful gift for friends, family, colleagues, clients, and business partners that proves your good taste. Bartender's Choice - Whether you want to celebrate or unwind, be stimulated or relaxed, remember or forget. For all the reasons why we craft and enjoy our cocktails, with Kitessensu boston shaker cup creating and serving cocktails is as much fun as drinking them. don’t hesitate to reach out to our customer support if there is any issue you have. Details: High-grade stainless steel, lightweight, mixed drink metal barset. Leakproof, so no worries about spilling. Rustproof and sturdy bar tools or bar accessories. Amazing drink mixer works great with wine, vodka and other alcoholic drinks. Ideal for mixing Mojito, Margaritas, Manhattan, Martinis, Old Fashioned, Long Island and a lot more. Can also be used to prepare bubble tea, milk protein shakes, iced coffee and other household beverages. One of the best travel bartending products. Perfect for molecular cocktails. Perfect for a professional or beginner bar tender or mixologist. Measure, mix, shake and pour with one of the best mini starter mixers, shaker tins on the market! This shaker cools down your cocktail mixes to the max. The shaking motion super-cools the air inside the muddler, causing the pressure to go down and create a vacuum. It also makes the liquor way colder by increasing its density, shrinking its volume and creating an ice cold, delicious beverage. Just shake and pour into your favorite glass! We believe in our hand mixer so much that if for any reason you aren’t fully satisfied, EMAIL US SAYING WHY and you’re all set. We will give you a full refund or free replacement. Never deal with the hassle of returning to Amazon. We respond within 24 hours. Happy Shaking! EAN: 0783919799899 Package Dimensions: 6.7 x 3.7 x 3.7 inches

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Typically, you can find bartenders juggling shakers in their hands when making drinks. It is because shakers are the perfect tool for mixing and chilling beverages. By simply putting all the ingredients of a cocktail inside it and shaking the shaker tin vigorously, they can integrate all the flavors of each component and create the perfect blend.

Using shaker tins can also aid in aerating and diluting the alcohol, which has tremendous effects on the drink’s taste and texture. Additionally, it allows bartenders to showcase their skills while providing entertainment to customers.

Types of Shaker Tins 

  • Cobbler Shaker. The Cobbler shaker consists of three parts, a shaker tin, cap, and built-in strainer, all made of metal. Compared with other shakers, this one is smaller, allowing less dilution in the drinks. It is simple to use and requires no special mixing technique, making it an excellent option for people who are just starting their bartending journey.

The shaker tin features a sleek design and comes in various shapes. With its metal construction, it enables the drink to chill faster. However, it can be challenging to open the lid as the cold content may also cause the metal to contract.

  • Boston Shaker. This two-piece shaker features a shaking metal tin and mixing glass tin. To use the shaker for shaking, you should put the two parts together to seal the liquid inside. The sealing is critical to prevent spills or other accidents when mixing drinks. You can also use both tins separately for muddling and stirring ingredients.

The Boston shaker tin offers larger shaking space than other shakers, making it the most commonly used shaker in busy bars and pubs. 

  • Parisian/French Shaker. This shaker is a combination of the first two. It has the Cobbler shaker’s shape, but it has two components: a shaker tin and cap, like the Boston shaker. Although built like the Cobbler shaker, the French shaker is easier to open. It also has a more stylish and elegant look.

Things to Consider Before Buying a Shaker Tin

  • Level of Skill. Before choosing a shaker tin, it is essential to identify the bartender’s (or any person who will use it) skill level. Some shakers, like the Boston shaker, require advanced bartending skills while others don’t. For people who don’t know much about mixing drinks, Cobbler shakers offer ease of use.
  • Functionality. Make sure to buy the one that matches your bartending needs to ensure maximum functionality. Compared with Cobbler shakers, the Boston and French shakers offer bigger sizes for mixing large volumes of cocktails. However, you need to buy a separate strainer to use them properly, while Cobbler shakers come with a built-in one.
  • Price. In terms of cost, the French shaker is more expensive than the other two options. If you’re going to use it more frequently, it won’t hurt to spend a little more for a good-looking, quality shaker.

Advanced Mixology offers a wide selection of shaker tins to meet all your cocktail needs. Shop today!


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