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Retractable reels are helpful. It’s usually made of plastic with a metal clip, nylon string, and stainless steel spring. They’re mainly used for ID badges, but you can use them for different items such as keys, bottle openers, or as a personalized gift.

The metal clip keeps it securely in place while the stainless steel spring acts as the pulley for its retractable feature. They also include vinyl straps to attach your ID or other items that you might need on your person.

Things You Can Do with Retractable Reels

ID badges. Retractable badge reels are mainly used for ID cards. They have a firmer grip than regular clips, and you can pull out your ID without reattaching it afterward.

Keys. Owning a bar means you’ll possess a lot of keys, and you’ll need to keep your keys close to you at all times. The metal clip can ensure you that it’ll stay put and keep it close to your body. 

Bottle openers. Keeping your bottle opener in your pocket is great, but there’s always a slight chance for you to forget it on a table or the counter. Attaching a retractable reel prevents you from losing an essential tool.

Corkscrew. Just like the bottle opener, carrying a corkscrew around keeps you from going back and forth in your bar. Having it attached prevents you from misplacing it and makes it easier for you to perform as a server.

Personalized gifts. Did you know you can make a customized retractable reel badge? You can use stickers, cloth, and glue to create a retractable reel stylized to your style. This also a great casual gift to a friend or an acquaintance. You can also make these into giveaways for parties or seminars to help your reputation as a bar owner or mixologist.


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