A lazy susan is a turntable used as a kitchen accessory. It is usually made of glass, wood, or plastic placed on a countertop, shelf, or table. The function of this accessory is to distribute food without the user getting up to grab what they need.

Types of Lazy Susans

Full Circle. This is the most common type of lazy susan. It’s usually seen on tables and countertops. Full circle lazy susans are used to serve food, display condiments, or other types of bottles like alcohol or syrups.

Kidney Shape. These are also called L-shaped lazy susans, and they’re typically found on shelves for storage. The shape fits perfectly in corners and utilizes storage by making back ends accessible.

D-Shaped. These are also used for shelves as their flat part fits perfectly. It aids high and low shelves by rotating the far corner making it reachable for any person. D-shaped lazy susans can be installed on extended shelves.

Uses for Lazy Susans

  • Table Centerpiece

The intended design for lazy susans is a table centerpiece where you can serve food and place condiments. Make sure to choose one that matches your table, or the contrast can be an accent to your dining table.

  • Kitchen Island Piece

This works great for people who often bake or cook. The rotations can help you peruse without disturbing the rest of your ingredients. You can place them at the center of your island or the corner of your counter.

  • Cheese Platter

Cheese plates are often large to make enough room for the variety of cheeses and other fruits, vegetables, and meats to pair them with. Lazy susans can act as a cheese platter with the added comfort that the cheese won’t get messed up since you can easily access them through rotations.

  • Wine Tasting

These fancy events usually involve a plethora of wine that you can try. To make things interesting, sommeliers will do a blind wine tasting to determine who is best. With a lazy susan, you can easily rotate the choices and help with the randomization.

  • Birthday Parties

Parties can often be messy and disorganized as guests tend to do whatever they like. Lazy susans can help keep your food organized and give them easy access without causing any messes.