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    Coleman Coleman 8-Oz. Stainless Steel Flask

    Brand: ColemanColor: SilverFeatures: Durable, rust-resistant, stainless steel Attached lid twists off easily Brushed finish reduces the appearance of dings and scratches Dimensions: 3.8 X 5.8 x 1 in. Binding: SportsDetails: You'll always have a stylish sip on your hip or in your pack with an Coleman 8-Oz. Stainless Steel Flask. This rust-resistant flask has a hinged, screw-top cap to prevent you from accidentally dropping or losing the cap. Its brushed finish reduces the appearance of dings and scratches, and the contoured shape makes gripping easy.EAN: 0783778791096Package Dimensions: 8.0 x 4.4 x 1.2 inches

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Flasks are a great way to carry hard liquor around if the event, occasion, or party does not have the drink that you want. They’re an excellent gentlemen’s gift with their classic and customizable design.

Where to Hide Your Flask


A hip flask is contoured to suit the body’s shape better. You can hide it in your coat pocket, and no one will ever notice. Keeping it in your pants pocket may be too heavy and bulky, which is unpleasant to look at.


This is more for the women’s hip flask. Some flasks are designed to be hidden in leg garters. The popularity of this rose around the prohibition era where women hide alcohol to transport overseas.


The term bootleg came from this practice. During the prohibition era, men would hide their flask in their boots to avoid detection. Long brown boots were used since they were tall enough to hide flasks.

Flask Etiquette

Do Not Bring Flasks in Public Areas

Some countries do not allow public drinking; check your laws before bringing a flask in any area, or you can get fined. It’s also considered cheap and rude if you bring flasks to the movies, restaurants, or bars.

Only Bring Them on Private Occasions

It’s okay to bring a flask at weddings or any occasion that allows drinking. Private affairs usually have alcohol and drinks, but this depends entirely on the host. Be sure to offer your friends a sip when you bring a flask to a party.

Remember When It’s Appropriate

Do not bring a flask at children’s birthday parties, funerals, or other occasions where it is inappropriate to carry alcohol. Bringing a flask for the sole purpose of getting drunk is not classy or gentleman-like. You should only bring one when it is appropriate, and the liquor you want is unavailable.


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