Bulk Purchases

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Why Buy from Advanced Mixology

We at Advanced Mixology pride ourselves in bringing you the best quality copper mugs and bar accessories since 2014. We stand by our reputation and performance so we have stayed as a lucrative business of selling an exquisite collection of modern-day barware for your every need.

We only use the best materials

We guarantee quality and satisfaction with our copper mugs made with 100% gauge 22 copper sheets. But we do not stop there. Our products go through a rigid 32-point quality check so only superior quality products hit the market. Our products are designed to impress even the most exacting taste.

We value craftsmanship, design, and artistry

Just because our copper mugs are a lot less expensive than other alternatives means that we do not scrimp on our craftsmanship and designs. We have well-trained artisans who spent decades of their lives perfecting their craft so we can assure you the best quality of copper mugs and copper bar accessories. 

One indicator of a well-made copper mug is its handle. Instead of riveting the handles, we welded the handles providing greater strength against tight grips and produce a smooth, light finish. On the other hand, riveted handles can become breeding grounds for unwanted bacteria and deteriorate the product over time

Our copper mugs are unbranded

Our copper mugs are unbranded so that if you are a retailer or distributor, you can add your brand to our copper mugs so you get on with your business without worrying about the steady supply. Brands can be an additional cost to you and limit your options for customization but an unbranded copper mug is like a blank canvas to create as your imagination takes you.

We value your business

Whatever business you are in, we cater to your copper mugs and accessories’ needs. Whether you are into food, event planning, hospitality, and gift and retailing business, we are open to partner with you. Do you need practical and useful giveaways for corporate events, school, and charity events? Our copper mugs will surely go a long way to make your guests happy. We are also open to supplying your distributorship business so you can always cater to your customers.

We value your health and reputation

We also value your health and reputation as much as we value ours so we line our copper mugs with a food-grade coating to protect them from oxidation and lengthen their effective life. We do not offer unlined copper mugs to adhere to the FDA’s suggestions on the use of copper mugs for alcoholic drinks. With lined copper mugs, we can assure you less tarnishing and more years of sipping your favorite drinks from your copper mugs.

We offer a wide variety of copper mugs and bar accessories

Barrel-style copper mug
Our barrel-style copper mugs come in two designs - copper handle and brass handle. Both are made with 100% pure copper with tarnish-resistant food-grade coating. The handles are welded, not riveted, so it stays on longer. Each can hold 16 ounces of your favorite Moscow Mule or other drinks. Available in singles and sets of 2, 4, 6, and 8.

Classic-style copper mug
Get a glimpse at history with the classic-style copper mugs with a copper handle made with 100% pure copper with tarnish-resistant food-grade coating. The handles are welded, not riveted, so it stays on longer. Each can hold 16 ounces of your favorite Moscow Mule or other drinks.

Barrel-style stainless steel mug
Stainless steel is a lot more durable and cheaper than copper. We listened to you and came up with stainless steel barrel-style mugs with a copper finish so you can still enjoy your copper mugs. Choose from copper and brass handles welded into the mugs for durability and strength. Like the copper mugs, each mug holds 16 ounces.

Copper accessories
Upgrade your order with copper accessories that will tie together your copper theme in your bar. We offer cocktail spoons, copper straws, shot glass, and double jiggers. Each is crafted with 100% copper, designed to last with proper care.

We offer winning alternatives

Whether for shopping or shipping, we offer winning alternatives. For your copper mugs, choose from our wide selection and packages. For the shipping, you can choose express and ocean deliveries for bulk orders.

We provide after-sales support

We won’t leave you hanging in thin air after the sale is done because we offer a 100% refund and return policy as well as a lifetime warranty on our products. We have a dedicated after-sales and customer support system to ensure all your issues are addressed promptly.

We customize

We offer the following customization services along with your orders:

We also offer embossing services for your copper mugs. You can choose between die embossing and hand embossing. Die embossing is more expensive so we require upfront payment for die cost, depending on the intricacy of your design. For hand embossing, we assure you that we have the best artisans to work on them. As they are done by hand, the designs may have slight differences and may take longer than the die embossing.

Engrave your designs on your copper mugs. Though engraving works best for stainless steel mugs, we make it happen for your copper mugs. Email us your design and instructions for the placement of your engraving.

Personalize or add your brand to your mugs by etching your designs on it. Just send us your design and instruction where you want the etching and we will do it for you. For adding your brand to your copper mugs, we can etch them in for you on the side and at the bottom of your mug, depending on your preference.

If you want to sell the copper mugs as your own brand, we customize the packaging so it matches your brand. Just give us your chosen color, design, size, and anything you want.

For more information on bulk purchases and customizations, do not hesitate to reach us at sales@advancedmixology.com