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  • Sale -9% Amehla Cocktail Mixing Glass Bar Kit: 8 Piece Bar Set with Bar Tools and Glasses - Home Mixology Bartending Kit with 2 Mountain Whiskey and 2 Honeycomb Nick and Nora Drinking Glasses + Accessories Amehla Cocktail Mixing Glass Bar Kit: 8 Piece Bar Set with Bar Tools and Glasses - Home Mixology Bartending Kit with 2 Mountain Whiskey and 2 Honeycomb Nick and Nora Drinking Glasses + Accessories

    Amehla Amehla Cocktail Mixing Glass Bar Kit: 8 Piece Bar Set with Bar Tools and Glasses - Home Mixology Bartending Kit with 2 Mountain Whiskey and 2 Honeycomb Nick and Nora Drinking Glasses + Accessories

    Brand: AmehlaColor: ClearFeatures: HAND MADE GLASS: Includes: 1 honeycomb hammered cocktail mixing glass, 4 cocktail glasses, and 3 of the best, most essential bar tools. With our at-home bar kit, mix the best Old Fashioned, martini, margarita, or your preferred drink of choice from the comfort of your own home. Your home bar cart will shine bright with our high-aesthetic Honeycomb Hammered design - adding a touch of home decor in your kitchen. BEAUTIFUL GLASSWARE & BETTER BARTENDING TOOLS: Thicker, Stronger, Better. Because a bartender can only be as good as their equipment, we've also included bar essentials including a 15" long bar spoon for mixing, a cocktail strainer, and a bell jigger with small laser etched measurements. Your craft cocktail game is about to go through the roof. TOP SHELF QUALITY: Thick, handblown glass, and strong bar tool accessories. Simply a thicker, stronger, better bartender kit. Unlike others who utilize cheap materials, our premium set is crafted from heavy-duty, lead-free crystal glass and corrosion-resistant 304 stainless steel to stand the test of time. ELEGANT DESIGN: All glassware is proudly handmade with tasteful designs; mixing and martini glasses feature a mesmerizing honeycomb pattern while the base of the whiskey tumblers have a mountain motif 8 PIECE SET: Includes 2 double old fashioned mountain whiskey glasses, 2 nick and nora coupe martini glasses, a 21 oz cocktail mixer glass, a 15" bar spoon, a hawthorne strainer, and a bell jigger with laser-etched measurement markings Details: JUST ADD ALCOHOL: Mix like a pro with the 8 piece cocktail mixing set from Amehla! Featuring premium lead-free HANDMADE crystal glassware and better bartending accessories, you can ditch the bars and turn your home into a personal speak-easy. Whether you need a stiff nightcap after a long day, want to indulge in a few homemade cocktails with friends, or want to improve your bartending skills, our set is perfect for all occasions, a great starter set or a barkit for veteran bartenders. BETTER BARTENDING TOOLSThere aren’t too many things more disappointing than a cocktail that is too strong, too sweet, or too bitter to be enjoyed! The difference between an alcoholic beverage that hits the spot and one that makes you grimace can be as simple as the tools used to make it. Our double bell jigger features laser-etched measurement markings at ⅓ oz, ½ oz, ⅔ oz, 1 oz, 1.5 oz, and 2 oz, so you can be sure to mix and pour from the bottle, the perfect amount of each alcohol in your mixed drink. The cocktail strainer, also called the Hawthorne strainer, effectively strains ice chips, sphere, clear ice, fruit, and other unwanted items from your drink. TOP SHELF QUALITYDon’t get stuck with cheaply made, thin glass that many of our competitors use! All of the glassware in our deluxe set is handmade for quality assurance. Our bar tools utilize 304 stainless steel. Unleash your innger mixologist. ELEGANT DESIGNIt’s our belief that cocktails are meant to be made to be tasty and tastefully enjoyed, so we’ve designed our glassware to add a layer of lavishness to your drinking experience. Each glass stands out thanks to its distinctive design that sets it apart from others.8 PIECE SETOur all-encompassing bar set boasts two 5 oz. “Nick and Nora” martini glasses, two 10 oz old fashioned glasses, a 21 oz cocktail mixing glass with an accompanying rosemary garnish engraved 15” bar spoon, a cocktail strainer, and bell jigger. Get yours today!Package Dimensions: 18.1 x 13.9 x 5.6 inches

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When you're throwing a party or relaxing at home, the perfect drink can make all the difference. With the right cocktail drinkware, you can enjoy your drinks in style and comfort. Whether you're looking for something classy and sophisticated or something fun and trendy, we've got you covered.

Cocktail drinkware is a vast collection of glassware used for serving mixed drinks. They elevate the drinking experience and make every cocktail picture perfect so you can share them with your friends!

Types of Cocktail Drinkware

  • Martini Glass. Martini glasses are vessels in the shape of an inverted cone. They have a flat opening with a shallow bowl on a slim stem. They also come in stemless glasses with thicker bottoms and broad openings.
  • Highball Glass. This glass is interchangeably used with Collin’s glass. They are tall and slim, giving more room for drinks over ice.
  • Rocks Glass. This glass is also called Old-Fashioned or lowball. The glass is shorter than the highball glass but broader. It has a thick bottom that allows muddling of ingredients.
  • Margarita Glass. A margarita glass is a bell-shaped stemmed vessel for serving margarita and other frozen cocktails. The stemless version resembles a mushroom with an open top.
  • Wine Glass. Wine glasses have two kinds: white wine glasses and red wine glasses. Frequently, red wine glasses are broader than white wine glasses, but both have a relatively small opening to trap the aroma of the wine.
  • Champagne Glass. Champagne glasses are made with delicate materials. They are visually captivating but fragile. They have a slimmer form than wine glasses because they retain the bubbly appearance of sparkling wines and champagne.
  • Beer Glass. Beer glasses are ideal for maintaining the temperature of your beer and retaining the beer head. They vary in shapes and sizes, and each form contributes to the aroma and flavor of the beer.
  • Coolers. Coolers are also known as regular drinking glasses. They are typically tall and can serve almost any alcoholic and non-alcoholic beverages or simple water over ice.
  • Mixing Glass. This type of cocktail drinkware can be made of stainless steel or glass, which is meant for cooling cocktails by mixing them with ice. A mixing glass may come with other accessories for mixing and straining the drink.
  • Coffee Mugs and Teacups. For warm cocktails, other drinkware may not be appropriate. Instead, you can use coffee mugs and teacups. They are widespread vessels made from glass, porcelain, and plastic. They have a handle that allows the drinker to hold their drink without compromising their hands to hold hot beverages.
  • Copper Mugs. Moscow Mule mugs or copper mugs are good at conducting temperature, making any beverage frost for a longer time. Like margaritas and martinis, this glass serves Moscow Mule and other icy cocktails.
  • Fizz Cocktail Glass. This glass is tall and slim, which allows a cocktail’s foam and froth to stay in place. Fizz cocktail glass is a fun cocktail for serving your new cocktail recipes.

Check out our list of cocktail drinkware and find which one is suitable for your needs! Don't hesitate to reach out if you have any questions about this post and our featured products. Shop now!


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