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  • Sale -10% Bar Mat for Cocktail and Coffee Bar 12" x 18" Rubber Bar Service Spill Mat for Cocktail Bartender Set of 2 Coffee Bar or Countertop Mats Glass Drying Mat (2) Bar Mat for Cocktail and Coffee Bar 12" x 18" Rubber Bar Service Spill Mat for Cocktail Bartender Set of 2 Coffee Bar or Countertop Mats Glass Drying Mat (2)

    WowDay Bar Mat for Cocktail and Coffee Bar 12" x 18" Rubber Bar Service Spill Mat for Cocktail Bartender Set of 2 Coffee Bar or Countertop Mats Glass Drying Mat (2)

    Brand: WowDayFeatures: Premium Quality Material - Our bar mats are made with highly durable rubber material that will last long for constant use. The material is unlikely to deform and even after several uses our bar mats for countertop stay new. Bar mat is microwave, freezer, oven and dishwasher safe. Universal black color classically matches bar, hotel, lobby lounge, restaurant and cafés Discrete Design - Coffee bar mat comes in black-colored exclusive design with a porous surface and handy knobs which help to keep the things placed upright while they dry. The discrete color of counter mat and ideal dimensions of 12 b18 inches make it perfect to fit within any setting. A great addition to your kitchen and bar accessories Safe to Use - Unlike several others rubber bar mats, our bar spill mat is made with non-toxic rubber. This feature allows it to be used in the kitchen safely as a handy material to dry your fruits and vegetables without making them contaminated with harmful chemicals. Heavy duty commercial-grade rubber bar mat for everyday usage Perfect for Kitchen - Bar mats for glasses are heavy-weight and stay firm on their place without slipping away while the soft rubber-pad makes them perfect to hold drinks in their place. Also the porous surface of the bar mat for home bar allows glass and other utensils to dry quickly when suspended upside down Multipurpose - Rubber bar service mat can be used at various places including kitchen, living room, barber shop, bars, dining tables, restaurants and coffee machines. The countertop mat catches small spills and is great at absorbing spilt drinks. coffee machine mat is easy to clean as you run it through water. Use our handy product to keep your place clean and tidy Details: Always tired of wiping the spilt liquid and drinks from your counters and floors? Wet and slippery floors are always natural for a busy place. But keeping them clean and organized is a must. If you are interested in buying something better than paper towels then you should consider upgrading with our bar mat.  Durable Construction with Premium Quality Rubber MaterialOur bar drying mats are made with high quality non-toxic rubber making them handy for kitchen and bar use. The discrete design, black color and ideal size of the bar matt makes it a perfect fit anywhere you want. The multitude of uniform rubber fingers make the coffee station mat easy to catch small spills and a snap to clean.  Use Anywhere You LikeCoffee bar mats for countertop are made with premium quality rubber that makes it durable and long lasting. Espresso machine mat is the best replacements for paper towels and your ordinary service mats. Our coffee matt for coffee bar is crafted with a porous surface making the suspended glasses and plates dry quickly. The soft rubber pad of this heavy weight bartender mat holds things upright.  Coffee rubber mat is highly suitable for office, kitchen, coffee machines, restaurants, living room, barber's shop and dining table. A handy product to keep your shakers, mixing glasses, and tools off of the bar keeping it clean and dry Easy To CleanOur rubber dish mat is a snap to clean. Run the cocktail mat under cold or warm water (below 40°C) and drip dry. Avoid scrubbing the bar cup mat too hard to keep the quality at its best.Specifications: Material: 100% RubberColor: BlackDimensions: Size: 12W x 18LEAN: 0717340997159Package Dimensions: 12.5 x 5.1 x 3.3 inches

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Black bar mats are designed to provide a sleek and professional look to any bar or home setting. Made from high-quality materials such as rubber or PVC, these mats are durable and provide a non-slip surface for preparing drinks.

The black color adds a stylish touch to the bar area, while also being practical in terms of hiding spills and stains. Black bar mats come in a variety of sizes and can feature different textures or designs to suit individual preferences. They are an essential accessory for any bartender or home bar enthusiast.


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