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  • Sale -12% 2 Pieces V Rod Bottle Opener and Pour Spout Remover Flat Metal Bar Speed Key Opener Stainless Steel Dog Bone Wine Bottle Opener for Bartenders Home Kitchen (Silver) 2 Pieces V Rod Bottle Opener and Pour Spout Remover Flat Metal Bar Speed Key Opener Stainless Steel Dog Bone Wine Bottle Opener for Bartenders Home Kitchen (Silver)

    CHENGU 2 Pieces V Rod Bottle Opener and Pour Spout Remover Flat Metal Bar Speed Key Opener Stainless Steel Dog Bone Wine Bottle Opener for Bartenders Home Kitchen (Silver)

    Brand: CHENGUFeatures: What you get: you will receive 2 pieces of bottle opener and pour spout removers in one package, printed with the color of silver, you can exchange it and use it to open bottles of wine at family gatherings, not only to save time but also to save costs, very convenient and practical Reliable and safe material: the flat bottle opener is mainly made of stainless steel material, which is sturdy and solid, also is safe and not easy to fold, can be applied for a long time, printed with the bright color, not easy to fade, with a smooth surface, adding the experience of using Size information: our stainless steel bottle opener is approx. 18.7 x 4.7 x 0.2 cm/ 7.36 x 1.85 x 0.08 inch in size, which is in the proper size, will not take up a lot of space, suitable for various places, playing a role in promoting the party atmosphere Convenient to operate: the bottle opener and pour spout removers are easy to use and can be easily and effortlessly opened, so you can drink and have a good time, because of its material, which can be applied many times A wide range of applications: the 2 ends of our stainless steel bottle openers are designed differently to facilitate you to open different bottle covers, one end is applied to open the classic beer bottles and cans, the other end is applied to open the bottle covers similar to cork, this design is very practical Details: Features: A practical and useful accessory: Our bottle opener and pour spout remover are made of stainless steel, and a collection of multiple designs in one product. There are multiple applications, very convenient and practical, suitable for you to use at the party. Practical and versatile: The stainless steel bottle opener is not only suitable for yourself in daily life, but also suitable for sharing with your friends, colleagues, parents or someone who means a lot towards you and so on, letting them come together to enjoy the convenience. Specifications: Material: stainless steel Color: silver Size: approx. 18.7 x 4.7 x 0.2 cm/ 7.36 x 1.85 x 0.08 inch Package includes: 2 x Bottle opener and pour spout remover Note: Manual measurement, please allow slight errors on size. The color may exist slight difference due to different screen display.Package Dimensions: 8.0 x 4.7 x 0.6 inches

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The success of any bar depends on the skills of the bartenders behind the counter. Ensure that they create consistently quality cocktail drinks by providing them with the right liquors, ingredients, mixers, and most importantly, tools. With proper tools, you can guarantee that your bartenders mix and serve only the best-tasting cocktails with proficiency and efficiency. 

Essential Bartender Tools Every Bar Should Have

There are various bartender tools that every bar should have, each designed to perform a specific function. It is helpful to know these essential items before deciding which ones to buy. This way, you can be sure that you are getting the right equipment for your bar.

  • Cocktail Shakers. A well-equipped bar should have one or more cocktail shakers for mixing beverages. Bartenders put the cocktail ingredients—usually liquors, fruit juices, syrups, and ice—into one of these sealed stainless steel glasses and shake them vigorously to create a perfectly shaken cocktail.

Cocktail shakers allow easy pouring of mixed drinks into the customer glass. They also enable bartenders to explore new recipes and expand their cocktail repertoire. Most shakers come with built-in strainers to separate the ice and other non-liquid ingredients.

  • Muddlers. Bartenders use muddlers in making different cocktails such as mojito, mint Julep, whiskey smash, and others. This tool helps in crushing or smashing herbs, spices, or fruits to release their aromatics and flavors, which aid in infusing the drink effectively.

Muddlers come in plastic, metallic, or wooden finishes. Most mixologists prefer wood muddlers as they bring out the authentic taste of the cocktails. You may also opt for ergonomically designed muddlers with a long handle as they allow easy holding. They keep the bartenders’ hands from hitting the side of the glass or shaker, ensuring safe use.

  • Jiggers. A jigger is a bar essential that helps bartenders concoct mixed drinks consistently and prevent over pouring cocktails. It acts as a measuring cup to ensure that they are using the correct amount of ingredients on each cocktail.

Jiggers are available in different sizes ranging from 0.25 up to 2.5 ounces. Although a standard jigger has a capacity of 1.5 ounces, it is handy to have various sizes available in your bar.

  • Bar Spoons. Bartenders do a lot of stirring, making bar spoons a vital part of their work paraphernalia. A bar spoon features a long twisted handle that allows its user to stir in a smooth circular motion. It can gently mix the ingredients to dilution without breaking down the ice. It is also useful when making layered drinks.
  • Strainers. If you want to create ice-free cold drinks, you will need a cocktail strainer. You can use this tool by placing it over the mouth of your cocktail shaker and letting the liquid pass through its small holes, leaving the ice in the shaker. 

Fine mesh strainers are perfect for removing smaller particles from other non-liquid ingredients.

Advanced Mixology carries a great selection of bartender tools to provide you with high-quality bar essentials. Shop today!


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