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  • Sale -10% ROVSUN Rubber Floor Mat with Holes, 24''x 36'' Anti-Fatigue/Non-Slip Drainage Mat, for Industrial Kitchen Restaurant Bar Bathroom, Indoor/Outdoor Cushion (1) ROVSUN Rubber Floor Mat with Holes, 24''x 36'' Anti-Fatigue/Non-Slip Drainage Mat, for Industrial Kitchen Restaurant Bar Bathroom, Indoor/Outdoor Cushion (1)

    ROVSUN ROVSUN Rubber Floor Mat with Holes, 24''x 36'' Anti-Fatigue/Non-Slip Drainage Mat, for Industrial Kitchen Restaurant Bar Bathroom, Indoor/Outdoor Cushion (1)

    Brand: ROVSUNColor: BlackFeatures: ✔ SLIP RESISTANT: Water and grease resistant rubber material reduce the amount of slippery liquids or oils left on the floor; anti-slip surface features excellent grip; safety mat helps to prevent dangerous accidents. ✔ EASY TO RINSE: With large round drainage holes, it features quick water drain. Just hose the mat with water to clean, which allows for effortless debris removal. ✔ DIMENSION: Overall Size 23.6'' x 35.4''; Can be cut into any smaller size according to your need. ✔ MULTI-USE: 100% high-grade and eco-friendly rubber; Heavy duty and durable; longer service life. Commercial grade allows for various usage in wet areas, like kitchen, restaurant, bar, garden, for home or industrial use. Highly recommended for the entryway, garage, laundry room, patio, workshop, kitchen, office and anywhere there is high traffic from outside. Clean off shoes and leave outside dirt, debris, and moisture. ✔ INSTANT DELIVERY: Local stock and fast shipment. Professional customer service within 24hrs. Details: NOTE: ROVSUN Rubber Drainage Mat is sold by ROVSUN only. Any 3rd party sellers list on the ASIN is illegal and fake. We will not take responsibilities for those orders. [ All rubber productions give off the smell of rubber, which is unavoidable. We've already upgraded the raw material and proportion. Most mats do not have strong smell. For some special cases, please rinse the mat and leave it outside for days. The smell will dissipate gradually after times of use and cleaning. Any questions please feel free to contact us. ]   Specifications: - Material: Rubber - Color: Black - Dimensions: L 35.4'' x W 23.6'' - Thickness: 0.3 inch - Weight: 7.7 lbs. - Package Included: 1 x Floor Mat

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A bar mat is a typical bar tool designed for holding wet glasses to prevent spilling while protecting the bar surface. By containing the liquid in itself during spills and keeping it from the bar or floor, bar mats also help cut down cleaning time.

Many restaurants and bars use bar mats to decorate their establishments and advertise their businesses by customizing them with printed company logos. Some even sell them to customers as merchandise. For drink enthusiasts who enjoy sipping their favorite liquor at the comforts of their home, these bar mats are perfect decors for home bars as well.

Types of Bar Mat

  • Bar Floor Mat: A bar floor mat is typically a large, heavy-duty mat that covers the entire bar surface, providing a non-slip surface for bartenders to work on while also preventing glasses and bottles from slipping and breaking.
  • Coffee Bar Mat: A coffee bar mat is a smaller-sized mat designed specifically for coffee bars. They are usually made from materials that are heat-resistant and easy to clean.
  • Personalized Bar Mat: A personalized bar mat can be customized with the bar's name or logo, making it a great marketing tool for bars and restaurants. These mats come in various sizes and materials.
  • Bourbon Bar Mat: A bourbon bar mat is specifically designed for bars that serve bourbon. These mats feature graphics and logos related to bourbon and are usually made from high-quality materials to withstand frequent use.
  • Bar Glass Mat: A bar glass mat is designed to hold glasses securely in place, preventing them from slipping and breaking. These mats come in various sizes and shapes, making it easy to find one that fits your bar's needs.
  • Rubber Bar Mat: A rubber bar mat is a versatile and durable mat that can be used for a variety of purposes. They are typically made from non-slip rubber and are easy to clean.
  • Silicone Bar Mat: A silicone bar mat is a flexible and durable mat that can be easily rolled up and stored when not in use. They are heat-resistant, making them perfect for use with hot beverages.
  • Large Bar Mat: A large bar mat is designed to cover a larger area of the bar, providing more workspace for bartenders.
  • Black Mat: A black mat is a classic and timeless option that looks great in any bar setting. They are usually made from rubber and provide a non-slip surface for bartenders to work on.
  • Rail Mats. Rails mats are placed on the bar’s edge so that bartenders can use them for mixing drinks. They are long and can hold an ample amount of liquid. They prevent overflow by dispersing the liquid across their surface.
  • Service Mats. Service mats, as the name suggests, are laid down on the service bar. Bartenders put the drinks they made on these mats for easy pick-up and quick serving. Typically, service mats are more spacious than rail mats to accommodate large drink orders and wine service.
  • Interlocking Bar Mats. Interlocking bar mats are the ones you can interconnect. They float above the bar, and unlike rail and service mats, they don’t collect spills. They are ideal for use as a drying rack where you can hang your bar tools and let them dry.

Different Bar Mat Materials

  • Rubber. Rubber bar mats recover quickly from deformation. They offer excellent resistance against high and low temperatures and can maintain good elasticity in specific temperature ranges. Although they are excellent electric insulators, they are not chemical-resistant.
  • Silicone. Silicone bar mats have a high absorption capacity. They are highly durable and can effectively protect your bar surface from burns and scratches. They are also more elastic than rubber bar mats and can resist baking and freezing. With its high viscosity, silicone provides natural anti-skid and shock-proof properties. 
  • PVC. PVC bar mats offer noise elimination, electrical insulation, and low water vapor or gas leakage. They have lower thermal stability and impact resistance, and become brittle after extended use and various temperature changes. Also, PVC production causes a higher environmental impact.

Things to Consider Before Buying a Bar Mat

  • Quality. Not all bar mats are created equal. That’s why you can find some that are a lot cheaper than others. To make sure that you are buying a high-quality bar mat, check the nibs. Firm nibs guarantee a stable platform for your glasses and allow spill-free service. You may also want to inspect the mat’s bottom and look for bubbles, stains, or charred portions. These are common signs of poor-quality bar mats.
  • Size/Dimension. When it comes to bar mats, there are no standard dimensions. Most manufacturers offer customization, so it is essential to know the size you are looking for before shopping.

Advanced Mixology offers a wide selection of high-quality mats to suit all your bar needs. Shop now!


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