• Sale -52% Advanced Mixology Authentic Moscow Mule Copper Mugs - Set of 2 (16oz) Advanced Mixology Authentic Moscow Mule Copper Mugs - Set of 2 (16oz)

    Advanced Mixology Authentic Moscow Mule Copper Mugs - Set of 2 (16oz)

    57 reviews

    Unique barrel design  Get two moscow mule mugs, 16oz each  FREE 2 wooden coasters 1 Shot Glass Are you looking to buy a set of copper moscow mule mugs online but afraid you might not get what you paid for? We can’t blame you. The internet is filled with vendors that sell products which don’t even come close to what they actually look like in real life. There is a possibility you might end up being disappointed with your purchase. With Advanced Mixology, however, you can order a set of barrel style copper moscow mule mugs and not worry about being scammed. Why? Because we stand by the following solid features of our products: They are high quality - We use only 100% copper for our bar tools. They are not stainless steel or made from flimsy metal linings or fillers. So, you get a copper mug that’s tarnish-resistant and polished to perfection. And when we say high quality, it means our mugs come all the way from India where they go through a strict 32-point quality control check to ensure its high standards. Each product is carefully crafted by expert metal artisans with more than a decade of metal crafting experience. They are built to last - Because our products are handmade, each one is unique and sturdy. Our mugs, for example, are not only lovely to look at but practical, too. This particular set, comes in an elegant barrel style and a gorgeous hammered finish. It can hold as much as 15 oz of liquid and has a wide mouth for a no-spill, more enjoyable drinking experience.  We have a friendly customer service policy- Not only do we offer lifetime and no questions asked 100% refund guarantee for our products, we also make it easier for you to return our products should you feel unhappy about your purchase. Don’t just take our word for it. Order this elegant 2-piece set moscow mule mug set and you’ll get a bonus set of charming wooden coasters for free.

    $ 51.69$ 24.97

  • Sale -52% Best Seller Moscow Mule Copper Mugs - Set of 4 (16oz) Best Seller Moscow Mule Copper Mugs - Set of 4 (16oz)

    Best Seller Moscow Mule Copper Mugs - Set of 4 (16oz)

    265 reviews

    4 Pure Copper Mugs 4 Premium Designer Coasters  4 Pure Copper Straws 1 Pure Copper Shot Glass 1 Stirring Spoon 1 Cleaning Brush Exquisite, classy, pure copper mugs, perfect for Moscow Mule or your favorite cocktails.Moscow mule cocktails taste best in an authentic copper mug.Each mug is designed to ensure that you have a perfect drinking experience The 16-ounce size is exactly right for ingredients plus a few cubes of ice. Pure copper mugs bring out the perfect balanced flavor of the alcohol, ginger beer and lemon in your drink. Finally, the lip of the mug is the right thickness and to allow for the drink to gently flow into your mouth. Made by true artisans with high-quality workmanship. Combining traditional craftsmanship and modern technology, each mug is handcrafted from solid copper by an experienced coppersmith. Each artisan trains for at least 10 years before working a mug that reaches you. Each mug is unique with it’s own hammering pattern. Once the artisan is done, each mug goes a 32-point quality check before being shipped to you. BONUS: Build your copper bar set - copper mugs, straws, coasters, and a shot glass At no extra cost, begin to build an elegant copper bar set with copper mugs, premium coasters, copper straws, and a shot glass. Create beautiful, presentable cocktails using the straws or go for shots with a copper twist to them. Premium home bar addition Add a classic touch to your mini-bar at home. Shiny copper mugs sit well with your beloved wine bottles and glassware. Easy to maintain due to the food-grade lacquer coating. Your mugs will retain their shine for years to come. A perfect gift for many occasions Everyone loves a set of these gorgeous copper mugs as a gift. Perfect for weddings and anniversaries and assured to be the most sought after gift during Christmas. These mugs will be a treasured gift and remind them of you at their happiest moments, over a drink!! Impress your friends Convert a regular drink into a classy affair worth a thousand Instagram likes with the copper mugs. Highly presentable, great in photos, and even better on a table with friends. These mugs are a sure shot conversation starter. So order it now!

    $ 70.32$ 33.97

  • Sale -52% Classic Moscow Mule Mugs - Gift Set of 4 (16oz) Classic Moscow Mule Mugs - Gift Set of 4 (16oz)

    Classic Moscow Mule Mugs - Gift Set of 4 (16oz)

    165 reviews

    Four (4) pure copper mugs in 16oz each  Four (4) wooden coasters included Four (4) pure copper straws included Comes in a white box - perfect as a gift Are you looking for something unique and gorgeous to add to your glassware collection? You’re in luck because we’ve got the perfect product for you--a beautiful set of polished copper mule mugs that will instantly brighten up your cocktail celebrations and make you the envy of your guests.     But with so many sellers out there claiming to have pure copper mule mugs, how do you know if ours is the only one that you should trust? Genuine - Our mugs are made from 100% pure copper and doesn’t include metal fillers or linings. All our products go through a 32 point quality check to ensure you get only the most durable, highest quality mugs in the market. Uniquely Crafted - Our mugs are hand-made by metal craftsmen with at least 10 years experience in copper welding. The result is an exquisite set of copper mule mugs that is professionally created and not just haphazardly assembled. Safe and Tarnish Resistant - Our products are coated with food grade lacquer that meets the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) standard 16CFR130 which makes it safe to use in food and drinks. The food grade lacquer also prevents our copper mugs from tarnishing and makes them looking shiny and new  for years with proper care and regular cleaning. Friendly Customer Service - Because we are confident with the quality of our copper mule mugs, we offer a no questions asked, 100% refund policy. We also offer free return shipping should you be unsatisfied with our products. Our Classic Style Pure Copper Moscow Mule Mugs come in a set that includes 4 beautifully polished coasters and 4 elegantly finished wood grain mugs, 16 oz each. Looking to buy in bulk? - Checkout our Kitchen science collection

    $ 82.74$ 39.97

  • Sale -52% Kitchen Science Moscow Mule Hammered Copper Mugs - Set of 6 (16oz) Kitchen Science Moscow Mule Hammered Copper Mugs - Set of 6 (16oz)

    Kitchen Science Moscow Mule Hammered Copper Mugs - Set of 6 (16oz)

    62 reviews

    Six (6) pieces of Moscow Mule copper mugs  Comes in a unique hammered style  16oz each  Lifetime guarantee with free and returns If you love your Moscow Mules, then chances are you know the drinking experience wouldn’t be the same when you drink it from a glass or ceramic mug - only a copper mug could feel that void. With so many copper mug retailers out there,, we know just how difficult it is to get authentic copper mugs.. Most of them just claim to be made from real copper but are actually lined with nickel or cheap metal linings. Do not be fooled with the pretty photos you see on the internet. If you are looking into getting a set of authentic and high quality Moscow Mule mugs, make sure to get your hands on our copper mugs because: They are actually made from 100% copper - This means our mugs are free from unnecessary fillers like stainless steel and nickel. In return, you’ll get a mug that is more efficient in retaining the cold or hot temperature of your drink.  Plus, pure copper mugs don’t tarnish easily, of course with proper and regular maintenance. They are sturdy and safe for drinking - Advanced Mixology’s Moscow Mule mugs are not only aesthetically pleasing to the eyes, they are made to last as well. Check out our collection of 6-piece set of 16oz Moscow Mule mugs and you’ll see what we mean. The attractive and stylish barrel design with hammered finish is complemented with the latest technology in metal joining–our mugs are rivets free!. This means there are no holes screwed on the handles. So you can enjoy your drinks more without worrying about the handles falling off or your drinks leaking from the sides. They have a lifetime warranty guarantee - Compared to our competitors, all our copper products are backed with a lifetime warranty. We also have a dedicated after-sales customer department for returns and refunds.

    $ 101.37$ 48.97

  • Sale -52% Kitchen Science Moscow Mule Hammered Copper Mugs - Set of 8 (16oz) Kitchen Science Moscow Mule Hammered Copper Mugs - Set of 8 (16oz)

    Kitchen Science Moscow Mule Hammered Copper Mugs - Set of 8 (16oz)

    62 reviews

    PURE COPPER - No nickel, tin, or other metals on copper mugs! Only pure copper to give your moscow mule the right taste. PERFECT SIZE - 16 oz. size just like the original copper moscow mule mug. Not too large nor too small LATEST TECHNOLOGY, NO RIVETS - Rivets basically need holes to screw on the handles, so they leak after a while. Advanced Mixology uses the latest metal joining technology to get a no rivet joint TARNISH RESISTANT - Coated with food grade lacquer on inside and outside to retain its shine. LIFETIME WARRANTY - To demonstrate our confidence in the quality of our mugs we offer a NO QUESTIONS ASKED 100% REFUND GUARANTEE. If you are not happy for any reason, just let us know and we will immediately give you a refund. Don't trust us? Just look at our near perfect reviews. FREE & EASY RETURNS - Try our product and if you are unhappy for any reason, we will pay return shipping and provide home pickup for the return item.

    $ 103.44$ 49.97

  • Classic style copper mugs 2 quality coppers with 2 wooden coasters

    Moscow Mule Mugs Classic Set of 2 (16oz) w/ 2 Wooden Coasters

    65 reviews

    Two (2) copper mugs in classic style  Get free two (2) wooden coasters Box included Who says that romance is dead? Find your perfect pair with this classic set of pure copper Moscow Mule Mugs and get your heart racing with anticipation. It’s not hard to fall in love with this gorgeous mugs with their elegantly polished exterior that’s made of genuine, tarnish resistant copper. Love at first sight - One look and you’ll know it’s nothing but real. No metal fillers or linings, just pure love that’s made from 22 gauge 100% copper and a stringent quality check to make sure that you get your money’s worth. A lifetime promise - You can make sure we won’t keep you hanging. We value our relationships that’s why we offer a 100% refund guarantee on our products, no questions asked. And that’s a promise we would like to keep. And because you are important to us, we also offer return shopping and home pick up should you feel unhappy with your purchase. Lovingly made for you - Each of our copper mugs are expertly made by our master craftsmen with at least 10 years of experience in metal crafting. Hand-made to perfection so that each mug takes 3 days to complete. That’s how confident we are that our products won’t break your heart. Tarnish resistant - Some love fade away but not the quality of our mugs. Because it is coated with food grade lacquer that’s FDA approved, it is safe to use for both drinking and eating. You can be sure that it retains its sheen longer when dried and cleaned regularly. The perfect gift - Our set of classic style Moscow mule mugs will make you swoon even more. With its elegant white box and 2 wood grain coasters, you’ll want nothing but share it with someone special. Order our classic style Moscow mule mug for someone special in your life.  Looking to buy in bulk? - Checkout our Kitchen science collection

    $ 29.97


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