People socializing in front of RV

Turn Your RV Into A Summer Bar: Yes Or Heck Yeah?

People socializing in front of RV

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If you are the proud owner of a recreational vehicle, or RV as we fondly like to call it, chances are you love living on the go. Or perhaps you have an affinity for camping, hiking trails, fishing - you get the drift. 

But if you do own an RV, have you ever considered turning it into a summer bar?

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Why Turn Your RV Into a Summer Bar?

True, you’ll have to make some modifications. Turning your recreational vehicle into a bar can be a fun project to undertake yourself, involving your family or friends. Or you can always seek professional help from RV builders and developers. 

Either way, there could be two major purposes behind converting your RV into a summer bar. Let’s explore them. 

Create a Summer Bar for Recreation

Think of a backyard barbecue session, but with an RV bar for your drinks. The idea isn’t just cool; it is practical too. If you only use your RV for certain seasons in the year, turning it into a temporary bar is an excellent way of utilizing your vehicle when it is not in use. It won’t have to gather dust and rot away in the garage.

Pinterest is a great place to seek makeover inspiration for your RV bar. You can go for a simple transformation by opening up the windows, turning your kitchen countertop into a bar, and stringing up some fairy lights for fun. You can also add seasonal flowers as a countertop decoration.

If you turn your RV into a summer bar, you can even consider themed celebrations, like bachelor parties, birthdays, weekend celebrations - the list is endless! 

Stick to easy modifications that don't change the interior design of your RV if you’re turning it into a temporary bar.

Consider a Bar-on-Wheels for Rent

Young Happy Women Have Fun Together Enjoy Picnic near RV

If you want a few quick bucks from your recreational vehicle, turning it into a summer bar for rent can be a great way of doing so. The transformation process will be longer, investments will be more - but then you’ll also be earning money from your RV by the end of it. 

Start by checking your RV for any possible damage, including water damage. Run a demo to find out what exactly needs fixing. This process is very crucial if you’re buying a secondhand RV intending to repurpose it. 

Now, carefully consider the flooring. It should be anti-skid since you might end up spilling water, ice, or even some drinks during your bartending activity. Keep enough space for at least a standard-size refrigerator. Focus on storage, keep travel-proof shelves and pantry in your RV summer bar, and choose a theme and color it accordingly.

Once your RV summer bar is ready to roll, take it for a trial run. Perhaps cater to a small gathering for your friends and family. Check to see if everything is going to plan. Once the trial run goes well, you can consider renting your RV summer bar for others. Or bring the party to your customers in a fun and exciting way. 

Now that you have ideas on how to convert your recreational vehicle into a summer bar, let’s discuss how you can maintain your RV bar all year round. 

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How to Maintain Your RV Summer Bar

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There’s nothing worse than a malfunctioning RV. Thus, you must make sure to maintain your bar-on-the-wheels in the best possible condition. If you’re new to RVs, follow these tips to keep damage at bay: 

1. Check for leaks in your RV’s roof and seams

Water damage can be insidious and invisible. It is a good practice to check your RV bar’s roof seals and seams for leaks once every three months. Apart from the weather and natural elements, even air conditioning can cause water damage. Once you locate the leak, use a sealant compatible with your RV’s material to fix the damage.

2. Check the awning and any other sliding element

If you turn your RV into a summer bar, an awning can come in awfully handy. That’s why you shouldn’t forget to check it for mildew or mold buildup. Awnings are expensive, and replacements can cost you up to $1,400. Even repairing wear and tear can set you back by $500-600. So, don’t skimp on maintaining it.

The same goes for your sliding elements - in case you have a slide-open bar top, check its channels for lubrication. Keep all the nuts, bolts, and gears well oiled. Keep the channels cleaned; otherwise, dust build-up can cause harm to your sliding elements. 

3. Be extra careful about air, fuel, coolant, and hydraulic filters

Again, for your RV summer bar to work in fine fettle, checking and replacing your air filter, fuel filter, coolant, and hydraulic filters is extremely important. Do so at seasonal intervals to avoid any mishaps. After all, who wants an RV bar without a fully functioning refrigerator, right? 

4. Change your RV’s oil

RVs, unlike cars, are not used daily, even if you’re renting out your bar-on-the-wheels. Unfortunately, that means you need to exercise extra caution when it comes to your RV’s oil. Be diligent and check for oil health, especially when the RV bar has not been in use for a while. The best way is to replace the oil after every 3,000-4,000 miles journey. 

Changing the RV’s oil keeps wear-tear at bay and prolongs your engine’s lifespan - a small consideration for enjoying moving summer bars! 

5. Maintain the connection between your RV and tow vehicle

A bar-on-the-wheels is pointless if it is not moving. It is also highly unsafe to travel with an RV bar with a damaged cable that helps charge your RV’s battery while you’re driving. So, you must always keep the connection between your RV and tow vehicle in top working condition.  

Keep Your RV Summer Bar Insured

Yes, even recreational vehicles have insurance. Having insurance can be of great help to you if you’re considering an RV summer bar business

The premium you pay and the coverage you get depends on several factors, including but not limited to the make or class of your RV, its usage, the frequency of use, and others. RV insurance keeps you covered in case of damage or accidents. 

Just like you wouldn’t skimp on a home or car insurance, there is no reason why you should not opt for recreational vehicle insurance. Visit 4 auto insurance quote to know more about insuring your RV. 

Summer RV Bar - Yeah or Heck Yeah?

We say heck yeah! RVs are versatile and adaptable - but even then, they don’t have much use all year round. So, why not take the plunge and convert your RV into a chic summer bar? 

Whether you do it for yourself or decide to run a bar-on-the-wheels business, giving your RV a fabulous makeover is a good idea. Grab your planner, hit up Pinterest, and get going on your RV summer bar today. It is a decision you will not regret.

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