Top 3 Most Underrated Cuisines

Top 3 Most Underrated Cuisines


We appreciate this is a delicate topic for many people and can cause many arguments, so don’t worry—we won’t be sitting on the fence here. Firstly, let’s weigh up some of the options. 

We’re going to leave out Indian and Chinese food only because they’re often highly rated and discussed; we’re aiming for lesser-talked-about cuisines that can get those taste buds flowing but might not be the first cuisine that springs to mind. British food is a good example—only joking, of course; you won’t see that in this list today, don’t worry. 

The Importance Of The Overall Experience

Authenticity and the more comprehensive cuisine experience are two elements that should not be overlooked. If you go to a specific type of restaurant, you’re not just looking to sample the food, although it’s clearly the most important part; the decorations, music, and aesthetic of the restaurant can go a long way in creating an atmosphere and a feel for a particular cuisine. 

If you’re traveling to a city or town you’ve never visited before, going out for a nice meal will just be one element of your overall trip. Suppose you’re looking for things to do at night in Montreal, for instance. In that case, spending hours searching for a restaurant or a cafe might not be the top of the agenda, nor is there a particular demand for Canadian foods from those visiting from overseas (no offense, Canadians!) 

However, if you’re in a country like Italy, Greece, or Mexico, seeking an authentic restaurant or eatery that exudes the local flavors, music, and aesthetics will be high on the list. It can really help to add an extra five or ten percent to the overall experience and give you a real sense of what the culture and cuisine have to offer.


Fajitas, burritos, tacos, salsa, enchiladas, guacamole, and quesadillas are just a few of the fantastic foods that Mexico has given to the world. Mexican restaurants also have a fantastic blend of authenticity and culture, profound cultural heritage, and iconic music. 

If you enjoy a drink with your food, Mexico is also the home of tequila—but try to limit yourself! Mexico is a top tourist destination for many reasons. It has a number of beautiful beaches and historical attractions, but many people cite the food as an underappreciated element of their trip.

Mexican food shares many similarities with some South American cuisines and, of course, Spanish cuisine, which has a deep cultural influence that stretches far beyond its favorite dishes. It definitely deserves a spot in our list today, that’s for sure. 


Asian food is such a brought and collective term that it doesn’t really do justice for how many unique cuisines there are spread throughout the continent. Filipino cuisine often ranks high in underrated world cuisines, and many Filipino dishes are prominent in other countries within the continent, most notably in Thailand and Japan. 

Some of the top signature Filipino dishes include chicaron, kare-kare, sinigang, and lumpia. If you’re taking a trip to the Phillippines, then we can’t recommend checking out their cuisine enough - it is definitely one of the most underrated in the world. We’d go as far as to say it is an underrated travel destination, and we’re definitely not alone in that opinion, either.


Dining at an authentic Greek restaurant is a unique experience, with very distinctive music, dishes, and often bright white and blue color schemes that mimic the flag help to sell the wider idea of their fantastic culinary delights. 

There’s a broad range of unique Greek dishes, including some of the top vegetarian options; there’s also halloumi, Greek salads, and the inclusion of feta in almost everything (which we don’t disagree with). There's also a complimentary shot of Ouzo after every meal, which is not for the faint-hearted.

Dolmades, moussaka, hummus, and souvlaki are other highly popular dishes that have emerged from Greece, and Greek food is the most underrated, in our opinion, because of the range that is available. Unlike specific cuisines, which only have one or two signature dishes, there’s an entire menu of authentic Greek recipes and dishes to try.

Final Thoughts

As with all food opinions, there are personal choices and objective opinions. While we would be happy to argue until I was blue in the face that Greek cuisine is, in fact, the most underrated (and best) - we wouldn’t downplay anybody else's choices. 

Whether it’s Mexican, Greek, Filipino, or any other cuisine, so many countries and cultures have such a unique and fantastic blend of original dishes and recipes that it is impossible to make a definitive case for one over the other. However, if you haven’t tried any of the cuisines we have discussed today - we would strongly recommend getting out there and giving them a go!


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