Copper in interior design with copper mugs in the kitchen

Stylish Ways To Decorate Your Home With Copper Mugs & Accents

Modern Kitchen with copper wares

Copper mugs and cups are not just for drinking your favorite Moscow Mule; they are also an excellent way to decorate your home.

The uniqueness of copper’s golden-orange hue fits into the interior design of both retro and ultra-modern style homes. Copper-based or copper-plated finishes are considered a global trend since their rough texture symbolizes closeness to nature.

Read on to learn more on how to use copper in interior design.

How to Use Copper to Decorate Your Space

Among the newest design trends coming from the West are neat splashes of bright fiery metal. You can use such color accents in both dark and light rooms.

Adding red metals, such as copper, brass, and bronze to luxury interiors can only seem like an extravagant decision on a cursory examination. The trend emerged a long time ago and developed gradually, from small kitchen items to complex structures in the external decor of skyscrapers.

One of the simplest ways to add the brilliant brightness of copper to your kitchen has remained unchanged for 20 years—using a set of copper utensils stored in an open area. 

  • Decorate the Living Room with Copper Accessories  Copper lamp and coffee table in front of a modern sofa in a grey living room

Another relatively simple way is to add one piece to the living room with copper details. There are countless ways to implement such a technique, depending on what effect you want to achieve.

For instance, it's easy to find a small coffee table with contrasting edging. On the other hand, there are chairs made entirely of copper. You can also use copper pendant lights, copper lamps, and copper effect wallpaper to enhance neutral-colored walls with a warm tone.

  • Decorate the Kitchen with Copper Mugs 

Design Kitchen with copper Mugs

In recent years, many elegant copper solutions have been offered by luxury brands.

When decorating the kitchen or dining area, some copper utensils like copper mugs or copper cups will be a good design solution. You can hang them using the best mug holder trees

You can even use copper wire racks and other small copper details as decor elements in other areas, such as placing copper planters on windowsills, bookshelves, and coffee tables.

  • Decorate the Patio with Copper Hanging Baskets

You can create a warm atmosphere on your patio with copper hanging baskets for your plants. Hanging baskets can also serve as copper tealight holders.

Copper in Interior Design

The most exciting and most challenging option is to develop an interior entirely based on contrasting copper tones. That is, to make orange the leading color (not necessarily dominant).

It is in this performance that all the artistic merits of metal are manifested. And although there is no dispute about tastes, we agree that copper in the interior looks nobler than golden color. In addition, the rich orange color goes well with light and dark shades.

Copper has been and remains a popular material for loft furnishing and commercial redevelopment. In this case, its original texture plays a leading role.

Some designers decorate the walls with large metal sheets. Aged copper details are also appropriate: the greenish-brown stains heighten the "industrial" feel of the design.

Elegant copper hanging light lamp

Unlike gold or silver metals, copper is suitable for informal spaces where a cheerful atmosphere is needed. In such projects, you can limit yourself to copper lamps or even copper-colored chandeliers. 

And if you add polished metal sheets to the interior, the environment will become doubly elegant. The following example is notable for how the same tone looks different on mirrored lamps and matte walls.

There are copper tiles, copper glass products, and copper lighting fixtures on the market now. This means that you can transform your home exquisitely, without hints of steampunk and loft. Moreover, you can design the bathroom in the same style.

Advantages of Copper in Interior Design

  • Copper has excellent bactericidal properties that keep surfaces sterile. Thus, it is actively used in kitchens and bathrooms to finish the apron and plumbing.
  • Resistance to mechanical damage makes copper suitable for the manufacturing of countertops.
  • Copper shows excellent corrosion resistance when in constant contact with non-aggressive water (low oxygen and carbon dioxide).
  • The ability of copper to reflect light well is functional when organizing high-quality natural lighting for light modeling of a confined or dark space.

Disadvantages of Copper Cladding

  • Copper is an expensive material, and creating an interior based on this red metal is a premium design.
  • The excessive presence of copper can make a home environment appear too cold. The dominance of metal requires adequate decor.
  • With all its positive qualities, copper still needs delicate use and care. Its surface eventually loses its original shine with temperature fluctuations and aggressive exposure to a humid environment.

You can return copper’s brilliance by treating it with a vinegar and salt solution and carefully polishing it with a microfiber cloth.

Other Ways to Adorn Your Home with CopperThe interior of a bathroom with a copper tub

Ceiling, floor, or wall lamps with copper shades are a sure-fire way to brighten up your decor with a golden sheen.

Decorate accent walls in an industrial-style living room or dining room with brass sheets. For a balanced composition, it is worth complementing the panels with copper lamps. The most common shape is a ball or round structures close to it.

Embellish a modern-style kitchen with a copper apron or metal chairs. For a retro look, an extractor hood and engraved wall panel, and authentic mixers are more appropriate.

A bathtub, a sink, and copper pipes are a tribute to the retro style of the interior. Its combination with wood or sophisticated wallpaper decor softens the effect of smooth cold metal. In the modern version, you can balance the lining of the wash area with metal panels using a calm beige and brown color scheme.

Where to Get Copper Pipe Furniture?Ottoman in Copper by TJ Volonis

A designer from Brooklyn, TJ Volonis, creates unusual tables, chairs, and wall shelves. The basis and source of inspiration for it are copper pipes welded into bizarre shapes and symmetrical ornaments. The very case when the familiar material becomes a work of art.

What is an Economical Alternative to Copper?

For interior decoration, brass (copper-based alloy) is more affordable in terms of cost and is considered fashionable. The alloy is also available in natural bronze and silver colors and is used in gilding.

Brass is used in making lamps, fittings, and furniture parts. To find furniture with copper or brass elements, you can go to New York Furniture Outlets that showcases a wide assortment of different furniture pieces.


Elegant tableware like copper cups, copper mugs, and copper fruit hanging baskets are excellent decor addition that helps emphasize the all-metal design composition in your home.

By skillfully combining various copper decorative elements, you can create an avant-garde design project that will radically differ from traditional ideas about an expensive interior.

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