Glass of porter beer

23 Best Porter Beers To Try On Your Next Night Out

Glass of porter beer

Are you looking for a delicious new beer to try? Check out our list of the 23 best porters! These flavorsome brews will tantalize your taste buds and leave you wanting more. 

Whether you're a fan of dark beers or just want to explore something new, we've got the perfect porter for you. So what are you waiting for? Get ready to try some of the best Porter’s beer flavors out there!

Our Top Picks

Hill Farmstead Everett

Best Overall - Hill Farmstead Everett

• Naturally carbonated
• Delectable and decadent flavors
• Smooth and full-bodied

Night Shift Awake

Smoothest - Night Shift Awake

• Rich and smooth
• Intense flavors
• Earthy and nutty

Deschutes Black Butte Porter

Best Smoky - Deschutes Black Butte Porter

• Charred flavor
• Ideal for newbies
• Affordable

1. Hill Farmstead Everett - Best Overall

Hill Farmstead Everett

American hops and malted barley, and English and German roasted malts are used to create this porter. It's naturally carbonated and unfiltered. This robust porter has a delectable depth with a substantial coffee, chocolate, and caramel sweetness base. 

Tastes of leathery char and burned coffee flavor are perceived in the initial sip, with hints of chocolate and a hint of minerality in the mid-palate. The finish is balanced with nutty coffee grounds and malt roast. This porter from Hill Farmstead has a medium body with little carbonation in the mouthfeel.

2. Ecliptic Capella Porter

Capella Canned Porter Beer

One of the finest characteristics of this porter is its drinkability. This is very silky, has a pleasant flavor, and is quite simple to drink. The carbonation is medium-light, with a delicate, smooth texture. 

Although it leans toward the sweeter end of the spectrum, it is not officially a sweet beer. The bitterness hits on the finish. Overall, the texture is exquisite, which helps to compensate for the extremely mild flavor. 

The flavors are modest at first, with the most notable flavor being caramel, which hides in the background and emerges more with time. The finish has a certain sharpness to it that is almost stout-like.

3. Funky Buddha Maple Bacon Coffee Porter

Funky Buddha Maple Bacon Coffee Porter

Consider a Saturday morning with a milkshake and pancakes. This beer is all about it! Maple Bacon Coffee Porter is a sophisticated brew with a plethora of tastes at play, evoking a whole diner-style meal in a glass

It pours a foamy brown head over a deep black brew and ends sticky, creamy, and delightfully sweet, with the maple syrup flavor lasting on the palate. The bacon taste isn't as strong as the coffee, vanilla, or maple flavors. This beer goes nicely with eggs, pancakes with maple syrup, steaks, and ribs, among other things.

4. Founders Porter

Founders Porter

This is a refreshing change from all of the coffee-forward stout porters available in stores. This simple wonderful beer has a non-sweet chocolate and malt flavor upfront, followed by loads of roasted coffee flavor and hops that combine flawlessly on the finish. Not very bitter, but rather sweet. 

The body has a froth tan head and a solid black appearance. The tastes are dark and roasted with chocolate and coffee notes that linger till the end. The aftertaste is quite dry, with a burnt grain bitterness that persists for a few seconds.

5. Creature Comforts Koko Buni

Creature Comforts Koko Buni

Creature Comforts has nailed it again with this porter. The cocoa nibs show initially while the coconut flavor appears on the back end, as well as the faint richness lingering in your mouth after drinking, creating a fantastic balance. 

This beer shines because of its delicate complexity, and consuming one does not have the unappealing impact that is the usual effect of some of the flavor-forward porters. The Koko Buni's name stems from the raw substances utilized. Buni means coffee in Swahili, while Koko refers to coconut in Papiamento.

6. Anchor Porter 

Anchor Porter

This porter is the pinnacle of a handmade dark beer with a solid black hue, an intense chocolate flavor with caramel and espresso notes, and full-bodied smoothness.  

This beer has a remarkable lightness for its ABV of 5.6%. A somewhat strong ester flavor muddles the entire flavor. However, there is a lot of malt complexity, and the finish is a perfect combination of sweet chocolate milk and hops bitterness.

7. Sante Adairius Rustic Ales Vanilla Joe

Sante Adairius Rustic Ales Vanilla Joe

The beer exhibits a dark brown hue with a khaki-colored fluffy head on every sip. There's some roasted malt and sweet vanilla coffee grounds in the aroma, as well as a hint of the green pepper touch that coffee can give a beer.

The hops, as well as the alcohol sting, aren't very prominent in this porter. This porter is easy to drink and has a good coffee and chocolate flavor. It has subtle vanilla flavors and a strong black coffee bitter sting.

8. Great Lakes Brewing Edmund Fitzgerald

Great Lakes Brewing Edmund Fitzgerald

The story of Edmund Fitzgerald is the most enigmatic and contentious of all the Great Lakes crash stories. The Fitzgerald was constructed to deliver taconite iron ore beads from mines in Duluth, Minnesota, to iron plants in Great Lakes ports.

This strong porter is a tribute to the said screw steamer. Like the glorious freighter, this beer is strong and full-bodied on each sip. On the front, there's a hint of sourness, and on the back, there's a lingering bitterness.

9. The Alchemist Pappy’s Secret Stash

The Alchemist Pappy’s Secret Stash

The mouthfeel is characterized by a fluffy medium body, well-incorporated effervescence, and a superb overall combination of smoothness and acidity. It's simple and smooth all the way through, yet the consistency and variation on the palate are as good as you'll find in a porter. 

The charred malt, vanilla, and dark chocolate flavors come first, and some mild caramel flavor occurs. It finally finishes again with the vanilla and dark chocolate notes.

Overall, it's an excellent porter that's well-balanced and has a near-perfect mouthfeel. This is a beer that is well worth your time!

10. Maui Coconut Porter

Maui Coconut Porter

In this dark cola porter, roast malts, a hint of coffee, and cocoa powder abound. The flavor is quite smooth and translates all of the aromas, resulting in a really excellent porter that is incredibly clean and avoids the residual sweetness that many comparable beers suffer from. It has a little flavor of coconut, also not overpowering the whole drink.

11. Ballast Point Victory at Sea Coffee Vanilla Imperial Porter

 Ballast Point Victory at Sea Coffee Vanilla Imperial Porter

Like pirates who successfully found a buried treasure, this Victory at Sea porter will have you celebrate once you’ve tasted it! This porter is dominated by vanilla and black coffee. Roast coffee, vanilla, hazelnut, and milk chocolate are all present in the scent. 

It hits all of the desired characteristics in terms of flavor. And despite the high ABV of 10%, it doesn't seem too sugary or powerful. A pleasant patient sipper with a mild silken body and soft carbonation. The aftertaste is largely dry because of the coffee's roasted flavor.

12. 512 Pecan Porter

512 Pecan Porter

This strong porter is prepared using organically grown 2-row malt for health-conscious porter consumers. This pecan drink gives off an intense nutty taste, but the pecan flavor is slightly perceptible.

The sweetness is pretty strong, especially with the chocolate notes attacking the mouth. As the flavor develops, the nuttiness increases somewhat, giving it a slightly pecan-like flavor. The feel is excellent for the style and flavor, and it provides for a powerful but pleasant drinking experience.

13. Maine Beer King Titus 

Maine Beer King Titus

Looking for an uncomplicated drink? The Maine Beer King Titus is a straightforward yet decent porter beverage for you to check out!

It starts out flavourful and smokey, then transitions to a lovely malt. This porter is dominated by espresso and black roast, balanced with cocoa and chocolate flavor sweetness.

Overall, this is a fine porter with a tightness, simplicity, and crisp finish typical of Maine beers.

14. 3 Floyds Brewing Alpha Klaus Christmas

3 Floyds Brewing Alpha Klaus Christmas

What beverage to turn your celebrations from merry to merrier than this Alpha Klaus Christmas porter? The perfect drink to replace the usual wines you serve during Christmas.

Ganache, delectable, cinnamon spice, and a smidgeon of smokiness. The vibes you'll get on Christmas morning when you crack up a bottle of this porter. This beer is complex and delightful with its interesting blend of hops and sweetness.

15. Night Shift Awake - Smoothest

Night Shift Awake

If you are searching for a smooth porter that will not leave your mouth dry after consumption, then the search is over with the Night Shift Awake. Contrarily, the taste of this beer is intense for its 6% ABV. 

This porter is full of nuttiness, lingering hoppy coffee, and earthy bitterness that will keep you awake all night.

16. Funky Buddha Brewery Last Snow

Funky Buddha Brewery Last Snow

Last Snow is the real deal when it comes to approachable drinks. It features light carbonation and a smooth beer at a moderately high alcohol content of 6.4%. 

The porter is not too sweet, and there's no roast harshness to overshadow the whole drink. The rich coconut taste, mixed with the coffee, creates a sensation on the palate.

17. Deschutes Black Butte Porter - Best Smoky

Deschutes Black Butte Porter

This is the perfect beverage to chug during campfire nights! The deep malt flavors, sweetness, and bitterness are all well-balanced in this incredibly excellent, highly drinking American style Porter. 

The burnt malt and smokiness it imparts will keep you warm on chilly nights. The roasted malt flavors are noticeable, but they don't overpower the overall drinking experience. It's also an affordable porter ideal for entry-level porter drinkers.

18. Suarez Family Round the Bend 

Suarez Family Round the Bend

A glass of porter beer and can of Suarez Family Round the Bend - Image from Untappd

One of the classics, this porter has a cream-forward flavor and more yeast presence than you may think. It's significantly sweeter than other beers, but the smoky sharpness from the malts helps to balance it out. 

For its low alcohol content, this beer is savory. There's some hoppy flavor here, as well as an overall cohesion that makes it a joy to drink. Overall, it's mind-boggling how light and smooth this one is while having such a wide variety of flavors.

19. Dangerous Man Peanut Butter Porter 

Dangerous Man Peanut Butter Porter

A bottle of Dangerous Man Peanut Butter Porter - Image by Twitter

If you like something different from the typical coffee, chocolate, and caramel notes of a porter, this peanut butter-inspired beverage is an excellent change of scene. The porter's rich nutty bouquet, with richer chocolate and black roast malts, is extremely tempting. 

Moreover, the nuttiness is noticeable in the aroma but not overpowering, allowing you to appreciate the remainder of the base brew. The flavor is similar, with a creamy nuttiness and milk chocolate that complement one other well. In the taste, there are moderate to strong notes of peanut butter.

20. Tree House Catharsis - Best for Winter 

Tree House Catharsis

A can of Tree House Catharsis beer - Image by BeerAdvocate

The Tree House Catharsis porter will remind you of having a drink in a bar during cold months. It is quite rich and delicious, like a chocolate cake or brownie batter. Coffee and woody flavors are brought out by a fair dosage of malty roast. 

The blackberry note is compact and submerged behind the robust malt taste. A little bitterness from the hops may be detected. Despite its size, it is able to effectively balance its sweetness and remain quite palatable.

21. Trillium Pot & Kettle Oatmeal Porter with Cold Brewed Coffee

Trillium Pot & Kettle Oatmeal Porter with Cold Brewed Coffee
A can and glass of Trillium Pot & Kettle porter - Image by Taste of Massachusetts

Pot & Kettle with Cold Brew is only one of Trillium Brewing Company's many brilliant partnerships with Barrington Coffee Roasting Company, and the two companies brew an outstanding and solid coffee mix together. This beer has a lot of coffee in it, even for a coffee beer. 

The brilliance of cold brew is that it is a wonderfully roasted coffee with no indications of acidity. The nearly burned-bean flavor jumps out at you as soon as you open the can. The beer also has a sweet creaminess, providing a delightful coffee and cream experience.

22. New Anthem Beer Project The Illest

New Anthem Beer Project The Illest

A can and glass of New Anthem Illest porter - Image by Untappd

This porter beer is a must-have for your next beach getaway! Roasted malts and pure espresso coffee fill the air. The flavor is coffee-forward, with great roasted malts in the middle and a bite at the end. 

The vibe of this beer matches its alcohol by volume. It is satisfactory, even if it is a little one-dimensional and thin. It also gets better as it gets warmer.

23. Fox Farm Hearthbound - Most Sharp

Fox Farm Hearthbound
A glass and can of Fox Farm Hearthbound porter - Image by Pinterest

The aroma is reminiscent of fragrant decomposed leaves. The flavor is strong, with a malty chocolate taste that softens immediately after you sip it. It's very roasty, with the malt providing the most of the bitterness. 

A smidgeon of sweetness is present, but it is subtle, lurking in the background, providing complexity to the flavor. There is also a touch of raisins or fermented cherries on the palate. For a porter, the mouthfeel is outstanding and has a medium body and low carbonation.


We hope you enjoyed our list of the 23 best porters! If you're looking for a delicious new beer to try, these brews are sure to tantalize your taste buds. 

Whether you're a fan of dark beers or just want to explore something new, we've got the perfect porter for you. So what are you waiting for? Get ready to try some of the best porter’s beer flavors out there!

Don't forget to let us know which one is your favorite in the comments below.


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