Two glasses of Champagne with white grapes and cork with cage

20 Best Organic Champagnes For A Healthier Indulgence In 2023

Two glasses of Champagne with white grapes and cork with cage

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It's no secret that wine has many health benefits, but it can still have additives and chemicals to help stabilize it. To some health-conscious people, they may need a vintage that's more suitable for them. The solution is turning to organic products!

There are plenty of amazing organic red wines out there and sparkling wine lovers would be pleased to know that there are also many great options for them.

Here are the 20 best organic bottles of Champagne to add to your collection. Cheers to good health!

Our Top Picks

Lelarge-Pugeot, Tradition Extra Brut 1er Cru, Champagne

Best Overall - Lelarge-Pugeot, Tradition Extra Brut 1er Cru, Champagne

• Harmonious balance of fruit flavors
• Pleasant mineral and crisp taste
• Meticulous production process

Champagne Fleury Rosé

Best Food Pairing - Champagne Fleury Rosé

• Ecocert-certified
• Delightful fruity fragrances
• Full-bodied and fine mousse

Champagne Lanson Green Label Organic Brut

Most Environmentally-Friendly- Champagne Lanson Green Label Organic Brut

• Great blend of Champagne grapes
• Fruit and spice blend
• Sustainable packaging

1. Champagne Drappier Quattuor Blanc de Quatre Blancs

Champagne Drappier Quattuor Blanc de Quatre Blancs
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Drappier Quattuor is a bottle of luxurious and slightly unconventional Champagne. Instead of just using the traditional three grape varieties found in most Champagnes, this one includes Arbane, Petit Meslier, Pinot Blanc, and Chardonnay.

Quattuor Blanc de Quatre Blancs is from the carbon-neutral Drappier. They have over 15 hectares of organic vineyards and follow sustainable practices including organic agriculture, low-sulfur dioxide, and low dosage additions to wine bottles.

This bottle captures a yellow hue with hints of acacia honey, beeswax, and marzipan that are present on the first sip. And, if given time at room temperature before drinking, it gives way to raspberry jam or jelly, as well as warm brioche notes.

2. Robert Barbichon, Réserve 4 Cepages

Robert Barbichon, Réserve 4 Cepages

Robert Barbichon has had the honor of being certified in Organic Farming since 2010. Some of their products are even produced through biodynamic farming. This means their vineyards are prohibited from all chemical products such as herbicides or insecticides-fungi agents.

Four different wines are blended to create the Réserve 4 Cépages, resulting in an elegant and subtle profile. On the nose, you will find delicate notes of yellow fruit as well as bread crust that complement its smooth texture perfectly in every sip!

3. André Beaufort, Reserve Grand Cru

André Beaufort, Reserve Grand Cru

This exclusive Champagne stems from the André Beaufort vineyard situated at the Grand Cru Ambonnay, one of France's 17 Grand Crus. This cuvée is sourced from the harvest made way back in 1988 where the weather played a part in this success.

The organic vineyards of Beaufort are a haven for those who want to break away from the traditional methodologies in wine production. For years, their vineyards have been free of chemical treatments, partly because of the owner's allergy to synthetic compounds.

The nose of this sparkling wine is brought to you by the softest of touches, smelling mainly like strawberries but with undertones of lychee and Corsican clementine. These graceful scents accentuate its delicate flavors of cherry and gariguette strawberry.

4. Lelarge-Pugeot, Les Meuniers de Clemence, Champagne, 2013

Lelarge-Pugeot, Les Meuniers de Clemence, Champagne, 2013

The Lelarge estate's chronicles date back more than two centuries and it was only in 1985 when "Pugeot '' was added in the name when the 7th generation Lelarge married Pugeot and became a couple. They are located in Vrigny, in the Montagne de Reims region.

Today, all the Lelarge-Pugeot vineyards are biodynamically farmed with an eye towards sustainability and preservation. This particular wine is blended from 100% Meunier biodynamic grapes, fermented in wooden barrels with the use of indigenous yeasts. The aging process lasts about three years, resulting in a one-of-a-kind Champagne.

This organic sparkling wine has notes of red berries, ripe pear, and citrus honey with some dried fruit on the nose. It is fresh throughout then finishes nicely in your mouth as you get bubbles and hints from different flavors that make this an excellent selection.

5. Vincent Couche, Chloé

Vincent Couche, Chloé

The vibe of the Chloé is unlike any other. In an age where many Champagne brands are using sulfites as a preservative, Vincent Couche's "Chloes" have no added chemicals and are free from all toxins that can be found in wine products.

This Champagne is fermented in both wood and steel, adding complexity. Then it is refermented just like any other type of sparkling wine made by the Champenoise method! During the disgorging phase, there will be no added dosage or sulfites in the blend.

This bottle is a complex and interesting blend of flavors that changes as you continue to drink it. The nose starts out with notes of candied fruit, butterscotch, white peach, and brioche bread. On the palate, you notice hints of fresh citrus and more mature fruity flavors.

6. Yves Ruffin, Cuvée Thierry Ruffin Extra Brut  2006 

Yves Ruffin, Cuvée Thierry Ruffin Extra Brut  2006

Yves Ruffin's commitment to healthy vines and environmentally friendly practices has earned him the honor of being hailed as the "master" of many new generations in wine production. His innovative idea provides premium quality products with great concern for the environment, as well.

The delicate yet rich flavors of this organic wine are the result of a perfect balance between 80% Chardonnay and 20% Pinot Noir. These two grape varieties come from vineyards classified as Premier Cru, which means they have maximum flavor complexity!

And did you know that this Cuvée is one that actually pays homage to the late Thierry Ruffin? This Champagne is supposedly a reflection of his character and qualities.

7. Val Frison, Portlandia, Champagne, France, 2014

Val Frison, Portlandia, Champagne, France, 2014

Valérie Frison, a certified organic vine grower in the Côtes des Bar, has been cultivating 6 hectares of vines for years. She is committed to respecting and conserving these spectacular terroirs as well as her landscapes which is why she went completely organic since 2003!

The grapes from Valérie Frison's vineyards are farmed organically and are grown in a kind of terroir that's very stony and full of pebbles in the soil. It roots back in history during the ancient geological stage. 

This organic sparkling wine is made without any filtering or spontaneous malolactic fermentation which gives it an authentic touch with no use on indigenous yeast!

8. Champagne Faust Carte d’Or

Champagne Faust Carte d’Or

This Champagne is the product of a certified organic vineyard from Vandières that encompasses an extensive 30 hectares. For over two decades, the Faust vineyards have cultivated grapes and have made Champagnes that are free from any chemicals.

This organic Champagne has an elegant flavor and depth of character that you can't resist. It comes from the delicious Chardonnay and Pinot Meunier grapes, providing its complex taste profile and depth, making this decadent drink perfect to pair with foods at fancy events.

The Pinot Meunier grapes provide fruitiness to the blend, lending flavors like green apple and floral into play in addition to herbaceous hints. The balance between its sweetness along a dash of acidity provides just enough complexity without being too dry or overbearing in taste!

9. Champagne Faust Cuvée Speciale

Champagne Faust Cuvée Speciale

The vines of Ardinat Faust are organically taken care of all year long with no synthetic additives, only organic products. Plus, they're maintained with mechanical or manual means. This special cuvée offers the viewer an organic experience in every sip!

What adds uniqueness to Ardinat Faust is the fact that they've been harvesting their grapes by hand and they follow a certain ripeness standard. Furthermore, they soft press grape extracts to mirror the qualities and characteristics exclusively from their terroir.

10. Drappier Clarevallis Organic Extra Brut NV

Drappier Clarevallis Organic Extra Brut NV

You can't go wrong with a Cuvee by Drappier. This new release is in honor of one of France's most renowned abbeys - the Abbey Of Clairvaux! The soils are from organically grown vineyards on a Kimmeridgian limestone-dominant terrain.

The flavor of this sparkling wine is rich and complex. On the nose, you can pick up hints of acacia honey with beeswax mixed in for added depth. There's also marzipan spice which combines to create an overall warm feeling before taking a sip where raspberry jam meets brioche doughnuts!

11. Champagne Fleury Blanc de Noirs 

Champagne Fleury Blanc de NoirsChampagne Fleury is a family-owned winery in Côte des Bar. The estate has been producing quality wines for generations and currently operates under Jean Pierre, who is honored as both the first and biggest biodynamic Champagne producer.

The timeless elegance of Fleury Blanc de Noirs biodynamic Champagne has always been loved by customers around the globe for its exquisite flavor and balance between fruitiness to make it stand out among other Champagnes on the shelf today.

With its elegant mousse and depth of flavor, this Champagne is a must-have on your table over dinner. Moreover, it's characterized by a correct balance of sweetness and dryness. It would do well as an aperitif or a pairing for light fish or white meat.

12. Champagne Fleury Bolero Vintage Extra Brut

Champagne Fleury Bolero Vintage Extra Brut

The Fleury family is committed to living in harmony with nature and the land, which they have done for years. The first time that biodynamics was practiced at their vineyards and wineries was when L’art d'être natural became more than just a motto for them. It's now part of who they are!

This is a Champagne made from 100% Pinot Noir grapes with an age tag of nine years on its lees, and 40% spent in oak barrels. This makes for an elegant yet powerful sparkling wine that exudes personality while remaining classy as can be.

The nose on this vintage has enough complexity. It's packed with nuts, grilled bread with hints of dry vanilla. The aromas also come through in the palate where you can find them accentuated by saltiness and citrus pear notes.

13. Drappier Carte d'Or Brut

Drappier Carte d'Or Brut
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The grapes at the Drappier vineyard in Urville grow naturally, with no artificial chemicals or methods used to enhance their flavor. The estate is headed by Michel Drappier who has been cultivating for years and takes care not only about what he grows but how it will be grown.

Drappier Carte d'Or Brut is the perfect embodiment of the Drappier style. It's composed of a high percentage of Pinot Noir grapes, which results in strong but elegant aromas such as notes of stoned fruits like white peach.

This unique and well-crafted Champagne has a spicy hint that surprises with its powerful complexity. With quince jelly notes on the palate, it's perfect as an appetizer or at dinner to go along with white meats such as a turkey sandwich.

14. Lelarge-Pugeot, Tradition Extra Brut 1er Cru, Champagne - Best Overall

Lelarge-Pugeot, Tradition Extra Brut 1er Cru, Champagne

Champagne Lelarge-Pugeot is a Premier Cru producer that follows biodynamic principles in the vineyard, resulting in organic products that are both interesting and distinct. With minimal involvement allowed in the winery, this Champagne showcases the terroir of Vrigny to perfection.

This Champagne has been crafted according to two different, but equally important methods. The Chardonnay grapes are pruned by following the Chablis method while the Cordon method is used for both red grapes.

Similar to white wine, this sparkling drink boasts a pale golden yellow hue but with persistent bubbles. It is creamy and rich with ripe fruits that take over the whole palate, including fresh apple, apricots, and orange zest. Casual but confident in its approach, this organic wine is perfect for any occasion.

15. Champagne Fleury Rosé - Best Food Pairing

Champagne Fleury Rosé

Champagne Fleury Rosé owners are committed to the environment by being both certified and accredited with Ecocert for all their vineyards on chalky slopes in France's Seine Valley. 85% of the estate is cultivated with Pinot Noir while 10% consists of Chardonnay grape varieties.

Jean-Pierre Fleury is a Champagne winemaker who has been making Pinot Noir dominated wines since he started in the industry. He uses fruity flavors and scents to create his masterful products, which are serious about their rich red fruits as well as having a fine mousse.

16. Champagne Philizot Et Fils Organic

Champagne Philizot Et Fils Organic

From the Marne Valley in the Champagne region of France, Champagne Philizot et Fils is created without any pesticides or chemicals. Its rich pink color comes from its lack of sulfites which give that elegant taste you only find with natural organic wines.

Champagne Philizot Et Fils Organic offers delicate and refreshing organic flavors. It gives you the perfect balance between sweetness from its red fruits, light flavors of biscuits with an added dash of citrus to keep things fresh and zesty for any occasion!

17. Champagne Duval-Leroy Organic Cuvee Brut

Champagne Duval-Leroy Organic Cuvee Brut

This organic Champagne is produced by a company that has been certified as organic by Ecocert, following international standards/specifications. They also endeavor to develop and enrich their vines organically to create something beautiful while preserving nature.

Champagne Duval-Leroy's Organic Cuvée Brut is a Maison de Champagne wine, that's made from organically grown grapes. This unique sparkling drink offers the consumer quality and expertise while being eco-friendly.

Even better, the taste of this wine is anything but ordinary. With a rich and creamy body, it boasts dried fruit and toasty aromas that will elevate your anticipation even more! The highlighted flavor from grapes shines through in every sip.

18. Champagne Lanson Green Label Organic Brut - Most Environmentally-Friendly

Champagne Lanson Green Label Organic Brut

This environmentally conscious Champagne is made from 100% French organic grapes cultivated at Verneuil. Their vineyards have leaned on organic and biodynamic cultivation for quite a long time now as they focus on preserving the ecosystem.

The House of Lanson is committed to protecting the environment and follows an eco-friendly approach. The bottles are lightweight, and the labels are made from recycled paper. This company’s distinctive green color lets users know they're drinking something that protects nature.

The perfect balance between vitality and finesse from the Pinot Noir, Chardonnay, and Pinot Meunier makes this bottle one of the best in Lanson's lineup. Its fruity nose of peach, pear, and blackcurrant is complemented with a pleasant minerality and citrus and spice notes.

19. Champagne Sonate No. 9 

Champagne Sonate No. 9

This sparkling wine is organically made without any added sulfur. The flavors are robust and intense, thanks to the lack of added sulfur and because it comes from the Côte des Bar which has a unique terroir, creating such rich wines with incredible complexity.

It features a range of arresting aromas that will really take your taste buds on a journey. It's bone dry but has a great texture and lovely wildflower character. The tension between the flavors is admirable, making this sparkling wine truly memorable.

It tastes even better cold and all you have to do is submerge the bottle in an ice bucket full of ice cubes.

20. Champagne Suenen, Oiry Blanc de Blancs Grand Cru Extra Brut

Champagne Suenen, Oiry Blanc de Blancs Grand Cru Extra Brut

Champagne Suenen is a family-owned company that has been producing wines in the Grand Cru village of Cramant.

It is currently headlined by Aurelien Suenos who crafts his Champagnes with an eye towards healthier and brighter using natural methods like reduced use of chemical pesticides or herbicides.

This bottle of Champagne reflects the terroir of the northern Côte des Blancs. As you drink this bubbly, you get introduced to more flavors. The colder it gets, the more minerally it gets and chalky the texture becomes. As you give it time, it exudes stone fruit hints.


Whether you're looking for a new favorite vintage or just want to be more mindful of your wine consumption, organic Champagnes are a great way to go.

Aside from drinking wine, organic products are also beneficial to the environment - all the more reason to give organic Champagnes a go!

Which ones are you most excited to try? We'd love to hear your input in the comments section below.


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