16 Best Hidden Flasks To Sneak Alcohol Anywhere In 2023: Reviews & Buying Guide

16 Best Hidden Flasks To Sneak Alcohol Anywhere In 2023: Reviews & Buying Guide

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Drinking in public can be a challenge. You worry about getting caught and have to deal with the stigma. The standard flask will not really conceal your drinking since it is widely recognized as a container for alcohol.

To remedy this, you need the best hidden flasks to drink in public without hassle. From the most discreet to clever designs, we’ve got you covered. We'll also provide tips on choosing the best one for your needs. Let's get started!

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Our Top Picks 

Best Overall: Secret Umbrella Flask


Runner-Up: Boozey-Bladder


You Can Hide It Candy: Box Hidden Flask


Best for Beach Parties: Smuggle Mug Cooler Flask

Easiest to Fill: Fairly Odd Novelties Red Lipstick Flask

Best Multipurpose: Binocktails Paddle Hairbrush Secret Flask

Best Accessories: GENNISSY Black Bucket Hip Flask

Best Wearable: BAXBO FlaskTie

Best Capacity: Tirrinia Wine Tote Bag With Hidden Dispenser

Easiest to Carry: Smuggle Mug BoozeBrella

Most Stylish: Qingo Bracelet Flask

Most Secure: Suck UK Blue Book Flask

Most Elegant: Brandy Smuggler Walking Cane Flask

Best Simple Design: Wowagoga Tube Flask

Most Realistic Design: Binocktails Power Bank Flask

Best Clever Design: True Binocular Flask

Best Packaging: Smuggle Your Booze Fake Tampon Box

1. Best Overall: Secret Umbrella Flask



Why We Think It’s Great

  • Discreet and clever design: no one will suspect your umbrella is filled with alcohol

  • Good capacity: Holds a generous amount of your favorite drink

What We Don’t Like

  • If it's not cloudy or rainy, it might raise a bit of suspicion

What Our Editors Say

The umbrella flask's genius lies in its virtually undetectable design. No one will suspect it's carrying your favorite drink. Plus, it's pocket-sized and surprisingly spacious, allowing you to carry more and sip discreetly

With the umbrella flask by your side, you're ready for any event, from concerts to festivals. Its seamless blend into outdoor settings ensures you can enjoy your drink without a second glance

Material: Plastic | Capacity: 8.5 oz. | Manufactured: China | What’s Included: Umbrella + a funnel

2. Runner-Up: Boozey-Bladder


Why We Think It's Great:

The Boozey Bladder boasts a huge capacity, ensuring there are enough drinks for you and all your friends. It's a breeze to clean and incredibly easy to pack or travel with, taking up minimal space.

What We Don't Like:

Its design is more masculine, and while women can certainly use it, it may create a noticeable bulge under tight clothing.

What Our Editors Say:

This flask is a game-changer for saving money, allowing you to sneak in a significant amount of liquor unnoticed!

3. You Can Hide It Candy Box Hidden Flask

You Can Hide It Candy Box Hidden Flask

Why We Think It’s Great

  • EASY TO FILL: Complemented with a small funnel to make filling effortless.
  • FOOD-GRADE PLASTIC: Don’t worry about harmful chemicals mixing with your drink.
  • COMPACT: Small enough to fit any pocket, tote bag, backpack, handbag, etc.
  • REUSABLE: Easily clean the small bottles and use them again another time.

What We Don’t Like

  • The cardboard box will eventually wear out. 

What Buyers Say

“This box looks exactly like a candy box with its size, colors, and design. It even has an ingredient list, so it doesn't lead anyone to think it's anything other than candy.

You'd only get busted if someone snoops in your things to steal some candy. But since almost no one checks for candy when you hit concerts and other events, you can bring your shots and share them with friends at the venue.”

Material: Cardboard and Plastic | Capacity: 1 oz. | Manufactured: China | What’s Included: Funnel

4. Best for Beach Parties: Smuggle Mug Cooler Flask

Smuggle Mug Cooler Flask

Why We Think It’s Great

  • OPAQUE AND THICK PLASTIC: It doesn’t get damaged easily and does a great job concealing the alcohol’s color.
  • LARGE CAPACITY: Ensures plenty of liquid refreshment for you and your friends.
  • EASY TO USE: Simply fill the flask with your drink of choice, put on the lid, and toss it into your bag.

What We Don’t Like

  • It’s susceptible to leaking.

What Buyers Say

“These cooler flasks have been fantastic for tailgating and having lunches on the beach. They hold a surprising amount, and the two-pack is a great deal.

Places that frown on bottles or booze will definitely not look at these freezer packs. They also worked like a charm during the 4th of July festivities, and we had some great cocktails!”

Material: Plastic | Capacity: 20 oz. | Manufactured: China

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5. Easiest to Fill: Fairly Odd Novelties Red Lipstick Flask

Fairly Odd Novelties Red Lipstick Flask

Why We Think It’s Great

  • DISHWASHER SAFE: Simply pop it in the dishwasher for a quick and easy cleanup.
  • CLASSY DESIGN: An eye-catching lipstick design with a glossy finish.
  • MESS-FREE FILLING: Comes with a pouring funnel to fill it up without hassle.

What We Don’t Like

  • It’s a bit too big for its design. 

What Our Editors Say

“This dainty lipstick is made from sturdy stainless steel and holds up to 4 oz. of your favorite booze. We adore the glossy finish since it gives the flask a high-end look. 

The clever design makes it seem like you're carrying around a tube of red lipstick, making it a great gift for bachelorette parties. Wherever you go, this sleek and chic flask is sure to start a few conversations.”

Material: Stainless steel | Capacity: 4 oz. | What’s Included: Funnel

6. Best Multipurpose: Binocktails Paddle Hairbrush Secret Flask

Binocktails Paddle Hairbrush Secret Flask

Why We Think It’s Great

  • FUNCTIONAL HAIRBRUSH: Works greatly as a flask, and the brush is also sturdy enough to comb through hair.
  • FOOLPROOF DESIGN: Designed to appear and feel like an average hairbrush, take it anywhere without worry.
  • DESIGNED WITH A MIRROR: Conveniently allows you to check your appearance.

What We Don’t Like

  • This flask is a little bulky. 

What Buyers Say

“We were able to sneak liquor into cruises, parties, and concerts with this brush flask, and we didn’t encounter any leakage as long as we screwed it shut all the way.

We suggest filling it all the way to the top, so it doesn’t slosh around. The brush is also cute and functional and even has a convenient mirror at the back!”

Material: Plastic | Capacity: 6 oz. | Manufactured: USA

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7. Best Accessories: GENNISSY Black Bucket Hip Flask

GENNISSY Black Bucket Hip Flask

Why We Think It’s Great

  • LEAK-FREE LID: Thread processing lid screws on tightly, ensuring your drinks stay safe.
  • WELL-POLISHED: Ensures that your flask will always look sharp and sleek.
  • LEATHER CASE: Protects the flask from scratches and protects hands from condensation.
  • CORROSION AND RUST RESISTANT: Crafted from stainless steel with high-frequency welded laser-free solder.

What We Don’t Like

  • The leather case has a strong odor.

What Our Editors Say

“We appreciate that this set includes a 10-oz. flask and two cups, making it great for sharing with a friend. We also like that it’s shaped like a bottle rather than the usual narrow and square flask so that it wouldn’t be too obvious. Whether looking for a fantastic gift for a loved one or something to take your trips up a notch, this set is sure to impress.”

Material: Stainless Steel and Leather | Capacity: 10 oz. | What’s Included: A funnel and two cups

8. Best Wearable: BAXBO FlaskTie

BAXBO FlaskTie

Why We Think It’s Great

  • WEARABLE: Add this fashion piece to your outfit and look cool while sipping booze.
  • ADJUSTABLE NECK SIZE: Enables anyone to wear it. 
  • VARIETY OF DESIGNS: Available in various designs to match different events.

What We Don’t Like

  • It’s slightly difficult to fill.

What Our Editors Say

“Bringing a flask is sometimes tiring, so we suggest wearing it around your neck! The tie is made from durable microfiber, and inside it is the 8-oz. pouch containing the liquid. You can fill it using the collapsible funnel and sip from the tube from the tie's end. 

We don’t recommend wearing this tie in your office so you won’t get in trouble with company policy; instead, sport it during formal events like weddings.”

Material: Microfiber | Capacity: 8 oz. | Manufactured: USA | What’s Included: Collapsible rubber funnel

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9. Best Capacity: Tirrinia Wine Tote Bag With Hidden Dispenser

Tirrinia Wine Tote Bag with Hidden Dispenser

Why We Think It’s Great

  • VERSATILE CONCEPT: Serves wine and provides plenty of space and pockets for other things.
  • REUSABLE: The wine bladder can be cleaned using water and soap, saving you money.
  • WATER RESISTANT: Constructed with a 600D snow canvas exterior that can resist water.
  • RETAINS TEMPERATURE: Stay perfectly chilled for hours thanks to the PE foam cushion and polyester lining.

What We Don’t Like

  • The actual color is not the same as advertised. 

What Buyers Say

“This wine tote bag allows us to sneak alcohol into various venues and is also just great for picnics at the beach or park. With this, there are no more excess alcohol containers and bulky bottles to carry.

The bag's material also feels sturdy and looks simple, clean, and attractive. It has ample size to store food and other belongings, a spout that pours easily, and comfortable handles.”

Material: 600D Snow Canvas | Capacity: 1.5 liters | Manufactured: China | What’s Included: Wine bladder

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10. Easiest To Carry: Smuggle Mug BoozeBrella

Smuggle Mug BoozeBrella

Why We Think It’s Great

  • CONVINCING DESIGN: The bubble wrap under the cloth sleeve makes it look like an unopened umbrella. 
  • FOOD SAFE AND BPA-FREE: Enjoy your drink without worrying about toxic chemicals.
  • GIFTABLE: Fun gift for a drinker, whether for a birthday, graduation, or other occasion.
  • HANDLE STRING: Helps bring the flask anywhere with ease. 

What We Don’t Like

  • It sometimes leaks. 

What Our Editors Say

“Although it doesn’t function as a real umbrella, we’re still glad how the Smuggle Mug BoozeBrella looks and feels like a real one! It comes with three leak-proof lid seals, so you're assured that your beverage will stay secure. 

We suggest filling this container at full capacity to prevent it from sloshing. Also, be careful in filling it to prevent spilling liquor on the cloth and making it smell like alcohol.” 

Material: Plastic | Capacity: 9 oz. | Manufactured: USA | What’s Included: Three leakproof lid seals

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10.. Most Stylish: Qingo Bracelet Flask

Qingo Bracelet Flask

Why We Think It’s Great

  • DUAL FUNCTION: Being a bracelet adds a touch of flair and charm to your overall appearance.
  • EYE-CATCHING DESIGN: Features a beautiful rhinestone lid, making it a chic accessory.
  • FREEZER SAFE: Can be put inside the fridge or freezer to keep alcoholic drinks cool for a few hours.
  • GIFTABLE PACKAGING: Comes nestled inside a sturdy and cute box.

What We Don’t Like

  • It’s too big on some people’s wrists.

What Buyers Say

“I bought this flask for a bachelorette party, and the recipient loved it! It's on the big side, but we’re glad it didn't slide off her hand. It also held much more liquor than expected and was easy to fill with the included funnel. It’s cute, discreet, and a great conversation piece that’s perfect if you only need a few drinks.”

Material: Stainless Steel | Capacity: 3.5 oz. | What’s Included: Funnel

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11. Most Secure: Suck UK Blue Book Flask

Suck UK Blue Book Flask

Why We Think It’s Great

  • PERSONALIZATION: Write a dedication message on the cover or engrave the flask (not included in the price). 
  • HARDBACK BOOK: Protects the flask, thanks to its strength and longevity.
  • LEAK-PROOF: Includes a tight screw-top lid that is spill-free and sturdy.
  • PAGES CAN BE FLIPPED: Gives the book a more authentic feel.  

What We Don’t Like

  • The flask's neck area is prone to rust.

What Buyers Say

“This book flask is such a great gag gift, and it arrived intact and super quickly. We did not encounter any breaking or detachment from the book, and we didn’t expect it to have pages that could be flipped.

The flask is also not flimsy, doesn’t leak, and perfectly fits in the hollowed-out book. This fun item is commonly given as a gift or used as a Halloween prop.”

Material: Hardback Book and Stainless Steel | Capacity: 4 oz. | Manufactured: China 

12. Most Elegant: Brandy Smuggler Walking Cane Flask

HARVY Walking Cane Brandy Smuggler

Why We Think It’s Great

  • UNIQUE CONCEPT: It can fit other things, such as cigars.
  • AMAZING CRAFTMANSHIP: Sleek black cane with gold accents and brass skull handle.
  • FUNCTIONAL: Sure to turn heads and get you noticed while providing support and stability.

What We Don’t Like 

  • This flask is on the expensive side.

What Our Editors Say

“We are impressed by how this 36-inch walking cane looks sophisticated and will elevate your outfit. The cool part is that it conceals five glass vials inside, each holding up to four ounces of your favorite alcoholic beverage, perfect for sharing with friends or relatives. The glass tubes have tight plastic tops to prevent spilling and make them withstand heavy use.”

Material: Glass | Capacity: 4 oz.

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13. Best Simple Design: Wowagoga Tube Flask

Wowagoga Tube Flask

Why We Think It’s Great

  • COMPACT: 6.25 inches tall and thin enough to make it easy to put in pockets or bags and transport anywhere.
  • STURDY AND DURABLE: Made from heavy and high-quality stainless steel, ensuring long-lasting service.
  • SIMPLE: Sleek and sophisticated aesthetic, which exudes elegance.
  • VERSATILE: It can also be used for other liquids, like mixers for making cocktails. 

What We Don’t Like

  • It doesn’t include a funnel.

What Buyers Say

“We liked the size of these flasks and the fact that they are sturdy. They are a bit heavy but still concealable and easy to carry. These will serve well when camping or taking trips because no matter how bumpy the road is, you lose a single drop. Aside from alcohol, these are also good for other liquids, which is very convenient.”

Material: Stainless Steel | Capacity: 1.5 oz.

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14. Most Realistic Design: Binocktails Power Bank Flask

Binocktails Power Bank Flask

Why We Think It’s Great

  • CONVINCING DESIGN: Equipped with two USB ports and light, giving a complete power bank appearance.
  • STURDY CONSTRUCTION: Well built and made from strong plastic material to ensure durability.
  • WEIGHS ADEQUATELY: With the alcohol inside, it feels and weighs like a real power bank.

What We Don’t Like

  • It gets easily scratched.

What Buyers Say

 “This flask has saved us a lot of money on liquor and successfully brought it to music festivals, concerts, and clubs. It looks so real that a USB cord fits into the device, so no one would suspect it.

Just ensure to put the lid on tightly and fill it to the brim, so the liquid inside won’t make a noise. It can also easily fit in small purses since it’s flat. It definitely holds up more than what’s expected because it’s super unnoticeable.”

Material: Plastic | Capacity: 8 oz. | What’s Included: Nozzle

15. Best Clever Design: True Binocular Flask

True Binocular Flask

Why We Think It’s Great

  • EASY TO CARRY: Built with a shoulder strap for easy transport and lessens the chances of misplacing it.
  • PERFECT FOR BIG PUBLIC EVENTS: Won’t look odd as the design is suitable for events with large crowds.
  • EASY TO FILL: Includes a sturdy funnel to fill the flask easily without spilling anything.
  • GREAT GIFT: Perfect for partygoers, concert lovers, sports fans, college students, etc. 

What We Don’t Like

  • It is prone to leaking. 

What Our Editors Say

“While this may not look and feel exactly like real binoculars, we still think it’s a great effort and is convincing from a distance. The plastic is also hard and sturdy, so it’ll survive a night of partying.

We also appreciate the shoulder strap because it beats holding the flask while dancing. Filling this will be easy, clean, and quick,  thanks to the funnel that fits the mouth perfectly.”

Material: Plastic | Capacity: 16 oz. | Manufactured: China | What’s Included: Funnel and shoulder strap

16. Best Packaging: Smuggle Your Booze Fake Tampon Box

Smuggle Your Booze with 10 Tampon Flasks and 10 Sleeves

Why We Think It’s Great

  • LOOKS REALISTIC: 10 flasks wrapped in 10 sealable pink tampon wrappers to make it convincing.
  • GREAT PACKAGING: Stored inside a sturdy blue box to secure the flasks. 
  • REUSABLE: Save money by reusing these flasks after thoroughly washing them.

What We Don’t Like

  • They retain a faint smell of alcohol.

What Our Editors Say

“We love the detail put into this product, from the wrapper up to the box, to make them look like the exact thing! However, they are a bit longer than real tampons. 

Nonetheless, it’s smaller than the other flasks, so you should be able to get away with it. Plus, the plastic feels thick and sturdy enough for the job.”

Material: Plastic | Capacity: 1 oz. | Manufactured:  USA 

Final Verdict 

Bringing a hidden flask in public is like playing a little game. The objective is to enjoy a drink and not get caught. And if you choose the best one, you might win! GoPong Hidden Lotion Flasks is our best overall pick because they are easily believable as lotion bottles and have great value.

While hidden flasks are fun items, it's still important to remember to drink responsibly or in moderation to reap the benefits of alcohol and prevent health conditions. 

Which hidden flask did you find the most interesting? Share your thoughts in the comments.

Best Hidden Flasks Buying Guide

Flask inside a pocket

Hidden flasks vary greatly in design, but there are other factors one should consider before buying one:

  • Material 

The material type will affect the flask's durability, affordability, and ease of cleaning. For example, stainless steel flasks are durable and easy to clean, but they can be more expensive than plastic ones. Meanwhile, plastic flasks usually come in more realistic designs.

Then there are glass flasks that are a little harder to maintain, but you are assured that they won't alter the taste of the alcohol. Balance the advantages and disadvantages of each material and choose what works best for you.

  • Style / Design

The last thing you want is your flask to be obvious or stand out. A good flask should be able to blend in with your other belongings so that it doesn't draw attention to itself and should also be easy to carry.

Sam and Stacy Greene, owners of Twist & Bitters, say, “It’s important to ensure that the theme of the flask matches the event you are bringing the flask to. If you're going to a concert, it's guaranteed to cause suspicion when someone sees you drinking out of a sunscreen bottle.”

“You also want to make sure it has a large enough opening for a small bottle brush, as it's important to clean your flask every so often. There are many creative hidden flasks, such as fake phone cases or bracelets. However, their small openings usually require a funnel to fill and are almost impossible to clean,” they further noted.  

  • Capacity

A hidden flask is only effective if it can hold enough liquor to get you through your event undetected. For example, if you're attending a sports event or a concert, ensure that your flask can hold at least eight ounces of liquid.

If you're heading to a bar, you might need more capacity. Otherwise, you'll just end up making multiple trips to the bathroom to refill your flask, which defeats its purpose. But it still depends on the liquor you're smuggling. If you're going for hard liquor, you might need a lesser amount so you won't get drunk easily.

  • Cap

When it comes to hidden flasks, the cap is often an afterthought. But the fact is, the cap can be just as important as the flask itself. A good cap should be leak-proof, so you don't have to worry about your precious liquor spilling into your purse or pocket.

You don't want to reek of alcohol because it will give you away. It should also be easy to open and close, so you can take a quick sip without fumbling in public.

  • Price

The price should be considered for a few reasons. First, if it is too low, it may indicate that it's made from inferior materials that will leak or break easily.

Second, if it is too high, it may be difficult to justify the expense. The sweet spot is somewhere in the middle, where you can find a good quality hidden flask at a reasonable price. 

Hidden Flasks FAQ

Flask and bottle of whiskey on the arm of a chair

1. What alcohol is best to put in a flask?

    Whiskeybourbonrumgin, and brandy are all good choices for a flask. These spirits are high in alcohol and keep well in such a container. But if a flask is designed to cater to specific alcohol, like a wine purse, you can bring your favorite wine.

    2. How do I drink without smelling like alcohol?

      One of the things to look out for when drinking in public is not to smell like alcohol. To remedy this, you can try to mask the smell by eating foods with strong smells like garlic and onion. 

      You can also chew gum or mints to freshen your breath afterward. If you don't want to eat, you can spray a bit of perfume on yourself.

      3. How to clean a flask?

        Fill the flask with boiling water and add a few drops of dish detergent. Swirl the water and leave it for several minutes. Afterward, use a brush or scrubber to remove any residue. Rinse the flask with hot water and let it dry completely.

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