Best Bartender YouTube Channels to Follow for Kick-starting Your  Career

Best Bartender YouTube Channels to Follow for Kick-starting Your Career

Whether you have a knack for making cocktails or want to explore the world of mixology, it’s important that you know where to begin with. In other words, exploring the world of bartending will need more than just passion.

Shockingly, the industry itself presents a great opportunity with an annual projected growth of 5.2% until 2026. So, it’s a great industry to dive in. But as we stated earlier, you need more than just interest in this industry.

Being an excellent bartender with a knack for handling the crowd isn’t easy but it’s not impossible either. Fortunately, the good old buddy YouTube hosts some professionals that you can trust.

So, for this article, we’ll be listing some of the best bartender channels that you can follow for the latest tips and tricks to begin your career. Or, if you’ve already begun, then these channels will be able to guide you to excel further. So, let’s start making cocktails!

Steve the Bartender
This Australian bartender is bringing loads of informative content on bartending and mixology, helping us make some lavish cocktails. The good thing about this channel is that it features easy-to-follow tutorials on how to make everyday cocktails as well as the fancy ones you order in clubs.

In addition, Steve also shares what his favorite drinks are as well as methods of preparing them using different techniques. Not to mention, he shares insights into different utensils and equipment that can be used for making desired cocktails.

So, if you’re looking for the right kind of cocktail and bartending content, then this channel is for you. Oh, and make sure to have good internet so that you can stream the videos seamlessly while you make the drinks in real-time.

For that, we recommend connecting with Xfinity as you get reliable connectivity as well as Wi-Fi gateways that will provide coverage in every nook and cranny of your space. Simply connect with Xfinity customer service and get a plan that’s tailored to your connectivity needs.

Tipsy Bartender

Yeah, we do get a little tipsy after drinking one or two shots, but thankfully, this channel doesn’tfeature a drunk but an expert. Skyy John famously known as the Tipsy Bartender features some of the amazing drinks and shots recipes that you can try at home.

With more than 190 videos, including unique recipes such as peanut butter cup shots, mac n cheese shots, etc. you’ll find the content to be extensively helpful for your bartending learning. It also features innovative tips on drinks, mixology, and more, gearing you up for a career in bartending in the right manner.

Cocktails & Dreams with Zack Prohaska

If you’re truly looking to learn some amazing bartending skills, then Zack Prohaska is the one that you can count on. His channel Cocktails & Dreams with Zack Prohaska features tons of content on mixology and bartending skills that you can add to your arsenal.

Don’t worry because even with professional expertise, Zack features step-by-step tutorials on how to make the drinks. You’ll get to see a lot of bottle juggling behind the bar, which is a skill to learn on its own and Zack does it with great ease!

But he’ll be teaching you how to do it along with sharing insights into some amazing drinks, cocktails, and other bar secrets and tips you need to know.

Vlad SlickBartender

Vladymyr Buryanov famously known as Vlad SlickBartender is best known for his educational videos on bartending and mixology. One of the main reasons why his channel has amassed 2.6 million subscribers is because of his fun way of illustrating skills in making the drinks.

Not to mention he’s also won 3 world championships in bartending as well as awards for his amazing bartending skills. Speaking of his accolades, you’ll find him an expert in making ice diamonds, penicillin-free alcohol drinks, and many more.

What’s next is that he’ll demonstrate the differences between the drinks so that you learn how to handle the requests from the customers without any hassle.

Small Screen Drinks

If you want to dive into learning how to handle bartending professionally as well as learn some modern and classic recipes, then Small Screen Drinks is your go-to channel. Not only do you get a fantastic dive into the topics of mixology but you also get insights from professional bartenders that will illustrate how to get things done.

Moreover, it has a dedicated video section on bartending techniques that are focused on helping beginners become professionals. From shaking to stirring, you’ll find that the channel covers all essential topics quite well.

The recipes are illustrated in detail and clearly, so that you can try them for practice whenever you want. It covers modern and classic drinks, and will certainly provide a good idea of a bartending career with the content.

The Educated Barfly

Yes, making cocktails is an art but how about you learn to make the drinks as well as know how these come into the market? Like that ‘first guy when he had coffee’ meme, The Educated Barfly will bring insights into the origins of the drinks, the original ones, and the variations.

Apart from this, this channel will guide you in understanding the different ingredients. It’s important as you can use this knowledge to come up with your signature drinks after experimenting with different flavors.

Moreover, you can get insights into tips and tricks as well as professional bartending techniques that will help you improve your skills.

Closing Thoughts

Well, there you have it! If you’re a fan of bartenders juggling drinks behind the bars in clubs and want to become one, then you can follow the channels mentioned above to get the best learning insights. So, ready to amaze your guests with some mean tequilas?

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