19 Best Canned Wines You Can Drink Anywhere

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When you think of wine, you are most likely reminded of the statuesque bottles that house this exquisite beverage. And when canned wines became a trend, many were doubtful whether the new packaging could maintain its flavors and aroma.

Canned wines offer a contemporary style that not only preserves the quality of wine , but also makes it an ideal treat for people on the go. So forget about breaking a wine bottle on a picnic or the hassle of using a corkscrew, and take these best canned wines on your next adventure!

Our Top Picks

1. Canned Wine Co. Gruner No.1 Premium White Wine

This best canned wine is the brand’s new vintage Gruner ripened on the fertile soils of Niederösterreich in northeast Austria. The dry and herbaceous white wine has hints of peach and green apple layered over pepper spice. And with 12.5% ABV, all these flavors create a refreshing experience best served when chilled.

Canned Wine Co. focuses on sourcing ingredients from the top producers in Europe to showcase unique flavors in canned wines. The company also makes sure that every vineyard practices sustainable or organic methods.

The brand was established by Lisa and Simon last 2019 after realizing that great wine is hard to understand and too expensive to enjoy regularly. After months of learning how they can develop a budget-friendly but high-quality beverage, they started the company.

2. Maker 2018 Cabernet Sauvignon

The 2018 Cabernet Sauvignon has an intense ruby red color with a dark berry aroma and savory herbal and chocolate undertones. This best canned wine gives off hints of blackcurrants, black cherry, mocha, and spice. It also has a firm tannin structure with a long finish. The complex flavors of this beverage are best paired with roast pig, wild duck, and molten chocolate lava cake.

The grapes used are sourced from a 45-year-old dry farmed Cabernet Sauvignon grown in volcanic soil. The farm’s location is located at a crossroad between the hot climate of the valley and the cool corridor of the Russian River and foothills. This results in berries with only a few clusters and small berries with intense colors and distinct aromas.

Maker was established by friends Kendra and Sarah. The two were classmates at Stanford Business School before they started crafting their venture. They thought that wine is indeed a good drink, but it tends to be intimidating. So they came up with canned versions to make premium wine more accessible to everyone.

3. Nomadica Canned Red Wine Blend

Nomadica’s Red Wine Blend is a marriage between 60% Sangiovese, 20% Grenache, and 20% Zinfandel. The wine offers tasting notes of silky, medium-bodied, bing cherry, strawberry, sandalwood, licorice, tomato leaf, cranberry, and plum. It goes well with red sauce pasta dishes, tacos, pizza, burgers, and anything that has chocolate.

Red Blend came to mind when the brand’s owner fancied Sangiovese so much. The sensational taste of tobacco, leather, and cherry is so good that they decided to blend other ingredients to make it even more refreshing. They incorporated Grenache for fun and a pure burst of strawberry. In contrast, the Zinfandel creates depth and bright dark fruit notes.

The founder of Nomadica, Kristin, cannot help but enjoy wine while working at restaurants in San Francisco. Although she already finished her degree in Sustainable Agriculture and Gender Studies and busy completing her pre-med at Harvard, she cannot help but continue her passion for winemaking .

4. The Family Coppola Sofia Brut Rosé

Sofia Brut Rosé is Francis Coppola’s tribute to her daughter. Designed after the sparkling rosés in France, this best canned wine is nothing short of delicious, refreshing, and fun. It boasts of light effervescence, crisp natural acidity, and a light creamy texture. You would also fall in love with the aroma of strawberry, Meyer lemon, and raspberry.

The combination of 80% Pinot Noir and 20% Chardonnay gives off tasting notes of fresh-picked strawberry, mandarin orange, and ginger. The sweet taste complements well with dishes such as fruit tart with lemon curd and fried chicken. Sofia Brut Rosé had also gained the favor of wine sommeliers when it won the gold medal at the 2019 Sunset Magazine International Wine Competition.

“Quality. Authenticity. Pleasure.” These are the three core values that the Family Coppola practices in their company. The brand was established by Francis Ford Coppola, a six-time Academy award-winning director of films such as The Godfather Trilogy and Apocalypse Now. Since winemaking has been part of the family, they restored the Niebaum Mansion in Rutherford and decided to craft wines.

5. Union Wine Company Underwood Pinot Gris

“Cheers to Mother Nature!” The Union Wine Company believes that one should keep the environment safe and harmonious. Together with The Nature Conservancy, the brand came up with a canned version of their delicious and in-demand wines.

One of their best sellers is the Underwood Pinot Gris, a classic flavor with hints of lemongrass, green apple, and white stone fruit. This best canned wine has already won several awards from Wine Enthusiast such as 2018 - 89 Points “Best Buy,” 2017 - 90 Points “Best Buy,” and Wine Spectator’s 2016 Pick of the Day.

The Union Wine Company is a product of Ryan Harms’ passion for winemaking . After working with several wineries throughout his career, he decided to create something to share with friends and family with an accessible price point. Thus, the brand was built.

6. McBride Sisters Coastal Berry Dry Rose Spritzer

The McBride Sisters were raised in different geographies and didn’t know each other. While they grew up separately, their passion for winemaking was destined for them. Robin and Andrea’s love with wine came to a reality when the two finally united in 2005 and established their brand.

One of the best canned wines they offer is the Coastal Berry Dry Rose Spritzer, which is inspired by women who are always on the go. This beverage is made with the brand’s mixture of California Rose. It gives off notes of ripened raspberries, blackberries, and bubbles, giving a crisp and refreshing taste.

7. House Casa Rita Canned Wine Cocktail

On a hot day, the best way to enjoy the sun’s warmth is by drinking a refreshing beverage, like Casa Rita. This best canned wine has sweet, tart, and tangy flavors from the agave and lime. It also offers citrus hints for that extra depth. If you are serving some barbeque or spicy curry, those will go well with this drink.

“Don’t overthink it, just drink it.” This is the motto of Hal Landvoigt, an award-winning winemaker and owner of Casa Rita. He would travel to wine regions annually to source the most compelling grape varieties and learn various winemaking styles. Since 2019, he single-handedly ran the business and made it reach greater heights.

8. Babe 100 Rosé Bubbles

Fun and festive! Nothing describes Babe better than its free-spirited branding, which is very apparent in the cans packaging and the wines’ taste. After the infamous South Hampton Rosé shortage, Josh Ostrovsky, a.k.a. “the Fat Jew,” and Tanner and David Oliver Cohen, the founders of “White Girl Problems,” launched their first product - the White Girl Rose Wine.

While the brand offers several canned wines, one of their best products is the 100 Rosé Bubbles. It has a light and refreshing feeling that will make any day better. With only 6.9% ABV and 100 calories, each can is just enough to satisfy your cravings without the harmful effects.

9. Lila Wines Rosé

Everyone is a big fan of Rosé simply because it has a sweet and exhilarating taste, perfect for outings, cocktail parties, and get-togethers. It’s no wonder that light drinkers always prefer this wine. Lila Wines offer one of the lightest, cleanest, and crispiest Rosé in a canned version.

It has aromatic notes of watermelon, strawberries, and a hint of minerality. This best canned wine is dry and refreshing with tasting notes of red berries and orange peel. Since it has a sweet taste, it pairs well with savory dishes like lobster and BLT sandwiches. Each 5 oz. has approximately 110 calories and is gluten-free.

The name “Lila” came from the ancient Sanskrit word for “play like gods.” The brand embodies playfulness and adventure in its wine mixture, packaging, and marketing. So if you are free-spirited, you will enjoy a can of this wine.

10. Lubanzi Wines Chenin Blanc

When a dog follows you on your journey, what could it mean? Well, for the founders of Lubanzi Wines, it meant something special.

Wayback in 2014, two exchange students in South Africa traveled on a 20-hour bus ride en route to the Wild Coast for their expedition to a remote place in the country. On their second day, a wandering dog called “Lubanzi” began following them for six days and 100 miles. And on their last night, the dog just suddenly disappeared. For them, what happened was poetic and remarkable.

In 2016, they moved to South Africa and started a business that is deeply rooted in the culture of the country. While searching for the best vineyards and partners they can work with, they finally launched Lubanzi Wines. Indeed, it was a journey worth traveling.

One of the brand’s signature mixtures is the Chenin Blanc. This best canned wine is filled with vibrancy and luminosity with tasting notes of lychee, green apple, and apricot, making every sip an adventure of the palate.

11. Amble + Chase Rosé

Another Rosé on the list of best canned wines is from Amble + Chase. Made with 40% Grenache, 30% Syrah, and 30% Cinsault, each sip boasts sweet, fruity, floral peach and ripe red grapefruit tasting notes. You would also love the aromatic hints of cherry blossom and white raspberries.

Amble + Chase believes that wine should be exciting, delicious, and can be enjoyed anytime and anywhere. The brand’s name is a homage to the winemaking process, where the winemakers will “amble” through the vineyard. Followed by the “chase,” where the grapes are ready to be harvested.

12. Cupcake Vineyards Sauvignon Blanc

Cupcake Vineyards is home to the most complex and premium wines that pair perfectly with any vacation getaway or at-home relaxation. Jessica Tomei, the brand founder, has spent 15 years searching for the best vineyards across the world’s finest wine regions.

Growing up in a family that loves food and wine, she made her way into the University of California, where she finished a degree in Viticulture and Enology. After scouring different vineyards all over the world, she finally came up with her label.

Their signature mix, the Sauvignon Blanc, is a vibrant and crisp wine that originated from the vineyards of South Island in New Zealand. Every sip delivers tasting notes of Meyer lemon, grapefruit, gooseberry, and citrus. This beverage pairs well with oysters, creamy lobster risotto, and other seafood.

13. Pampelonne Blood Orange Spritz

This best canned wine by Pampelonne has natural flavors of lime, cinchona bitters, and blood orange folded into fine French wine.

This time-honored beverage was reinvented with the addition of passionfruit and citrus to make their signature blood orange bitters . The combination of all the elements resulted in an appealing and complex taste.

Pampelonne was inspired by the most “sophisticated yet carefree” beach in St. Tropez. The founders’ goal is to create a sparkling wine cocktail using French wine that is light, crisp, and refreshing. Other flavors you can indulge in include French 75, La Peche, and Rosé Lime.

14. Hey Mama Rosé Bubbles

Rosé Bubbles by Hey Mama is made of 60% Syrah, 38% Cabernet Sauvignon, and 2% Pinot Gris. The marriage of these wines produced a delicate finish with flavors of watermelon and strawberry. It also boasts of aromas ranging from strawberry, honeysuckle and honeydew melon.

Lauren Strokes, a mother of three, is passionate about supporting other moms. With her love for anything bubbly, she created Rosé Bubbles to bring a smile to anyone’s face. Since being a #Mompreneur also means lifting other mothers, 10% of all sales and profits go to charities and organizations supporting women and children.

15. Una Lou Rosé Canned Wine

“A wine to celebrate.” Una Lou’s take on the classic Rosé began when husband and wife Andrew Mariani and Lia Ices welcomed their daughter, Una Lou. This celebratory beverage is loaded with white peach, jasmine, and wild strawberry flavorsan explosive taste in every can.

The grapes used in crafting the wine are family-owned and sustainably farmed in northern California vineyards. A portion of the proceeds goes to Edible Schoolyard and The Center for Land-Based Learning, organizations supporting youth, food, and agriculture education.

16. Nomikai California Red Canned Wine

In Japan, Nomikai is a term that refers to drinking parties where friends or colleagues gather together.

The inspiration behind this brand came after a long day of hiking through the desert. The founders imagined what it would feel like to drink wine while enjoying the fresh air outdoors. So, they came up with canned wines that everyone can bring wherever they go.

California Red, one of their best canned wines, is a bright medium body red with notes of bold and dark fruits and a zesty finish. They also offer other flavors such as Gin and Tonic and California Rosé.

17. Ah So Bubbles Canned Wine

While Ah So wines has a playful name in attractive packaging, the brand knows that excellent wine starts in the vineyards.

The founder, Carrie Chiappeta, has already tried multiple canned wines, but none fit her lifestyle or met her standard for responsible and organic farming. So, she decided to start her brand.

Each Ah So canned wine only uses estate produced and hand-harvested, 100% organically farmed ingredients without pesticides and herbicides. One of their popular variants, Bubbles, is a complex sparkling wine with honeysuckle and stone fruits tasting notes and a textured finish.

18. West + Wilder Red Wine

This best canned wine is a marriage between Mourvedre, Syrah, Malbec, and Cabernet Sauvignon. The intense, delicious, and bright taste is perfect while enjoying the warm breeze on the beach. It offers tasting notes of fruits and floral with juicy and soft tannins.

West + Wilder is a product of long-time friends Matthew Allan and Kenny Rochford. Matt has worked with several wine businesses for several years, wherein his responsibility involved creating and launching products. Meanwhile, Kenny has worked in the wine industry since he was still in university. With experience in the winemaking business, the two were able to get inspiration for their brand.

19. Gotham Project Pinot Grigio

The Gotham Project was not the inventor of wine taps or even sherry on tap, but it's one of the pioneers of premium wines packaged in cans. This brand is a collaboration between Charles Bieler and Bruce Schneider. Their first release was “The Finger,” a 2019 Finger Lakes Riesling. Since then, the company continues to prosper.

Their best canned wine, Pinot Grigio, was farmed organically in vineyard sites located between Palermo and Salemi. The beverage was fermented and aged in stainless steel barrels to further enhance its flavors. It has aromatic and tasting notes of grapefruit and lemons, with a briny finish.


Canned wines are your new best friend for your beach trips, hiking, mountain climbing, or any outdoor activity. Without the hassle of bringing breakable bottles or wine openers, you can travel safely without any worries at all! Whether you are into reds, whites, or rosés, you can choose your favorites easily.

Which among these best canned wines would you like to try? Let us know in the comments.

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