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Beer towers are a popular bar or pub order for casual establishments. They’re easy to maintain and can save your servers from dealing with customers calling them for additional orders. The tall design can hold three liters of beer.

Things to Consider When Using Beer Towers

  • It can get clogged

If you do plan to serve drinks other than beer, remember only to add liquid and ice. Solid ingredients like fruits, vegetables, and mint can get stuck in narrow tubes.

  • It has a specific cleaning method

Some beer towers come with a powder cleaner that you add while you rinse it with water, but you can also use dish soap. Add your cleanser in your used tower and ¼ of water. Shake and drain the water through the faucet.

Add more water to get rid of the suds. Shake and drain the water through the faucet. If there are still suds, add hot water and shake. Make sure there are no suds left for your next batch of drinks . Leave it to air dry and wipe it clean.

  • It stays cold

The material of Beer towers is well-insulated. This means that your drinks can stay cold throughout the night without dulling or diluting the flavor.

  • Serving it still follows alcohol guidelines

When serving the beer tower, you need to ID everyone to make sure they’re of age. Serve the beer tower with the number of glasses according to the number of legal-aged customers.

  • It can contain more than a pitcher

A beer tower can go up to 100 oz, while a regular pitcher can go up to 64 oz. If you want more drinks during your night, order a beer tower instead of a pitcher. It stays cold longer, and you don’t need to lift anything except your drinking glass .

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