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Thick copper mugs in hammered style
No tarnish hammered copper mugs
Rivet-free hammered copper mugs
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Advanced Mixology

Hammered Copper Mugs Set of 4 (16oz)

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  • Hammered design Moscow Mule copper mugs 
  • Four (four) copper mugs
  • 16 ounce per mug

They say great things come in fours. Just think of the lucky four leaf clover or the greatest rock and roll quartet in history, The Beatles. But you know what else is wonderful, if you have them in fours? Advanced Mixology’s lovely set of 100% pure copper mule mugs, that’s what. But what’s so great about our mugs that you can’t find them anywhere else? Let us show you why:

  • They are authentic - which means we won’t sell you a cup that has metal fillers or linings in it. Our moscow mule mugs are coated with real, honest to goodness copper that has gone through a 32-point quality control process. Not only are their materials genuine but their craftsmanship is something that we are proud of the most. Each of our copper mugs is exquisitely hand made by metal artisans with at least a decade of experience in metal crafting.

  • They are drop-dead gorgeous - First of all, each cup fits perfectly in your hand. This set, in particular, comes in a good-looking barrel style and hammered finish that’s neither too big nor small. Each cup can hold 15 oz. of drinks because only are they pretty to look at, they are functional too. So you’ll end up enjoying your drinks more and less time worrying about spilling its contents.

  • They are safe and practical - Not only are they beautiful and practical, they are tarnish-resistant and safe to use as well. Our products are made from FDA approved food grade lacquer which makes it looking like new even when frequently used. It also makes you enjoy your drinks more because it maintains their temperature for longer.

  • They are satisfaction-guaranteed - Just how confident are we that you’ll love our copper moscow mule mugs? We offer a no questions asked, 100% refund guarantee and easy returns process should you feel unhappy with your purchase. 

With all these and more, you can be sure we will be giving you only the best copper mug your money can buy.  

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