Pure copper mug with gift box
16oz copper mug perfect for Moscow Mule
copper mug with coaster and box included
Wooden gift box for copper mug
Smooth copper finish Moscow Mule mug
Wooden gift box and coaster
Wooden gift box that can hold copper mugs
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Moscow Mule Mug (16oz) w/ Wooden Gift Box & Coaster

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  • 16oz copper mug with smooth finish 
  • Free coaster and gift box made from wood

There is beauty in simplicity, and our set of a 16oz Moscow Mule mug with coaster and wooden gift box is no exception. Elegant and functional, this mug and coaster set is the perfect understated gift for all ages. The wooden box adds a classic touch to an already superb set of glassware. But as lovely as it looks, you’ll know there’s more to our products than meets the eye.



  • Quality - It’s no question that our copper mugs are shiny and gleaming but, we can assure you, it’s not all for show. We are able to achieve its glossy and lustrous finish by by using premium and pure copper material and polishing them until our expert artisans see their reflections on the mug. For your assurance, our mugs are lined with a FDA-approved food grade lacquer.  We also conduct a quality control system so the slightest imperfection won’t ever pass through.

  • Size - It’s not too big or not too small, each cup can hold up to 16 oz of liquid in it so you can enjoy more of your favorite beverages with just the right balance of restraint. And because it is neither too heavy nor too light, holding on to it is not a problem as well. So, whether you like your drinks ice cold or piping hot, it holds up perfectly in your hand.

  • Craftsmanship - If you’re wondering how high quality our Moscow Mule mugs are, it’s because they are made by expert craftsmen with nearly a decade of experience molding and soldering metals into works of art. Each mug is carefully handmade to perfection.

  • Guarantee - All the excellent features of our products are nothing if we can’t guarantee it’s quality. That’s why when you order, we offer a 100% lifetime warranty on our products. This also includes a refund policy - no questions asked! Just let us know you are not satisfied with your mugs, and we’ll have one of our customer representatives assist you.

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