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Pure Copper Mule Mug (16oz) w/ Coaster

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  • Classic style copper mug in 16oz 
  • Comes with one (1) coaster

Are you a busy person who loves nothing more than to curl up with a glass of your favorite drink after everyone has gone to bed? Or someone who cannot function without a cup of coffee in the morning? We’ve got the cup for you: a pure copper mule mug that also comes with a wood-grained coaster that’s perfect for that oh so elusive “me time”. So, whether you love your drinks cold or hot, you can enjoy them more with a genuine copper mug set. But with so many choices out there, why should you trust ours?


  • 100% pure copper - We don’t use metal fillers or linings on our products. Our 22 gauge,100% pure copper sheets are even lined with food grade lacquer. Each cup also goes through a 32 point quality control check. The result is a genuine, premium quality copper mug that’s worth every penny.

  • Expertly handmade - Our copper mugs are not machine-made. Each one is made by hand! They are carefully created by craftsmen with decades of experience. As a matter of fact, they painstakingly allot at least 72 hours so you could get the perfect mug!

  • It is functional - Hate to drink stale and warm cocktails? We do too! That’s why we prefer copper mugs over other cups! Copper’s natural insulating properties retains the icy-cold temperature of your drink, and the cooling sensation is further heightened every time you take a sip.  How about hot drinks like coffee? Don’t worry! As mentioned, copper is great in keeping the temperature of your drink, hot or cold.

  • We keep our promises - Not only do we guarantee a lifetime, 100% refund warranty on our products, we also offer a free refund if, for some reason, you were unhappy with your purchase.

So why not get this lovely 16oz mug and wooden coaster set? Enjoy precious me time relaxing with a cup of your favorite drink with only the most high quality pure copper mug in the market. Because really, our copper mule mugs are just so pretty you won’t be able to take your eyes off them.

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