Kolorcoat Illustrated Flair Bottle 1 Liter - Series Two (Red)
Kolorcoat Illustrated Flair Bottle 1 Liter - Series Two (Red)
Barproducts.com, Inc.

Kolorcoat Illustrated Flair Bottle 1 Liter - Series Two (Red)

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Color: Multicolor


  • Accept no cheap substitutes! We proudly carry the ONLY flair bottle approved by the FBA (Flair Bartenders Association). Since 1997, Flairco has been the leader in the Flair Industry.
  • We took our ever popular Illustrated Original Flair bottles and added more color and fun to the illustrations using our Kolorcoat™ printing process!
  • Now you can learn to flair easily and with more pizazz.
  • Four tricks on each bottle accurately mapped out for you to learn quickly.
  • Available in both 750mL and 1 L sizes.

Details: After repeatedly breaking taped up Captain Morgan bottles, bartender Dean Serneels invented and introduced the world’s first Flair Bottle in 1997, naming his company Flairco. Flair expert Mike Mclean, with the help of a few family members, helped him to craft a very high quality line of “Flairco” bottles still surpassed by none. Using manufacturing trade secrets developed by QC Don Goddard, Flairco still produce the finest quality Flair Bottles on the market today. Now that the market is being flooded with cheap, easily-breakable Asian knockoffs, BarProducts.com is proud to offer "Flairco" North American Bottles at never before seen prices. Stick with quality, stick with the best, Flairco.

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