Copper Shot Glass Set of 2 (2oz)
Copper Shot Glass Set of 2 (2oz)
Advanced Mixology

Copper Shot Glass Set of 2 (2oz)

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  • High-quality copper material 
  • Hand-crafted not machine-made
  • Set of 2 copper shot glasses, 2oz each

In life, they say we only get one shot at perfect happiness. So, we should make the best out of every opportunity that comes our way. In Advanced Mixology, however, you get a chance at 2 shots. A set of 2 shot glass, that is. is indeed beautiful.



  • 100% copper, 100% satisfying - Like all our products, our set of shot glass is made up of pure copper as well. This means, we don’t use any flimsy metal, tin linings or fillers, just 100% premium copper sheets.

  • Ditch the plastic, go for copper - If you’re used to getting your shots from plastic and glass containers, you will find that drinking them from a pure copper vessel makes them more delicious. Why? Because copper has natural insulating properties which maintains the temperature of liquid longer. So whether you love hot drinks, like coffee or ice-cold like the classic Moscow Mule, you can be sure it’s fresher, more enjoyable to drink.

  • More than just a pretty face - It’s copper, it’s gorgeous, and its materials are sourced from abroad. Ever wondered how its handsome, hammered features got to be that way? It’s because each of our copper products are specifically handmade, exquisitely and carefully crafted by metal artisans all the way from Northern India. You’ll know it when you see it.

  • Some promises are not made to be broken - We can go on and on about the great features of our copper bar tools but you know how sure we are that we can deliver our promises? We offer our customers a no questions asked refund policy. This includes a free returns policy as well. Because when we say our copper shot glass are the best, we mean what we say.

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