100% Pure copper bar tool set
Copper cocktail shaker
Mugs made from copper
2 shot glass made from copper
Advanced Mixology

Copper 6-Piece Bar Tool Set w/ Moscow Mule, Shaker, & Shot Glass

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  • 6 Piece bar tool set
  • Two (2x) 18 oz Moscow Mule Mugs 
  • Two (2x) Shot Glass 
  • 25.3 oz Shaker 
  • 50.7 oz Pitcher
  • Contoured Brass Handle

Love cocktails and mixing drinks? I’m sure you’ll love them even more with our knockout 6-piece bar tool set that includes (2) 18 oz. mule mugs, (2) shot glasses, (1) 25.3 oz. shaker, and (1) 50.7 oz. pitcher . Never has preparing drinks look this stylish. If you order from us, you will get only the most elegant and highest quality bar tools you can’t find anywhere else. We’re not kidding. Here’s just some of the reasons our products are special:

  • They are unique - All our products are expertly and carefully handmade and hammered in India. This means, each piece is unique and has gone through an elaborate quality control process to ensure excellent craftsmanship. What’s more, our mule mugs have a contoured brass handle that lets you hold your drinks safely so you don’t have to worry about the handles falling off when you’re drinking.

  • They are 100% safe and made from pure copper -  We can assure you our products don’t contain harmful chemicals and or cheap metal linings. Each one is coated with food grade lacquer that’s FDA approved so its safe for drinking. You can enjoy your drinks more because it doesn’t flake or tarnish and keeps your favorite hot or cold beverages fresher longer. So whatever you feel like drinking-- whether moscow mule, water, beer, or cocktails, you can be sure they are safe and delicious. 

  • They are guaranteed to please - Yes, even our most discerning customers will find that this premium set of bar tools is just what they needed.  This is why we are happy to offer a no questions asked, refund guarantee. We’ve also included a friendly customer service policy that lets you return your order for free in case you are not happy with your purchase.

Order this lovely set of copper bar tools now and share your favorite drinks with family and friends in style