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Artisan Wooden Coasters Set of 6

Sale price $ 14.99 Regular price $ 19.99
  • Set of six (6) coasters 
  • Made from premium wood 
  • Damage resistant 
  • Lifetime guarantee

Looking for the perfect gift for that special man in your life? But what do you really give the guy who has everything? Whether he’s your father, your son, your husband or a boyfriend, get him a really nice set of handcrafted wooden coasters from Advanced Mixology. It’s a marvelous gift idea for that special guy whatever the occasion is.



Why give him this swanky set of coasters? What’s so special about our coasters that make it such an excellent present for that handsome guy of yours. Allow us to explain you why.

Because they are classy, elegant, and unique. They are not just your average run of the mill plastic coasters with tacky designs. Each of our coasters is painstakingly crafted in the best wood grain by artisans. They will look perfect in high end bars and classy interiors. We bet he won’t be embarrassed to display them along with his manly sets of cocktail accessories.

Because it’s made from high quality materials, it’s damage resistant, absorbs spills, and catches condensation better. So, your guy can pour drink after drink and not leave a liquid stain on the furniture.

As with all Advanced Mixology products, you can be assured of the quality and authenticity of our products. We offer a 100% lifetime guarantee should you feel that the coasters are not up to your standards. That’s a promise we always intend to keep.

So, why wait for Father’s Day or his birthday? Order Advanced Mixology’s classy set of wooden coasters today and let this special guy know you’re thinking of him.

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