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  • Sale -14% Reduce Wine Cooler Set, White – Stainless Steel Wine Bottle Cooler Set with 2 12oz Insulated Wine Tumblers – Keep Wine at the Perfect Temperature, No Ice Required, Fits Most Wine Bottles Reduce Wine Cooler Set, White – Stainless Steel Wine Bottle Cooler Set with 2 12oz Insulated Wine Tumblers – Keep Wine at the Perfect Temperature, No Ice Required, Fits Most Wine Bottles

    REDUCE Reduce Wine Cooler Set, White – Stainless Steel Wine Bottle Cooler Set with 2 12oz Insulated Wine Tumblers – Keep Wine at the Perfect Temperature, No Ice Required, Fits Most Wine Bottles

    Brand: REDUCEColor: WhiteFeatures: VACUUM INSULATED – The reduce wine cooler and tumblers are dual wall vacuum insulated to keep wine chilled for hours! It is designed to keep your drinks tasting fresh and hassle-free. Hand washing is recommended with mild soap and water SWEAT PROOF BODY – Seamless design is made of safe and durable 18/8 stainless steel and 100% BPA free materials to enjoy the best drinks without condensation without the broken glass. Each tumbler measures 5.25” high, 3.5” wide, and holds 12 ounces and the wine cooler fits most 750mL bottles. INCLUDES TRITAN LID – The press in lid is spill and leak resistant, so you can travel with it when you're on the go; Does NOT include STRAW. The insulated lid is positioned for a secure fit that lets you open, drink, and close everything hassle-free Part Number: 11067Details: Introducing the reduce Vacuum Insulated Wine Cooler Set, including one wine cooler and two wine tumblers, each with a press in Tritan lid. This unique wine cooler set combines sleek style with functional features. The convenient ergonomic shape, featuring a non slip base creates a sleek silhouette that is easy to hold. While the wine cooler is designed to keep your wine at the perfect temperature for hours, the tumblers can be used with hot or cold beverages everyday. Bring them to any outdoor events such as: Park Picnics, Camping, Pool, Beach, BBQ, or any weekend trip or vacation. It is composed of 18/8 stainless steel & 100% BPA-Free materials that do not retain odors. Hand washing is recommended with mild soap and water. Does NOT include STRAW. Each tumbler measures 5.25" high, 3.5" wide, and holds 12 ounces and the wine cooler fits most 750mL wine bottles. Makes a great gift for any occasion or person in your life: birthday, anniversary, holiday, men, women, etc.EAN: 0842815102049Package Dimensions: 9.4 x 9.2 x 4.9 inches

    $ 97.99$ 84.49

  • Sale -16% Oggi Double Wall Stainless Wine Cooler Oggi Double Wall Stainless Wine Cooler

    Oggi Oggi Double Wall Stainless Wine Cooler

    Brand: OggiColor: SilverFeatures: A double wall construction provides insulation so that your wine remains at its proper serving temperature longer Quality stainless steel and fine craftsmanship Binding: KitchenDetails: True to its name, the Lustre double wall wine cooler from Oggi features an elegant stainless steel body with a beautiful satin finish sure to catch the eye. A double wall construction provides insulation so that your wine remains at its proper serving temperature longer. The wine cooler holds a single standard size bottle. Just chill your favorite wine in the refrigerator, then take it out and place it in the wine cooler to enjoy it at your table.Package Dimensions: 8.7 x 5.6 x 5.4 inches

    $ 39.99$ 33.49

  • Sale -13% FRIGIDAIRE FRW1225 Wine cooler, womens

    Frigidaire FRIGIDAIRE FRW1225 Wine cooler, womens

    Brand: FrigidaireColor: womensFeatures: Holds up to 12 bottles of wine: innovative design allows the standing or vertical storage of up to 4 open bottles Stylishly designed with a curved glass door. Temperature controller ranges from 46-64 Blue interior light Vibration free - bottle sediments is not disturbed Adjustable electronic temperature control Remove able shelves; 2 player glass door Release Date: 22-05-2017Details: When you hear the Igloo name, immediately you think of quality built, affordable refrigeration. WELL the folks at Igloo are at it again and they will not disappoint you! introducing the FRW1225, 12 bottle wine Cooler. The ingenious design allows you to store up to 12 bottles with 8 Lying flat and 4 standing up to maximize space. This wine Cooler fits anywhere, looks amazing and using the adjustable thermostat, it keeps your favorite wine at just the right temperature. The ultra-cool Blue light interior gives a soft and subtle touch and along with the removable shelves, Igloo made it a breeze to clean. All from this from the makers at Igloo, the leader in wine Cooler refrigeration!Package Dimensions: 26.0 x 22.0 x 12.0 inches

    $ 350.99$ 304.49

  • Sale -14% Oggi Wine Cooler with Freezer Inserts Oggi Wine Cooler with Freezer Inserts

    Oggi Oggi Wine Cooler with Freezer Inserts

    Brand: OggiColor: SilverFeatures: Stainless steel wine cooler with freezer inserts Keeps your wine cool without condensation on the wine bottle 2 Tone satin and mirror finish Recommended hand wash with mild soap Binding: KitchenDetails: With innovative designs and contemporary finishes, oggi’s kitchen and bath wares are truly tomorrow’s housewares.Oggi’s wine Cooler with freezer inserts is no exception. This attractive Cooler keeps your wine cool without condensation on the wine bottle. It's easy to use. Simply remove black centerpiece and freezer inserts. Place inserts in the refrigerator and let cool or freeze. Once at desired temperature remove and replace in wine chiller. Replace centerpiece and insert wine bottle. Stainless steel. Do not use abrasives when cleaning. Hand wash.Package Dimensions: 8.1 x 7.3 x 7.1 inchesLanguages: English

    $ 53.99$ 46.49

We all love a refreshing glass of wine, but since we cannot put our wines in extremely low temperatures, such as the freezer, we must have a piece of equipment that will keep it cool without diluting its authentic flavors. While the chiller of your refrigerator may suffice to this need, it may not be convenient when you’re at a drinking session.

Wine chillers are insulated portable tools to put your wine or wine bottles to keep them cool. How do they work? Remember that your wine bottle must be initially chilled before using the wine chiller.

The process is basic—warm air is less dense than cool air, so the cold air from the chilled wine bottle stays inside the wine chiller. There are also different wine chillers that you can use differently to yield the same results.

Types of Wine Chillers

There are many types of wine chillers, and here are some of the most famous types for you to know:

  • Marble Wine Chillers. Marble wine chillers are stylish, smooth, and durable. They're one of the most popular in the market. Marble wine chillers are heavier than other chillers, so they're prone to breaking.
  • Stainless Steel Wine Chillers. Stainless steel is second to nothing when it comes to durability and functionality. They are shatterproof, long-lasting, and high-functioning as the material it is made of is a good insulator. However, the thickness of the wine chiller may have different effects.
  • Glass Wine Chillers. A glass wine chiller has a double wall that prevents warm air from coming in contact with the wine while trapping the cold air inside. The advantage of using this wine chiller is the elegance that it gives off. As it is made of glass, you can still appreciate the beauty of your wine bottle while inside.
  • Electronic Wine Chillers. Electronic or rapid wine chillers are perfect for cooling beverages faster than a regular wine chiller. It uses electricity, so it may not be suitable for some occasions. However, it speeds up the chilling process—so if you have one, you do not have to wait for long before having your wine.
  • Cooling Sticks. Cooling sticks are intelligent inventions that allow you to keep your wine chilled without garnering much attention. A cooling stick is simple to use; once you’ve opened a bottle of wine, stick it inside, and it's going to do the work.
  • Wine Chiller Bags. This type of wine chiller is very convenient and portable to use. It consists of padded material with an outer layer that traps the cool air to keep the wine chilled and avoids the warm air getting into the bottle's surface.The wine chiller bags are lightweight, portable, and easy to store. They also have a collapsible design, making them perfect for taking anywhere!
  • Insulator Chiller Bottle. Insulator chiller bottles are usually made of stainless steel. You can split this compartment in half so you can quickly put your wine bottle inside. Once inside, the spout is sticking out, so you can pour it anytime you want.
If you’re interested in buying your wine chiller, here are some things that you have to keep in mind.
  • Materials. Wine chillers can be made from neoprene, vinyl, double-walled glass, plastic, metal, marble, stainless steel, or any insulating material. The most common wine chiller material you can find in the market is double-walled glass, marble, and stainless steel.
  • Size. Your wine chillers should be the right size to accommodate your wine adequately. The ideal height is up to the inner part of the neck, and the perfect height should leave a space for your bottle to accommodate air. Wine chiller buckets that are too wide poorly traps cold air, making them less functional.
  • Style. Wine chillers can be a wine chiller bucket, cooling stick, and wine chiller bag. You have to consider what works best for your wine and your environment. Wine chiller buckets are more stable than wine chiller bags, but the latter is more portable.

Advanced Mixology has a collection of wine chillers that might suit your taste, so check out our featured products if you are planning to buy a wine chiller. If you have any inquiries, feel free to reach out!


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