• Sale -14% Chalkboard Plastic Tip Jar For Money - Works As Bartender Tip Jar - Bundle w/ 2 Paper Cusinium Coasters and Ebook Chalkboard Plastic Tip Jar For Money - Works As Bartender Tip Jar - Bundle w/ 2 Paper Cusinium Coasters and Ebook

    CUSINIUM Chalkboard Plastic Tip Jar For Money - Works As Bartender Tip Jar - Bundle w/ 2 Paper Cusinium Coasters and Ebook

    Brand: CUSINIUM Features: 👍Clear plastic tips jar bundle includes: anti theft chalkboard tip jar, Cusinium funny coasters (2 pcs), and Ebook. ❗ Comes blank with no words on it ❗ ✅Chalkboard will draw attention to your tip jar for restaurant and motivate customers to leave a tip. ✅Be creative - try different slogans: “Good tips good karma”, “Tips appreciated”, etc as it's so easy to erase and rewrite it - find which one works the best for your clients! ✅Secure storage. To ensure that the content inside is safe, the Anti Theft Velcro Tape can be placed on the bottom of the tip bucket for bartender. ✅Twist-off bottom for comfortable access. Cool tip jar's design makes it impossible for strangers to reach hands from the top, but so easy for you to empty it from the bottom. Details: COMES BLANK WITH NO WORDS ON IT! Wanna get more tips? Businesses Are Getting Really Creative With Their Tip Сontainers W Lock! Plastic tip jars for bartender with black chalkboard! Great idea!!! Tip bucket for money together with chalkboard is the best solution for getting some more extra money in your restaurant, bar and cafe. Tips jar for money has printed word “TIPS” for light identification. Barstool chalkboard is the newest and greatest way to upgrade your jar for tips! Your customers will love funny and creative messages you can write on the board. This couple is definitely one of the ways to make your bar more attractive! The inscription on the chalkboard attracts clients attention and calls for action! This fun tip box and black chalkboard combination is a great way to personalize your style and mood every day. Contact customers every day with a new message and watch for changes in the amount of the money in your locking tip cup. Skinny style secure tip jar that fits almost anywhere. Use it as dj tip jar, in a shop or at a coffee-spot, for musicians, at the wedding and eve in the car. Simple care - wipe with a wet napkin. Dimensions of the tip container for money are 11.5 x 4.5 x 3.6 inches. 100% risk-free purchase! If you are not satisfied with our thank you for tip jar for bar you are welcome to return it and get a full refund with no questions asked! So why think longer? Click on buy and get tip jar for bartender delivered to you in just 3-5 days! Package Dimensions: 10.9 x 3.7 x 3.7 inches

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Tip jars have been displayed on the bar, restaurant, and fast-food counters to encourage customers to tip their servers. They're used to accumulate tips within the shift, and the amount can be divided fairly among the staff. The tips are usually given for the employees and the restaurant's service.

However, not many people are aware of the rules and culture around tipping which could lead to an unhappy server or a look of disapproval from other customers. It's always better to err on the side of caution when it comes to everyday things like these.

Quick Tipping Guide: How Much to Tip

1. Standard Tip

The standard tip in most restaurants is 15%-20% of the bill. This is the fair and just way to tip your bartenders and servers and the safest way to tip in general.

2. One vs. Two Dollar Tip

Even if you're not paying for drinks or you only bought a beer, tipping at least one dollar for the bottle of beer will help your servers. Most servers need to earn tips to make a liveable wage, so be sure to tip even for a small drink.

On the other hand, a cocktail is a different story. Since it takes time and effort to prepare, you need to at least tip two dollars even if you're not paying for the drink. A good example is at a cocktail party, it's important to remember that they're not only making your drinks, but they're doing their best for everyone to have a good experience.

3. 18/20/22 Tip

    If you want to tip according to their service, you can always go with the 18/20/22 percent tip. 18% is for okay service but needs improvement; 20% being the standard level of service and 22% being excellent service. But you can always tip more if you want to.

    4. Total not subtotal

      Remember to calculate your tips with the total amount instead of the subtotal. The subtotal is the price for each product, and the total is the overall price of all the products. Calculating the subtotal means you'll tip less, which will make you a lousy tipper.

      5. Always in Cash

        Even if you're using a card to pay for your meal or drinks, always tip in cash. It's important to note that servers can't get the tip from the card that extra payment will most likely go to the restaurant.

        Countries That Do Not Require Tipping

        • Countries that consider it offensive.

        Some Asian countries like Japan, China, and South Korea consider tipping to be offensive. The consensus is that you're already paying for good service, and paying extra may seem unfair and impolite to other servers. Some also consider this a bribe to give better or special treatment, which is also considered rude.

        • Countries that don't find tipping common.

        Other Asian countries such as Thailand, Malaysia, and Vietnam do not have the common practice of tipping but greatly appreciate it when they receive it.

        Australia, New Zealand, and Switzerland are the same since it's required by law to include the service charge in the overall bill. If you do want to tip your servers in these countries, 10% of the total should be enough.


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