Smoking areas in bars were commonplace until 2018. By that time, the smoking ban was enacted in 26 states like New York and California. Designated smoking areas are now the new norm to prevent and control smoking in public places.

These policies were enacted to lower the adverse health effects of passive smoking. It helps protect non-smokers such as children, pregnant women, and immunocompromised people by controlling the areas where people can smoke. This lowers the risk of heart disease, cancer, emphysema, pneumonia, and other conditions.

How to Prepare a Smoking Area


Just because there’s one smoker in the group of customers doesn’t mean they’re going to the bar or restaurant alone. Having multiple chairs in the smoking area allows more customers.

Open space

Smoking areas should be in open spaces. Closed-off places have a higher risk of carbon monoxide poisoning as the oxygen and ventilation can be limited in a room. Just be sure to have your smoking area at the back of your bar to not affect the passersby on the street.


Cigarettes and cigars produce ash from burning tobacco. Cleaning off ash on the floor can be challenging and, in most cases, can stain it over time. Ashtrays are designed to hold cigarettes and catch the falling ash. This leaves you a container of ash to throw in the garbage during clean-up.

Heating Lamps

The cold season can be rough for businesses. Have heating lamps ready to keep customers warm and safe. This will leave a good review on your bar and can attract more customers in the future.


There are times that the elements can be unforgiving. That’s why you should also have an umbrella or parasol installed on the tables to protect your customers from the sun and rain.


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