• Sale -13% Set of 3 Large Bamboo Serving Trays – Large Serving Tray with Handles – Coffee Table Tray – Food Tray – Bed Tray Set of 3 Large Bamboo Serving Trays – Large Serving Tray with Handles – Coffee Table Tray – Food Tray – Bed Tray

    Foresy Set of 3 Large Bamboo Serving Trays – Large Serving Tray with Handles – Coffee Table Tray – Food Tray – Bed Tray

    Brand: ForesyFeatures: 3 Big Sizes – Large (16.5x13in), Medium (15.5x12in), and Small (14.5x11in). Every tray is built big enough to handle every size of plate with room to spare. You’ll have so much room you won’t know what to do with it. Free Gifts! – Each set of trays comes with a free bamboo placemat, a perfect fit for the largest tray, and 3 cork coasters! Lightweight & Sturdy – These trays are built to last – without being too heavy and to back that up, we offer a no questions asked, free replacement, warranty for 1 year. Bamboo – Made with bamboo, a strong a lightweight yet beautiful material. Note: As these trays are made from bamboo there might be some slight variation in how your tray looks, but no matter what they will be beautiful. The base is made from MDF, a strong wood composite designed to handle every task, no matter how heavy. Easy to Clean – All you need is a bit of water, dish soap, and a single wipe and you’re there! Details: Made from bamboo these trays are beautiful no matter where you put them or what you use them for, they work well in the kitchen, on your coffee table or couch, and they're perfect for breakfast in bed, you won't know how you did without them.Three great sizesLarge - 16.5 by 13 inchesMedium - 15.5 by 12 inchesSmall - 14.5 by 11 inchesEvery tray fits every plate you can imagine, you'll find that even our smallest tray is big enough for any meal.Three trays are perfect for organizing, you'll have the best options for which tray should go where, you'll never be stuck having to decide where your tray should go as you'll have three!WarrantyWe believe in our products and we are proud to offer a full 1 year, no questions asked warranty, just send us a message and we'll get you a replacement set for free.Did We Mention Free Gifts!Every tray comes with a bamboo placemat tailored to fit the largest tray, as well as three cork coasters! Never worry about spilled food or drinks again.Package Dimensions: 16.9 x 13.4 x 3.3 inches

    $ 152.99$ 132.49

  • Sale -9% Hutzler Melamine Handles Serving Tray, 20" x 15", White Hutzler Melamine Handles Serving Tray, 20" x 15", White

    Hutzler Hutzler Melamine Handles Serving Tray, 20" x 15", White

    Brand: HutzlerColor: WhiteFeatures: Strong & durable - won't bend or buckle Comfortable handles for transporting food Elegant look of ceramic Ideal for indoor and outdoor use Heat resistant to 360F Binding: Kitchenmodel number: 3920WHPart Number: 3920WHDetails: The Hutzler Melamine Serving Tray has an elegant look while being lightweight and easy to lift for comfortable serving. Made of the highest quality melamine, the tray has a thick wall construction that will never bend or buckle. Two comfortable handles make lifting a breeze. It is hand polished for a permanent shine. It is heat resistant to 360F. Ideal for indoor and outdoor use. Dishwasher safe.EAN: 0070537009203Package Dimensions: 20.2 x 14.7 x 1.8 inches

    $ 112.99$ 102.49

  • Sale -10% Greenco Rectangle Bamboo Butler Serving Tray With Handles Greenco Rectangle Bamboo Butler Serving Tray With Handles

    Greenco Greenco Rectangle Bamboo Butler Serving Tray With Handles

    Brand: GreencoFeatures: Made of durable natural bamboo known to be environmentally friendly, stronger and more beautiful than regular wood. Ideal for serving breakfast, dinner, wine, or just anything else, or use for an elegant decoration display. Elegant sides with wide handles for easy grip. Surrounding tray lips prevent items from falling over. Hand wash with mild soap warm water, for extended life of tray use bamboo oil occasionally. Tray measures approximately 16.5 L x 10.5 L x 2.35 H inches. Binding: KitchenDetails: ABCEAN: 0646437622608Package Dimensions: 16.7 x 12.1 x 2.2 inches

    $ 65.99$ 59.49

Serving trays are a convenient way to deliver food and drink to a table. They’re usually made from plastic or metal with a wide base to accommodate the food items. They come in a variety of designs that are used to serve different meals.

Different Materials for Serving Trays

Plastic. These are durable and affordable. Many establishments choose this type of serving tray since they’re the most common and easy to store. But most people opt for a biodegradable option for the environment.

Wooden. These are commonly used to serve breakfast in bed. They’re stylish, and they come with neat little handles for easy delivery. The appealing design makes it easier for servers to deliver soup or beverages since it has a certain depth.

Metal. Stainless steel is the commonly used metal for these trays. They’re used to serve drinks since metal can retain its cold temperature. Servers require some practice with this tray as they’re held from the bottom.

Fiberglass. Restaurants use fiberglass trays since they can hold a lot of food items. They’re solid and convenient to use when serving big families.

Different Types of Serving Trays

Fast Food. These trays are usually made of plastic, and they have a sleek design, so they’re easy to stack. You can buy these types in bulk as most fast food places have many customers coming in every day.

Appetizer. Some trays do not need to be large; appetizer trays are made to serve before a meal. The appetizers are given on a small tray which helps customers wait for their meals by giving them something to munch on.

Tea. Afternoon tea is standard in some countries; tea trays are served on stylish metal trays where the tea and snacks are laid out fashionably.


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