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Kitchen Science Moscow Mule Hammered Copper Mugs - Set of 6 (16oz)

Regular price $ 44.99
  • Six (6) pieces of Moscow Mule copper mugs 
  • Comes in a unique hammered style 
  • 16oz each 
  • Lifetime guarantee with free and returns

If you love your Moscow Mules, then chances are you know the drinking experience wouldn’t be the same when you drink it from a glass or ceramic mug - only a copper mug could feel that void. With so many copper mug retailers out there,, we know just how difficult it is to get authentic copper mugs.. Most of them just claim to be made from real copper but are actually lined with nickel or cheap metal linings. Do not be fooled with the pretty photos you see on the internet. If you are looking into getting a set of authentic and high quality Moscow Mule mugs, make sure to get your hands on our copper mugs because:

  • They are actually made from 100% copper - This means our mugs are free from unnecessary fillers like stainless steel and nickel. In return, you’ll get a mug that is more efficient in retaining the cold or hot temperature of your drink.  Plus, pure copper mugs don’t tarnish easily, of course with proper and regular maintenance.

  • They are sturdy and safe for drinking - Advanced Mixology’s Moscow Mule mugs are not only aesthetically pleasing to the eyes, they are made to last as well. Check out our collection of 6-piece set of 16oz Moscow Mule mugs and you’ll see what we mean. The attractive and stylish barrel design with hammered finish is complemented with the latest technology in metal joining–our mugs are rivets free!. This means there are no holes screwed on the handles. So you can enjoy your drinks more without worrying about the handles falling off or your drinks leaking from the sides.

  • They have a lifetime warranty guarantee - Compared to our competitors, all our copper products are backed with a lifetime warranty. We also have a dedicated after-sales customer department for returns and refunds.

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