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    Granatan Granatan 6 Bottle Alcohol Dispenser Wall Mount

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    Dispenses any liquor you want with ease Holds 6 bottles of liquor safely and securely Sleek and simple design makes it easy to clean Ideal for your next poker night or get together The perfect finishing touch to every man cave or home bar area Pour Like A Pro With This Alcohol Dispenser Wall Mount Do you want your parties to have the same flair and atmosphere as a professional bar? Now you can, with our amazing 6 Bottle Professional Alcohol Dispenser Wall Mount! Just like a real bartender, you can efficiently dispense drinks quickly for friends and family – making for the ultimate poker night or get-together. With the capacity to safely and securely hold up to six bottles of liquor, you can easily pour the perfect drink shot every time - no need for manual ‘counting’ of fingers anymore! Perfect for any home bar or man cave, this innovative solution makes it simple to bring a fully professional atmosphere straight into your favorite gathering spot.  This liquor dispenser offers so much convenience that it'll make drinking time way more enjoyable. Besides adding convenience, it will also bring style and sophistication - be ready to receive roaring compliments from your friends and family when they get a glimpse of your cool cocktail creation. Serve an individual set-up of shots or craft some amazing cocktails without worrying about measurements. Impress your guest with shooters and many more drink recipes – the possibilities are endless. Transform your man cave experience into one like never before; order yours today!

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Liquor dispensers are an effective and efficient way for bar owners to manage and monitor the amount of liquor poured during operation. Ideal for large establishments with high-volume customers, most liquor dispensing systems can be linked to the bar’s POS system, allowing them to compare the total liquor pours to the day’s sales.

As the name suggests, this machine automatically dispenses liquors in a measured quantity. It uses mini-flow meters directly attached to liquor bottles to track down each pour in real-time. This way, you can be sure of your drinks’ consistency and prevent the common mistake of over-pouring.

Types of Liquor Dispensers

  • Guns. Typically, guns involve tubing that runs from the bar to an area with small vats where they pour the liquor. When a customer selects an alcohol brand, the liquor pass through the line, traveling from the liquor room into his drinks. Most of the time, bars limit guns use to rail products such as vodka, gin, rum, rye, and other spirits.
  • Spigots. Spigots utilize time-release valves for dispensing liquors. They feature a ring placed around a nozzle on the liquor bottle. Once requested, the selected bottle is put through an activator ring, pressing a lever that will open a valve through an electrical courant to pour a configured amount of the liquor.

Although using a liquor dispensing unit will benefit most busy establishments, it is not suitable for all businesses. Here are some pros and cons of liquor dispensers that you need to know to help you decide whether it is a good fit for your bar or not. 

Pros & Cons of Liquor Dispensers

  • Ensures consistent drinks. The main reason for using a liquor spout is to provide your customers with consistent drinks. It also prevents over-pouring and spillage, which means that no liquor goes to waste.
  • Allows prompt service. With its automatic mechanism, this device saves a lot of time and enables quick service at all times. If you want to eliminate long waiting times to keep your customers happy, adding this equipment to your bar is an excellent idea.
  • Minimizes expenses. Using liquor pourers can also reduce your bartender training expenses.
  • High initial cost. Implementing a liquor dispensing system at your bar can be very costly. You need to purchase a flow meter for every liquor bottle you have, and the set-up cost can be significantly high.
  • Requires maintenance. Sweet liquors tend to crystallize, which may cause clogging. So it is necessary to conduct regular maintenance and check the lines and spigots to maintain smooth operation.
  • Separate inventory system. Although liquor dispensers can pour exact amounts of alcohol, it still requires different liquor inventories. These systems have no way of indicating when an entire bottle of liquor is missing.
  • Too impersonal. Most clients enjoy seeing your bartender pouring them a drink straight into a glass. Using these machines can lose some personal touch in your customer service.

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