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Goblets and chalices are glasses that resemble the shape of wine glasses. They have the same purpose—to serve wine. However, comparing the two, goblets and chalices are more extravagant in terms of design.

Goblets are usually used to refer to gourmet wine glasses. At the same time, chalices are highly associated with religious practices or historical celebrations and are not widely used in the same setting as the goblet. 

Goblets and chalices are often featured in historical and magical shows, and they take us back to when people still perform witchcraft and magic!

Sometimes, goblets and chalices with two handles on the side of the bowl also exist, and those with peculiar stems are often present in costume parties. They do not have a specific purpose, but they add to the vibe that makes this glassware more interesting.

Types of Goblets and Chalices

  • Glass goblets and chalices are too flashy compared to wine glasses but too simple for other types of goblets. This short-stemmed glass with a big vessel is commonly present on tables during the holiday season. Some goblets have a longer stem but a smaller bowl, and they could have simple patterns on them.
  • Brass goblets and chalices are the least common type. They are often present at religious ceremonies, but they also have health benefits. The brass helps in food disintegration, which can help people with iron deficiency.
  • Stainless Steel goblets and chalices come in two styles, the plain one and engraved with patterns or figures from historical places, people, events, and mythical creatures such as dragons. Sometimes, they also come with jewel decorations. One of the most famous goblets of this type is inspired by the magical-fantasy movie series Harry Potter.
  • Wooden goblets are uncommon in this generation, but they are commonly used as gifts and souvenirs. This type can also be found in religious settings but is not as common as brass and stainless steel.
  • Crystal goblets and chalices have a distinct difference from the glass. Similar to wine glasses, crystal goblets should have a rainbow prism effect. They are not widely used as they are more fragile.
  • Mixed material goblets and chalices are made from two different materials, usually glass and stainless steel. The bowl is glass, and the handles and stem are stainless steel and engraved with various patterns.
  • Silver goblets and chalices may be stemless. They also have patterns and figures carved on their body, and they can also have jewels. This type is also present in some religious practices.

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