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Designer check pad holders are a great way to distinguish which holder belongs to which server. It helps keep track of how many you've served during your shift and which tables belong to you as they tend to mesh together throughout the night.

Tips on Taking Orders


If you notice the checkbooks are small, you can't place an entire meal order word-for-word, or you'll run out of space. That's why you use abbreviations that your co-workers will understand. This will make you efficient in taking orders and adding extra adjustments if a customer requests something for the meal.

Check Plates

The number one issue most customers get is getting the order wrong or forgetting the order. It becomes an issue since customers place their trust in their servers to get their orders right. Always check the order before delivering it to the customers; this will prevent you from going back and forth from the table and lessen complaints.

Types of Checks

  • Carbon

This has a thin sheet of ink paper that helps transfer the original order to the copy. The restaurant's monthly computations and expenses use this copy, while the original goes to the customers, but some leave it at the restaurant with the payment.

  • Carbonless

The back of the sheet is coated with dye, the pressure from the pen transfers to two sheets of paper, making exact copies for the bar to record.

  • One Part

This is mainly used for customers who order at the counter since they don't require a copy.

  • Multiple Parts

Some customers require more than one receipt; this is common for groups who prefer to pay separately.

  • Bound

These are tightly bound checkbooks, which are great for servers who handle multiple tables, and you require a bit of organization.

  • Loose-pack

This is mainly used for counter orders and fast-paced restaurants. Quick movements are key to an effective business.


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