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  • Sale -13% VEVOR 2.4" Ice Ball Press Kit VEVOR 2.4" Ice Ball Press Kit

    VEVOR VEVOR 2.4" Ice Ball Press Kit

    Brand: VEVORColor: SliverFeatures: Easily Get a 2.4" Ice Sphere: Our ice ball press can produce large ice spheres, 2.4 inches/60 mm in diameter, with the thermal conduction of aluminum. The top half will fall on the lower by gravity, and then a perfectly shaped ice ball is ready for you. The temperature of the ice ball presser becomes relatively low after an ice sphere is done, which will influence the shaping effect of the following ones. So before you make the next one, please wait for a moment until its temperature rises. Non-Skid 2-Piece Design: Our ice press kit for whiskey adopts a two-piece design, hassle-free to assemble and disassemble. Its surface is treated with a non-skid diamond-shaped texture, elegant in appearance and convenient to hold tight when separating the two pieces. Unlike making an ice sphere by pouring water into the mould, our ice ball maker can offer you slow-melting ice balls with higher hardness. You can place ice blocks (even in irregular shapes) between the two parts. Food-Grade AL Material: Constructed of aircraft aluminum alloy, our ice ball press features high durability and lightweight. Besides, the external surface has been anodized, solving the defects of the Al alloy material perfectly, such as insufficient hardness and easy-to-wear. Thus, the expanded application scope and a prolonged service life can be assured with ease. User-Friendly Accessories: Our ice ball presser comes with practical accessories - one clamp and a small plate are offered to you, bringing many conveniences to your ice ball shaping. You can place the plate under the presser kit to catch the water melted from the ice, and clip the ice sphere out with the clamp. Both of them are made of food-grade stainless steel. Widely-Applicable Ice Ball Press: Our ice ball presser kit can be an ideal choice for people keen on having a drink on the rocks. It can be applied to various places, including but not limited to bars, restaurants, drink stores, etc. And with its compact size (3.9 inches in diameter and 5.9 inches in height), you can also have one in your kitchen at home if there is a need. Binding: Kitchenmodel number: 2.4" Ice Ball MakerPart Number: ICEBALLPRESS2.4INDetails: VEVOR Ice Ball Press, 2.4" Ice Ball Maker, Aircraft Al Alloy Ice Ball Press Kit for 60mm Ice Sphere, Ice Press w/Stainless-Steel Clamp Plate, Silver Ice Ball Press Maker for Whiskey, Bourbon, ScotchEAN: 0754194442770Package Dimensions: 8.7 x 8.4 x 8.3 inches

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  • Sale -16% NiHealth Edible Glitter Powder Luster Dust Metallic Fancy Food Decorating Sprinkle Shimmery Brew Dust for Drink Wine Beverage Cake Candy Dessert Bakery Restaurant Vegan Allergen-Free (Silver, 5 g) NiHealth Edible Glitter Powder Luster Dust Metallic Fancy Food Decorating Sprinkle Shimmery Brew Dust for Drink Wine Beverage Cake Candy Dessert Bakery Restaurant Vegan Allergen-Free (Silver, 5 g)

    NiHome NiHealth Edible Glitter Powder Luster Dust Metallic Fancy Food Decorating Sprinkle Shimmery Brew Dust for Drink Wine Beverage Cake Candy Dessert Bakery Restaurant Vegan Allergen-Free (Silver, 5 g)

    Brand: NiHome Color: Silver Features: 💖【Edible Luster Dust】KOSHER, HALAL, HACCP and Vegan Certified. 100% edible food-grade glitter powder in 5 g/0.18 oz size to meet your needs in breweries, distilleries, restaurants and food service industry. This vibrant, edible brew glitter can elevate cakes, cupcakes, cookies, wine, cocktails, champagne, and other baked goods by giving them a stunning shimmer. It is the perfect complement to cocktail drinks, adding unlimited sparkle, glitz and fun to your drink and evening out! Color: Silver. 💖【Vegan & Allergen-Free】Food-grade glitter uses only the highest quality vegan ingredients and does not contain common food allergens, including gluten, nuts or dairy products, so everyone can use and enjoy this product regardless of diet or food allergies. Unlike food contact glitter, these are 100% edible, so you don't need to worry about using them in your creations to make them sparkle for all. 💖【Safe & Non-Toxic】Our multi-purpose glitter contains mica-based pigments and undergoes a specific manufacturing process to make the minerals safe and edible. It’s a safe food coloring without added sugar or flavors, and ingredients in the edible glitter powder include mica, titanium dioxide and iron trioxide, which are color additives specifically approved for food. 💖【Easy to Use】Specially developed for food decoration and craft industries, this luster dust produces realistic looks by highly pigmented colors with a metallic finish. The pretty fine grain is more convenient for painting. To add glimmer and sparkle to your creations, simply sprinkle or dry brush the luster glitters on them. This product adheres very well to both wet and dry mediums. Attention: Seal and store glitter powder in a cool and dry place after use. Do not expose to excessive heat. 💖【Amazing Brew Glitter】Edible glitters are so fun and simple to use with brews. Add one pinch or two directly to your favorite beverage, mix it with cocktail syrups, juices, liqueurs, liquors, or spirits. Use a clear glass instead of opaque containers so that the liquid looks so cool, especially when you move it around in the glass with a stir. A tiny amount of dust can create a great visual spectacle, and clear liquids offer a great blank canvas for glitter to show off the best ability. Details: NiHome Edible Glitter Powder Luster Dust Metallic Fancy Food Decorating Sprinkle Shimmery Brew Dust for Drink Wine Beverage Cake Candy Dessert Home Bakery Restaurant Vegan Allergen-Free (Silver, 5 g) Package Dimensions: 2.4 x 1.4 x 1.3 inches

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Cocktail garnishes can be anything like fruit, vegetables, herbs, flowers, or objects. One of the key factors that can make a drink unique and appealing is the visual aspect. Garnishes are used to meet this requirement.

Cocktail Garnishing Techniques

  • Wedge
  • This is the easiest way to garnish a drink. Just cut a wedge from your fruit and add a slit with your knife. Insert it to the rim of your glass using the slit and enjoy. If you’re using a citrus wedge, squeeze the juices onto the drink.

  • Twist
  • Peel a thin piece of rind from your citrus fruit. You can use a small knife or channeling knife to create the peel. Twist the peel around using a swizzle stick or straw to create a lovely spring, and hang it on the rim.

  • Zest
  • Peel a wide piece of rind from your fruit and twist to express the oils into the drink. Place the peel inside the drink, and that will add a bit of color to your clear cocktail.

  • Flag
  • For this technique, you’ll need a cocktail stick to make the garnish. Take a thin slice of citrus and pierce the edge, add the cherry, and pierce the other end of the citrus. You can have this garnish floating above the cocktail or dipped in the drink to soak.

  • Salt/Sugar Rim
  • You can use a salt/sugar rimmer or the old technique. For the old method, rub lime or honey around the outside rim of the glass and rub the coated part with salt or sugar.

  • Apple Rose
  • This requires some preparation compared to the other drinks. Cut thin slices of apple for the petals and coat them in salt. The salt will draw out the moisture and slow down the browning process.

    Wash the salt off with warm water and line the slices straight, with each end overlapping the next slice. Roll the pieces together and use a toothpick to hold the flower in place.


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