• Sale -13% Mophorn Chafing Dish 4 Packs 4 Quart Stainless Steel Full Size Rectangular Chafers for Catering Buffet Warmer Set with Folding Frame Mophorn Chafing Dish 4 Packs 4 Quart Stainless Steel Full Size Rectangular Chafers for Catering Buffet Warmer Set with Folding Frame

    Mophorn Mophorn Chafing Dish 4 Packs 4 Quart Stainless Steel Full Size Rectangular Chafers for Catering Buffet Warmer Set with Folding Frame

    Brand: MophornColor: 4 PacksFeatures: Stainless Steel Material: This chafing dishes made of 410 stainless steel. Sturdy construction ensures it has good heat resistance, is not easy to rust, corrode or tarnish, and make it durable to use for a long service life. Convenient Structure: Each chafing dish set consist of stainless steel frame, a water pan, a full size pan, two fuel holders, a fuel tray and a lid. The handles on both sides make it easy to carry it, and the foldable design helps you reduce storage space. Temperature Maintainence: The bottom tray supports two fuel burners to maintain ideal serving temperatures. The two fuel burners can keep food warm for extended periods of time and provide consistent heat distribution. Large Serving Capacity: With an ample 8qt capacity, this chafer has large space to keep food being fresh and delicious to make more people enjoy the food together, is ideal for serving a variety of appetizers, entrees, or side dishes. Wide Application: Suitable for many occasions. You can use it for wedding, banquet, Picnic, birthday, party to serve your guest and keep food being fresh and delicious. No stick and easy clean with dish washing liquid and dried with a soft towel. model number: Chafing Dish 4 Packs 8 QuartPart Number: glassDetails: Rectangular chafing dish stainless steel full size 8 quart introduction: This is our stainless steel 8 quart welded chafing dish which is ideal for buffets, hotel breakfast areas, brunches, catering, parties, wedding banquets and self-service environments. Made of stainless steel and featured a uniquely designed frame, This chafing dish can be used for a very long time and is easy to store and clean. Technical parameters: overall size: about 24 "x14" x11. 4"(L x w XH) inner Size: 19. 29"X11" x3. 54"(L XH) 2 food pan size: 19. 8"X12" (L ) 2 alcohol furnace size: 3. 54" (Diameter) x9. 8"(Height) material: stainless steel volume: 9 L /8 quart package includes: 4x 8 quart chafing dish.EAN: 6259359937886Package Dimensions: 27.5 x 26.0 x 15.0 inches

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A buffet is a festive system of serving meals to the public. A line of metal containers filled with food is placed on a long table, and people help themselves depending on their appetites. This practice began around the 19th century where food was served at parties; since not everyone plans to eat during the party, the food is there for the hungry guests.

Types of Buffets

  • Breakfast Buffets

Almost every high-end hotel offers breakfast buffets. It’s an excellent way to feed all the guests without putting too much burden on your staff. It provides various breakfast combinations where customers get to pick for themselves, and it can be prepared the night before.

  • Salad Buffets

This is also offered in many establishments, but it’s not as popular. Preparing vegetables can be a difficult task as greens tend to wilt when exposed to hot temperatures.

To keep lettuce cool and crisp, spray a bit of water and use some ice to keep them cold. Remember to offer a variety of dressings such as vinaigrettes, yogurt, oils, and lemons. 

  • Snack Buffets

Some buffet places offer snacks or appetizers before serving the main dishes. This gives the chefs time to prepare certain meals as some of them are better served warm. Snack buffets have bread, fruits, soups, and sandwiches.

  • Dessert Buffet

These are popular among young guests. Ice cream, cakes, and other pastries are commonly served on these buffets with toppings like chocolate, nuts, and sprinkles to go along with them.

  • Brunch Buffets

This is a meal that is served around 10-11:30 pm. They’re great for the weekends and a popular hangout suggestion for couples, friends, and family. They have a mix of breakfast meals and lunch meals served at the buffet, and customers get to decide which meal they would like.


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