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A beer bong is a tool used to deliver beer in the fastest and most entertaining way. It is made up of a funnel with a tube attached for the user to drink from. Beer is poured into the funnel, and the person drinks from the tube.

How to Drink from a Beer Bong

1. No foam

Make sure the funnel does not have any foam from it. The foam makes it difficult to swallow beer since it’s not as heavy as one. Remove the foam by applying a bit of oil with your finger around the foam.

The oil breaks the bonds in the foam, and it helps it dissipate. Additionally, it’s important to pour beer with lots of foam since it releases most CO2. If you drink foamless beer, the CO2 might be released in your stomach, which can cause bloating.

2. Take a deep breath

Some people feel like they would run out of air when they’re drinking from a bong. Remember to take a deep breath before chugging the beer down.

When you swallow, the epiglottis covers the trachea to prevent food or water from going into your airway. This prevents you from breathing while you drink, so taking that deep breath can help you drink from that bong. 

3. Relax

Panicking might prevent you from swallowing correctly, and it could lead to vomiting or breathing in alcohol. Relaxing can help you consume the beer faster.

4. Drink Fast

Remember that the beer is flowing down at a rapid rate. You need to drink fast since letting the taste linger in your mouth may cause you to get nauseous.

You also need to breathe soon as the average human being can only hold their breaths for 60- 90 seconds. Drinking slowly will let you feel the full force of beer immediately, which may lead you not to finish your bong.


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