• Sale -9% TEAVAS Mixology Bartender Kit with Bamboo Stand | 25-Piece Bar Essentials Set Comprising Stainless Steel Bar Tools | Sturdy Cocktail Shaker | Bar Tool Set | Recipe Menu, for Clubs, Lounge & Party TEAVAS Mixology Bartender Kit with Bamboo Stand | 25-Piece Bar Essentials Set Comprising Stainless Steel Bar Tools | Sturdy Cocktail Shaker | Bar Tool Set | Recipe Menu, for Clubs, Lounge & Party

    TEAVAS TEAVAS Mixology Bartender Kit with Bamboo Stand | 25-Piece Bar Essentials Set Comprising Stainless Steel Bar Tools | Sturdy Cocktail Shaker | Bar Tool Set | Recipe Menu, for Clubs, Lounge & Party

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    Brand: TEAVASFeatures: PREMIUM QUALITY: Our bartender kit professional is made of premium quality materials, making it strong enough to serve you for many years. The set comes with 26 -piece bar utensils made of high-quality 304 stainless steel material. It comes with a high-quality bamboo stand as well. UNIQUE BAR EQUIPMENT SET: The bar sets cocktail offers a perfect solution for your entire bar utensil needs. It features 25-pieces including a cocktail shaker allowing you to serve customers like a professional. Besides, the set comes with a bamboo stand for easy organization and storage of the bar utensils. It comes with a free unique recipe menu for making amazing cocktails. VERSATILE: Our elegant bar essentials set is designed for multiple applications. It works perfectly in small clubs, lounges, big clubs, and even 5-star hotels. You can also use the bar essentials for drinks kit at home for parties or even when you want to enjoy cocktails and drinks with your friends. There is no limit on where and when to use this classy product. CONVENIENT: This classy wine bar set is easy to use even for novice bartenders. The utensils included in the set are easy to clean and dry. It also comes with a stylish bamboo stand, where you can easily organize your bar equipment with ease. Looks elegant and can be used to enhance service delivery in your bar. EXCELLENT BARTENDER GIFT: If you have a bartender friend, then our bar stuff would make an excellent gift for her or him. You can also surprise your favorite bartender or friends any time with this elegant bar equipment kit. Details: Professional Bartender Set We provide you with the best cocktail shaker and bar tool set allowing you to serve your customers like a professional. The set contains different bar equipment from cocktail shaker, wine openers, mixing spoon, ice tongs, strainer, fruit needles, brush, and much more. With our professional bar kit, you can prepare different cocktails and drinks for your customers comfortably. Our set comes with a free unique cocktails recipe menu booklet to help you prepare delicious cocktails. Durability Our bar equipment set features premium quality bar utensils made of high-quality materials to last for many years to come, giving you value for your money. The utensils are made of top-grade stainless-steel material, which is resistant to rust and easy damage. When taken good care of, our Bar utensils kit can last for many years. Bamboo Stand The bartender's kit professional comes with a super stylish bamboo stand that serves as a bar utensils organizer as well. Bamboo is one of the strongest woods of all time; that tells you how strong the bamboo stand is; it would serve you for many years to come. Besides, the bamboo stand is well partitioned to fit all the 26-pieces in our bartender essentials set. Must-have Bar Kit You cannot afford to miss this elegant bartender kit with a bamboo wood stand. It is classy and allows you to serve your customers like a professional. With our bar utensils set, you can comfortably serve your customers with their favorite cocktails, wines, alcohol, liquor, whiskey, or even juice. The bar set is easy to carry, just in case you wish to use it out of the bar. Excellent Customer Service We are always committed to providing our customers with high-quality products all the time. Our bartender gadgets set comes with a stress-free 30-day Money-back warranty. If you experience any challenges while usEAN: 6970519531347Package Dimensions: 11.7 x 7.2 x 5.4 inches

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When you’re starting as a bartender, buying the proper tools and equipment is essential for mastering your craft. Getting each item you need separately isn’t a financially smart move because prices can vary depending on the seller.

That’s why getting a bartending set can save you some time and cash. This will help prepare you for cocktail making, flair bartending, and other skills you need to learn as a mixologist. It usually consisted of a shaker, jigger, strainer, stirrer, and other cocktail tools.

Included Tools in a Bartending Set

Shaker. This tool is used to mix and cool drinks. It can be a two-piece or three-piece tool, depending on the shaker. The types of shakers are Boston, Cobbler, and French. The easiest to use is the Boston shaker, and the most difficult is the Cobbler Shaker.

Jiggers. Originally, shot glasses were used to measure drinks when making cocktails. The design was later modified to have two differently measured cups for better use. They also changed glass into metal to minimize the number of accidents. Each measurement is categorized as single, double, pony and rocks.

Strainer. After mixing and shaking all the ingredients, the bartender needs to strain them into a glass to make them more presentable to the customer. You can find two types of cocktail strainers in a set: The Hawthorne and Julep strainer.

Stirrer. Shaking drinks is one way to mix and make cocktails, but some recipes require a gentler approach. Stirrers are used for such an occasion. Their handle is long and spiraled, making it easier for bartenders to grip and stir. The spoon can also be used for measuring or pouring different colored alcohol for a gradient effect.

Muddler. This is used to extract the flavor from fruit, vegetables, or herbs. Unlike the blender, you don’t need to add solid mash into the drink. All you need is the extracted flavor, and you’re good to go.

Ice Tongs. Handling ice with your bare hands is unsanitary, which is why most bartending sets come with ice tongs. They’re usually made of plastic or stainless steel and can rest comfortably on the ice bucket or near your cocktail station.


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