• Sale -11% 14 Inch Sauerkraut Tamper for Packing Fermented Foods into Mason Jars Long Wooden Potato Masher Vegetable Pounder Eco-friendly Ash Tree Natural Solid Wood Packer 14 Inch Sauerkraut Tamper for Packing Fermented Foods into Mason Jars Long Wooden Potato Masher Vegetable Pounder Eco-friendly Ash Tree Natural Solid Wood Packer

    Mokosha 14 Inch Sauerkraut Tamper for Packing Fermented Foods into Mason Jars Long Wooden Potato Masher Vegetable Pounder Eco-friendly Ash Tree Natural Solid Wood Packer

    Brand: MokoshaColor: WoodFeatures: TAMP & POUND WITH EASE – crafted of solid wood, our vegetable pounder helps you pound, smash, and pack vegetables tightly for your homemade fermented food with minimum efforts. STURDY & DURABLE – we chose high quality ash tree wood for our cabbage tamper, since it’s sturdy & durable. No splintering or cracking over time. The sauerkraut pounder features a smooth surface. FOR LARGE & SMALL MASON JARS – the double-sized design of our wooden muddler makes it compatible with traditional and wide-mouth mason jars. Both ends could be used for pounding and packing. It’s larger than regular wood packers (14 In.) WIDELY-USED – it’s not only a wood muddler that helps compress your cabbage for sauerkraut making in all types of fermentation vessels. It can be also used as a potato masher, nut cracker or a pounder for muddling herbs. GREAT OFFER – one tree will be planted after each purchase. Don’t waste time. Buy this efficient eco-friendly vegetable tamper & enjoy its benefits. model number: T14Part Number: M0010Details: What do Professional Chefs Choose to Simplify Process of Fermenting Vegetable?We know secret of how to save time making fermented food. W/ our cabbage tamper you’ll pack & pound sauerkraut & other food tightly in any jar w/ minimum efforts. A lot of professional chefs have already tried it & use this functional vegetable pounder for different purposes.What do We Offer?Having analyzed demands of our potential customers, we enhanced quality, improved design & made our wooden sauerkraut stomper larger. Its benefits:DOUBLE-SIZED DESIGN – both ends of different diameters (2” & 2.5”) can be used to pack or pound vegetables in different vessels – traditional mason jars, wide-mouth mason jar & ceramic stoneware fermentation crocks etc.It’s ONE-PIECE WOOD sauerkraut Tamper made of eco-friendly ash tree. Sturdy & durable. It can change its color over time, as most of wooden kitchen tools do, but it won’t be cracked or splinted under press.NO CHEMICALS, NO GLUE, NO PAINTS - it’s not finished by oil or wax so that you can do it by yourself, choosing oil that suit you.SMOOTH SURFACE – it’s pleasant to hold & clean this vegetable tamper after using.AVERAGE SIZE – our fermentation pounder features 14” – not too small & not too bulky.VERSATILITY – thanks to this wooden muddler you’ll easily make any kind of healthy fermented food - sauerkraut, kimchi, ginger carrots etc. It can also serve as meat pounder & as nutcracker! You can even use it for self-defense.Notes:only hand wash is recommended;leave this wood kraut pounder to dry out after using;oil it from time to time;All packing details, as well as product itself, can be recycled & reused. Click ‘Add to Cart’ today & new tree will be planted tomorrow. Get durable stomper & take care of environmentEAN: 0648499871284Package Dimensions: 14.0 x 2.7 x 2.5 inches

    $ 79.99$ 71.49

  • Sale -12% HINMAY Stainless Steel Spring Locking Food Tong Set Utility Metal Tongs for Serving Cooking Grilling and Barbeque (9 12 14 Inch 3 Pieces) HINMAY Stainless Steel Spring Locking Food Tong Set Utility Metal Tongs for Serving Cooking Grilling and Barbeque (9 12 14 Inch 3 Pieces)

    HINMAY HINMAY Stainless Steel Spring Locking Food Tong Set Utility Metal Tongs for Serving Cooking Grilling and Barbeque (9 12 14 Inch 3 Pieces)

    Brand: HINMAYFeatures: 【DURABLE METERIAL, EASY ON YOUR HAND】HINMAY stainless steel metal tongs are manufactured from a premium 100% Food Grade stainless steel , safe for food contact and easy to handle! 【FUNCTIONAL DESIGN】The sliding locking ring makes it easy to carry and storage at any place. Clam Shell head makes it easy to grip and release. 【MULTI-PURPOSE USAGES】Can be used in your kitchen, restaurants, buffets, weddings, parties and more. Toss your favorite salad or grab some fresh baked goodies. These tongs can lift and flip with ease, avoid germs and prevent the risk of burns by using these fantastic14, 12 and 9 inch Kitchen Tongs. 【THREE SIZES】Each set comes equipped with 3 different sized tongs: 9”, 12”, 14” 【CUSTOMER SATISFACTION IS OUR #1 PRIORITY】When you purchase this specialty stainless steel food tongs set, you're offered a 100% CUSTOMER SATISFACTION SERVICE. Just contact us through your order if you have any questions and we will serve you until you get your 100% satisfaction. Try it risk free!! Details: HINMAYEAN: 0649383398993Package Dimensions: 14.0 x 4.3 x 1.3 inches

    $ 46.99$ 41.49

  • Sale -11% Joyoldelf Heavy Duty Stainless Steel Potato Masher Joyoldelf Heavy Duty Stainless Steel Potato Masher

    Joyoldelf Joyoldelf Heavy Duty Stainless Steel Potato Masher

    Brand: Joyoldelf Color: Black Features: Do you find yourself struggling to get the lumps out of your mash?Joyoldelf have the answer with our heavy duty stainless steel potato masher. Mashing shouldn't hurt your hand or be difficult. We're committed to making your life in the kitchen as easy as possible...Our heavy duty design and comfortable handle makes mashing easy and pain free. Stainless steel mashing plate and solid rubber handle of the potato masher are extremely easy for cleaning under tap water or mildly hot water. Since it's durability and health performance, long time use is guaranteed. Now you can mash potatoes, and all vegetables in kitchen or on the outdoors without using a mixer. Take it with you wherever you go and do the kitchen work without having electricity or gas saving on time, money and energy. Binding: Kitchen Details: Why The Joyoldelf Potato Masher? Potato mashing was such a daunting task in the past for everyone who had to use the highly inefficient vertical handled potato masher. It was a nightmare for those who were developing first stages of arthritis. Create a just-right texture with the Masher from Joyoldelf. Thanks to the newly designed innovative potato masher with horizontal grip and wide mashing plate, potato mashing is no more a tiresome kitchen activity.Constructed of stainless steel with a soft-grip handle for comfortable use, the Masher can be used for a variety of everyday tasks in a wide array of recipes including mashed potatoes and other root vegetables, guacamole, bean dips and more. The Masher includes a hanging hole for convenient storage and is dishwasher safe for easy cleaning. Key Features: Innovative Design Extremely Easy for Use Easy for Cleaning No Electricity, No Gas Soft-grip handle for comfort Hanging hole for rail storage Dishwasher safe for easy cleaning If you are planning to get a potato masher for daily use, this is definitely the best potato masher you could find in the market at this price. It is designed for durable use with stainless steel mashing plate and solid rubber grip which are both easy for cleaning and long lasting, and Dishwasher Safe! Purchase the high quality JOYOLDELF potato masher, and join the crowd of happy customers all around the world. EAN: 0602798398194 Package Dimensions: 12.5 x 3.1 x 3.1 inches

    $ 32.99$ 29.49

Kitchen utensils are essential for any food or drink establishment. They’re used for various things such as preparation, cooking, and even cocktail making. Cocktail making has its own set of tools and equipment, but kitchen utensils can also be used if you’re in a pinch.

Kitchen Utensils You Need for Your Bar

Tablespoon. This is an excellent replacement for jiggers and bar spoons. If you’re at a friend’s place and they ask you to make a cocktail on the spot, look for this utensil. Two tablespoons are equal to one ounce or a pony shot, and Three equals 1.5 ounces or a standard shot.

Wooden Spoon. This comes in handy when it comes to opening wine bottles or muddling ingredients. The thin cylindrical handle is usually perfect for the wine bottle’s mouth. Place the handle on top of the cork, cover it with a bar towel, and push down. This will open your wine bottle if you do not have a corkscrew on hand.

Wooden spoon’s thermal conductivity is lower than metal spoons, and this makes them ideal for muddling if you don’t have a wooden muddler on hand. They’re durable, easy-to-handle, and can even stir your muddled ingredients around. 

Potato Peeler. Most cocktail ingredients require fruit as an ingredient. Peels are used as a garnish to beautify their cocktails, and they usually use citrus peels to get a particular piece. Luckily, potato peelers can do something similar, just use a knife to trim some of its parts, and you have yourself a garnish.

Cheese Grater. Some cocktails require zest for their flavor and aroma to enhance the drink’s taste. A zester is typically used for these types of recipes, but a cheese grater will do just as well, remember to use the fine grater.

Tongs. Regular kitchen tongs are much larger than ice tongs, but they can be used if the other one is unavailable. Remember to be extra careful when handling as the tongs may be too large for the small ice.

Potato Masher. This is another helpful tool for muddling, but its width may not fit in a traditional mixing glass. Instead, use a bowl to muddle your ingredients and pour the contents into a glass once you’re done.


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