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Bar sinks come in different shapes and sizes. They’re usually purchased and installed as a secondary sink for meal prep and bar-related activities. It functions as a prep sink rather than the traditional dirty dishes sink that we use regularly.

They’re usually made with stainless steel metal and include different accessories with specific functions: basket strainers, bottom rinse grid, and cutting board.

Bar Sink Accessories

Basket Strainer

This catches the tiny food bits that may have fallen off the ingredients. It prevents your sink from clogging, which can prolong its use.

Rinse Grid

These are used to wash and rinse ingredients. The food bits and dirt are strained out and fall into the sink where the basket strainer catches it.

Cutting Board

This is a great way to save space, especially for small kitchens. You can place the cutting board on top of the sink, adding another flat surface for ingredients, dishes, and other items.

Advantages and Disadvantages of Bar Sinks

Doesn’t take up space

Bar sinks are smaller compared to regular sinks. They don’t take up a lot of space compared to traditional sinks. However, they’re also small and shallow, which can be frustrating if you’re looking for a deep sink.


If your home or bar already has a sink, this is an added expense. Additional payments such as installations, plumbing, and making adjustments can add up to a large sum.

Efficient Meal Prep

Bar sinks are built for meal prep which is why they’re called prep sinks. You can use the water for cooking, washing, and rinsing. Since they’re located at the counter, it’s easier to access, which can help you be more efficient.

Counter space

Depending on the size of your kitchen, counter space can be limited, and it could significantly affect your workflow. But if you have a large kitchen, the counter space limit shouldn’t be an issue.


Bar sinks can be installed in any area of your kitchen. Their small size allows them to fit anywhere in the kitchen.


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