Will You Try a Hemp Milk Liqueur?

Recently, we’ve been introducing you to a variety of extraordinary liquor products that are new in the market. There was the quirky and whimsical Unicorn Tears Gin; the tropical fruit-flavored Malibu Rum; the patriotic Absolut’s Limited Edition America bottle; the revolutionary Boxed Tequila and Vodka; and the world’s first ever earth-friendly Botanical Vodka.

Get ready to try another unique spirit that’s about to be launched in the coming months––an all-natural combination of milk and alcohol. Hemp milk liqueur is the very first alcoholic beverage of its kind to be launched in the market. It is created by the liquor company, Bom Bom.

Who is Bom Bom?

Bom Bom is a new company behind a line of alcoholic beverages made from all-natural ingredients. It was founded in 2016 by husband and wife team, Kevin Mowers and Eva Maria Janerus, who worked in product development and finance for several big-name companies in the liquor industry. They launched their first product, Coco Mochanut, in 2016. Another product, Nilli Vanilli, was released the following year.

Nilli Vanilli is a gluten-free rum that has a delicious blend of almond and vanilla flavors. It has won several awards since being launched last year. It was recognized as the Best Cream Liquer and awarded a “Best of 2017” seal by the International Review of Spirits.

Fully Baked

Fully Baked is the first ever alcoholic beverage that’s made with hemp milk. Fully Baked is made up of hemp milk, Caribbean rum, and various flavorings.  It will be launched in the summer of 2018.

Hemp milk doesn’t contain THC or tetrahydrocannabinol, an ingredient found in cannabis. The hemp from hemp milk comes from ground seeds planted in water. But like most Bom Bom products, hemp milk is vegan and is good for people with food allergies and are lactose intolerant.

So, what does it tastes like? According to an article by Supercall, Fully Baked “tastes like chocolate chip cookies and brownies”.

Other Bom Bom Liqueur You Need to Get

Try also the Coco Mochanut, an all-natural blend of chocolate, coconut, coffee, and Caribbean rum which was Bom Bom’s first liquor offering. You can create a lot of interesting and flavorful drinks using these Coco Mochanut recipes.

  • Cinammon Chocolate Bom

An eclectic mix of Fireball or Cinnamon Whiskey, Coco Mochanut, and, hot chocolate.

Sweet and strong just the way you’ll like it.

  • Coco Mocha Latte

A classic combination of two parts Coco Mochanut and espresso garnished with

whipped cream.

  • Bom Tini

An exciting Coco Mochanut combination with a vanilla vodka and a Frangelico. Pour into

a choco-coconut rimmed martini glass for a mouth-watering but healthy cocktail fare.

Can’t wait to try these delicious, all-natural liquor products from Bom bom? They are currently sold in more than a thousand liquor stores, bars, and restaurants in the Northeast. The company is also planning to expand soon so expect to read more about exciting new Bom Bom liquor products in the future.

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